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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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  • 07/10/10--21:16: New Orleans - The Images

    Here are a few of the photos I took in New Orleans - there are heaps more,
    plus lots from San Francisco so I thought I'd just post the New Orleans
    highlights first whilst they're still fresh in my mind.

    This is BoJo - a youngish mule learning the ropes of negotiating traffic,
    pedestrians, fly by Ambulances, firetrucks and the occasional maniac cyclist
    as he takes his passengers o a half hour tour of the French Quarter. I liked him,
    at one point there was a large thick metal sheet partially covering the road. Bojo
    decided to reverse then and there. James - his driver - got him over it by walking
    him through it and after that he was raring to go.

    This is la Fitte's Bar. This bar is the oldest bar in the United States and apparently was only one of two buildings
    to survive the fires of 1906. So a bar and church lived to serve it's patrons - both sinners and saints. James wondered
    if it was the only bar in the States that had an elementary school built less than 200 yards away from it.

    The Cornstalk Fence Hotel - a beautiful picturesque place that was built so the wife of the owner would not feel homesick
    for Iowa - of which we were informed that we would probably never visit since there's nothing there but corn. I'm sure the Iowans
    would dispute this. Also the place where Elvis filmed his last movie singing from that very balcony. Of course James
    was pretty sue he'd seen Elvis the day previously at the Cafe Du Monde.

    The Natchez! A very impressive and historic vessel that is one of only two genuine paddleboat steamers left in the US.
    Food was good, the margaritas excellent, the dixie land jazz group loud and the ride very smooth.

    The famous Baked Alaska at Antonio's deserves two images at least - this dessert is now in my top five but I don't think
    I'll be coming across it any time soon in Perth sadly. It's meringue and cream and ice cream and flamed on the outside.
    The rest of the food we had was just as good - but this one wins prettiest presentation award.

    Sunset on the Mississippi. Talk about peaceful serenity under a warm, balmy softly breezing night sky.

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  • 07/25/10--02:18: Back Down Under
  • So here I am staving off jetlag - distracting myself from the very strong desire to just crash right now at four in the afternoon by posting and reading and avoiding all horizontal surfaces that will lure me into a sleep that will seriously screw up my already somewhat distorted body clock. My bio rhythms are more like bio cacophanies right now.  On visiting the States:

    Back in good ole' Perth - where it's pretty damn chilly at night - not so hot during the day and altogether dark for way too long.

    My first visit to the USA is over and done with and I think it says a lot that I've already started laying the groundplans for a new budgeting system that will allow me to return as soon as possible and spend a much longer time there. Said new budget might include an over reliance on 2 minute noodles and learning the art of driving so that I get 100 more ks out of every full tank of fuel but it does have the added motivation I needed to get my application for senior teacher status done so that there's more pay in the pay packet every fortnight.

    One of the first questions I've been asked is "What did you like the best about the States?"
    It's a difficult one to answer for the simple fact that there was so much I loved. But I usually come up with this - I only visited 3 different states and saw four different cities but each one was so unique to each other I felt like I was in a new little country every time. I am constantly astounded by how different each city was from the other - Houston, New Orleans, San Francisco and San Diego. I also LOVED meeting so many different and diverse people.  So the uniqueness of every place we saw and also the people. These are the aspects I loved best. Also the food! Such variety and such good cooking on such a consistent level - only had maybe two crap meals the entire time I was there. Although the American public really should start picketing their food industry about portion sizes - who decided to supersize everything? Was this trend started by Mickey D's or was it an all over decision?

    So may wonderful things (and yeah some not so great things as well - I'm not all sparkles and light about the US) that I may have to listify here:
    Top Ten Things I Loved About the States:
    1. Such vastly different experiences from city to city (it's almost like becoming exposed to different culture with each city)
    2. So many wonderfully warm, generous Americans from so many different backgrounds - if Australia is a melting pot of ethnicity then the US is like a melting VAT. There are a lot of good people out there.
    3. The food (to be honest Mexican food will never be the same, nor will BBQ and I have new insight whenever Sam orders the Cobb salad now)
    4. The service (9 times out of 10 I would say the service in the hospitality industry is vastly better than here - however I do think that the tipping system may have a fair bit to do with that but it's not the only reason)
    5. San Diego's love of sharing artworks with the public - the walk along harbour drive and then the harbour itself truly like walking through a gallery.
    6. New Orlean's love of partying, food and drinking. They do all three very well and at ALL hours of the day and night. The seafood in NO is something I will never forget. Their history is so rich and eventful, it's am amazing combination of all kinds of influences.
    7. San Francisco's ability to exude the coolness factor to a point where it's not even consciously acknowledged it's just seeped into the pores of all who occupy the city. The trolley car was a very unique experience as was the Golden Gate bridge.
    8. The peoples' love, admiration and respect for their military. This was a surprise to me, not the actual fact that this is what they felt - but the way they so freely and unselfconsciously demonstrated their respect for the men and women in the service. I was surprised by my own reaction as I felt quite moved when I witnessed displays of this gratitude and respect. This rarely happens in Australia and I think there are various reasons for that . Whatever a person may think about the US foreign polices/decisions to intervene on a global level you cannot help but be struck by such a strong display. Anyone who chooses a military life and serves their country in this way has my utmost respect and admiration - these people do not make the big picture decisions but they do follow them, often at their own risk and I find that kind of discipline to be highly admirable. As they say in the Marines - Ooh Rah!
    9. Texas - what an eye opener that was! I met all kinds of people there and regardless of our commonalities or differences on the topics of guns, politics and sex every last one of them was so generous, kind and welcoming and immensely proud of their great state. They really do love their state and it shows in everything they say and do. I do want to go back there and meet with the friends I've made and see so much more - Austin and San Antonio are on the list to name just a few.
    10. The San Diego Zoo. Amazing - you could spend days there. Hell I spent nearly an hour just watching the gorillas - their exhibits are just first class and the reputation the zoo has world wide is clearly deserving.

    Top Five Things I Didn't Like (only five because really there wasn't that much)
    1. San Diego seems to have an awful lot of homeless people. I mean a LOT. That was kind of disturbing to see in this city where the standard of living is quite high and there seems to be a fairly affluent population.
    2. One of the front desk men at the Hilton in SF. He was fairly frustrating and pretty damn rude - however he was made up for by a very helpful female concierge who, when she found out who I had already spoken to, rolled her eyes and with a sympathetic look said - oh yes - he should be retired - we apologise!
    3. Two cab drivers (out of the dozen or so we had so that's not too bad but they stood out) - one who was a brake tapper on the highway - seriously how hard is it to just pick a speed dammit? and the other who may or may not have had the clap but every five seconds he'd twitch in his seat and grab the crotch of his pants and pull them away from his groin. Ewww. Also he'd not heard of deoderant or showers - or maybe both. *Shudders*
    4. Market place vendors who clearly don't like tourists. You're selling souvenir tee shirts lady - tourists are your main demographic, figure it out.
    5. Food! Huh? Yeah I know but what I mean is the portion sizes. Reeeeediculous! So much wastage too - we had a convo with our Hard Rock cafe waitress and we're like - can't you box that up and give it to some homeless people and apparently that's against health regulations and we're all so why do the servings come so big? She just shrugged and said that's the way it's done now - get people to eat more they get used to it and stay longer, but more drinks etc. More often than not I would end up ordering from the appetisers and that would be plenty enough.

    I could rattle on for quite some time about the various experiences we had - a crazy-mad hilarious ex New Yorker cab driver in SF, the educating of foreigners in the Texan way, the wooden roller coaster, the cruise up and down the Mississippi on a paddle steamer, the visit to the USS Midway and the several nights on Bourbon street in New Orleans however those posts can wait. I am back to school tomorrow and I need to go plan. These lessons never seem to run themselves.

    I will post some more with photos soon.

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    knowing there is sooo much epicness on the internet via the SDCC aftermath and you can't sit in front of your puter reading/watching all day because you have to go to work.

    I need a new icon that says "I cannot go to work there is epic shit happening on the internet." Hmmm wonder if anyone has rung that one in as an excuse for why they're not at work before? It's sooo very tempting.

    How long till 3pm?....

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    Seriously? Come on now.

    I have nothing to add to this.

    No wait. If he believes this then it's probably a good thing he's not procreating. Silver lining - I haz it.

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    Just a seat-of-my-pants fly by post to say a huge thankyou to [info]serenography  who managed to pick me up a couple of lil' souvenirs from the SDCC this year. I scored a Smallville key card and a copy of the special issue TV Guide with Mr Kent himself on the cover :) :) They arrived today in the mail and after the sucktastic day that has been my work today it has helped brighten the day considerably.
    Another little memento of my trip to cherish ... which I am still to do a write up on!

    It is coming I swear - but right now work is being a little beeeatch and I am chasing my tail in all things real life it seems. Just got back from a weekend away competing in agility trials in the country - a long ass drive made all the more worthwhile when the lil Miss Spryte came away with some wins :)

    Got our nation's federal election coming up this Saturday - it's an utter media frenzy circus right now and I'm avoiding the TV news and radio as much as possible. Even my usually less astute 13 year olds were commenting today on how sick of hearing about how bad this party or that party candidate is. "Miss! All their doing is throwing mud at each other...what about what they're gonna do for us if they get elected?" quote unquote. That's right pollies even 8th graders can see your lack of policies!

    Bring on September please - the week starting the 20th is gonna be HUGE!!! So many shows starting back up - on the 7th Sons of Anarchy is back, then all that week I think there's Dexter, Smallville, Supernatural, Merlin, The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds...sooo good. Of course currently I am now hooked on Leverage and Mr Redteekal is pretty sure I'll get hooked into Mad Men any moment! Yes like I have so much time on my hands NOT!

    Hope my flisties are all doing remarkably well :)

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    Relevant to those who follow True Blood and like watching a certain blonde viking of a vampire...

    I did wonder when I saw the upcoming cover for Rolling Stone....
    this kinda partially answers my questions... *vbg* and I love the comment by Alan Ball at the end there...*snerk*


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  • 08/21/10--22:55: the meme thing
  • Tagged by [info]nyxocity 

    What song are you currently addicted to?
    Love The Way You Lie by Eminem featuring Rihanna (I don't even know - I find Eminem to be mostly bland, offensive and generic, but I think it's cos someone put a Sam/Dean slant on it  - now I love it, go figure. Prior to this is was Train's Soul Sister)

    What's your favorite season?
    Winter....so long as I'm not cold and it is always improved by snow.

    What's the latest movie you watched?
    Saw Salt last night - if you loved the Bourne movies you'll love this - it's the female version :) Angelina kicks ass.

    What is the one skill you wish you had?
    I have to choose one? I wish I had indomitable self discipline for anything I wish to achieve.

    What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
    Supernatural/True Blood/Leverage

    What's your favorite musical instrument?

    Can't choose between guitar and piano.

    What web sites do you always visit when you go online?
    LJ, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter

    What was the last thing you bought?
    Ummm...magazines at the newsagents.... (Wheels, Supernatural and Creative Photoshop)

    If you win 10,000 bucks today, what would you do with it?
    Partially pay some debt off and the rest put towards the big trip in 2012.

    Last concert you went to?
    AC/DC in March

    What could be one of the best things to happen to you right now?

    Hmmmm....coming into some money so that I can semi retire and try some other occupations that I've wanted to pursue.

    What's your favorite food?
    From the Cheesecake Factory when I was in the US last month - they had a cake called the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Double Chocolate Fudge Ripple Cheesecake. I am ruined for any and all other cake from now on.

    Do you want to learn another language?
    Yes I want to be fluent in German

    Five things you can't live without.
    1. My family
    2. My puppies
    3. The Internet
    4. Music
    5. My health

    I tag [info]serenography , [info]lillaw , [info]netlynn , [info]ash48 , [info]haitchem 
    but only if you want to :)

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  • 08/26/10--06:57: Various things....
  • Okay I have the urge to post because of various random things....

    1. Here is one of the recent shirtless soccer Jensen pics (important for context here)

    The context being reactions to the pics...which for the most part seem to be this (this is a little similar to my reaction):

    YET there are some out there who are making comments about Jensen's body that pretty much put me in the What-The-Ever-Lovin'-Fuck? frame of mind. How distorted must someone's body image be if one is throwing out the word 'obese' about these pics? I kid you not. Is this when people think that this is the 'norm':

    Let me be clear here, I have no issue with the young, male, blonde body above - it is no doubt (or I at least hope, optimistically) that this is the norm for this this young blond's body type and metabolism - he's naturally thin. But you would still use the word 'thin' to describe him - I would not describe him as normal or average weight and build.

    That yummy pic of Jensen? Absolutely average weight and build for his height. And fit with it. Same with Mr Welling who also cops flack about his solidness. Seriously - WTF??? These guys work as actors for nine months of the year - they need to be fit for the kinds of roles they do, do they need to work out like energiser bunnies and drink nothing but protein shakes? Absolutely not - they could (if they were say as vain as a certain Padalecki ;) *vbg* don't get me wrong I certainly appreciate the JPad's desire to look his best when the shirts come off) if they wanted to but I'm pretty sure it's not a big deal for them as neither of them have anything to be concerned about. OBESE?? Just. No. *shakes head in sad disbelief* Anyway - here endeth the rant brought to you by a general disillusionment about body image perception in the fandom world.

    2. In other news I see today that you can preorder the S9 SV and S5 SPN on Bluray from WB and get a free 2010 Comic Con SV/SPN Tote Bag with your order. AWESOME. I don't even know if I can play those DVDs here in Australia but I don't care - must have Tote Bag, was practically there at the Con anyway ;)

    3. Learnt today a friend of the family (he's been around since I was like 8 years old) - has been diagnosed with liver and pancreatic cancer with three months to live if they don't do anything. He's having a biopsy tomorrow so I'm hoping his chemo prospects look positive. He lost his wife to breast cancer over a decade ago now. The Big C can go away now please - whoever has been sitting on a cure somewhere needs to just be brave and speak up now okay? The world will hire the President's Secret Service to keep you safe I promise.

    4. I have discovered a new musical love - Kate Havnevik, she's Norwegian and her tracks are soothing to my soul and are a good contrast to that crazy Eminem guy who has a couple of ear worm tracks recently. and who I have never, ever really taken to before.

    5. We are up to date with Leverage, loved The Rashomon Job and have currently moved onto Mad Men. It's a fascinating train wreck of a look at the 60s I must say. I just can't look away even though several characters and dialogue make my skin crawl. It's a bizarre and macabre addiction. Still waiting on September though....I think I shall dub September - TV Revival Month.

    6. I need vids. I was just thinking today since I tend to use my laptop and the data projector in my classroom on a regular basis I would love to be able to just go to some vid site just for teachers and type in key word searches such as: Inspiring images for freestyle writing or Contemporary Teen Images or The Way We Were - 1980s and just have a selection of vids available to download relevant to whatever topic we were doing in class that day. Almost like a wikivid library. Hmmmm - I wonder if it's been done and I just haven't found it.

    Weekend where fore art thou??

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  • 09/01/10--16:35: Heads up peeps!
  • Just scanned my flist fairly rapidly and wanted to let you all know I will not now, nor ever, check those boxes on the commet box that crosspost anything to FB or Twitter.

    I'd appreciate the same courtesy.

    As to installing the greasemonkey script - I've read two posts recommending it as a solution to get rid of those FB and Twitter crosspost checkboxes and I've read one post where it says it doesn't actually remove them it just blocks you (the script user) from seeing those those boxes in your comment boxes.

    So *shrugs* sure I'll drop a line iwth lj telling them I think it sucks but in the meantime like everyone else I'm relying on the fact that if you're on my flist you are not the kinda person to go cutting and pasting posts here anywhere else which is equivalent to checking those FB and Twitter check boxes.

    Cheers Big Ears and Ava Good Day! :)

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    So the guy that plays Castiel off Supernatural - Boston-born Misha Collins (not his real name - check out his wikipedia story here for that amusing botch up of a baby naming) who is 36 years old can apparently run further than anyone thought.

    He is the main patron and instigator of Random Acts a charity organisation which is trying to take over the world one random act of kindness at a time (it's really quite sweet - the vid of the acts they do) and decided that yesterday (Sun Sept 5th) that he would run as far as he could and try and get as many people to pledge as he could, to raise money for the Random Acts charity.

    Seems he's been somewhat secretive about his super running capabilities and in the space of 11 hours has run 83 kilometers (roughly 50 miles "in American" as he says). A normal marathon is what? 42 kms? I figured that's probably what he'll run - so I pledged $1 a kilometer. EIGHTY THREE??? Misha is like a MACHINE. A secret double marathon running machine. Sneaky bastard. Ahh well lucky it's all tax deductible :)

    What's more is the man doesn't even have the audacity to look exhausted at the end of it. In fact as you can see here he even had time to tweet vids and pics! Jim Beaver (Bobby off Spn) pledged $50 a km - he's now tweeted that he's insolvent and at one point was considering that the hire of a hitman may work out cheaper. I think there should be a run off now - Jared may be able to bench press the guy but now I'm thinking Misha could just outrun him. Those angels are sneaky fast, long distance runners.

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    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    I have to post. I just cannot resist the urge to squee. This fandom, this show, this EPIC story of two brothers - it clutches at my heart and makes it do all kinds of crazy cardiac rhythms. I LOVES it so. ♥ ♥ ♥

    First off - the fan vids. Flisties the fanvids in this fandom are just as phenomenal as the writings in this fandom.

    Fandom of the court let me present my evidence to this fact:

    First off the dramatic, heart wrenching kinds:

    EPIC BROTHERS by [info]secretlytodream 

    Secondly - EPIC SAMMY by [info]almostgaby 

    All of a sudden I really REALLY like that Eminem song now - it was soso before - now it shall be on repeat. What? Why yes, I am mercurial - I like to list it amongst my qualities. *vbg*

    Thirdly - EPIC DEAN by BurntOutYesterdays (Youtube user)

    Fourthly - The EPIC COMEDY/LAUGHTER/CRACK/SMILES - Boys goofing off (this one done by the effervescent [info]ash48  whose vids I LOVE) taken from the Season 5 gag reel which is also just happy making in the bestest way.

    And last but not least - the latest new Season 6 promo - which of course is under a cut because it is indeed SPOILERISHIOUS to the Nth degree. And I know there are those that are spoiler sensitive skin types so ergo the cut but can I just say - this promo? IS SO UTTERLY UTTERLY WORTH IT. I was counting the days down to the holidays...but now there is only ONE countdown. The countdown to the day that I have new Supernatural to watch. And also if you do watch - 0.26 to 0.28 OMFG!!!!! *grabby hands* That is all.


    Of course then there's the pictures - OMG the pictures, the photos, the fanart  it's all too much GUH for a girl to even bear. But one does ones best to cope. I shall have to save the picspam post for another time. Too much squeeage in one post is not good LJ netiquette I am sure.
    *flounces out to go watch and squee and stare at gifs all day long*

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  • 09/17/10--18:14: you're adorable...
  • I refuse to put this pic under a cut on the grounds that nobody should ever be denied such Awwwwwwww....cuteness overload!

    This is here is nothing but a gratuitous post of gorgeous canine adorableness. My friend (breeder/exhibitor of Border Collies) has a couple of new ones out and about - and she took such pretty shots of them recently I couldn't help but to save them for a shiny puppy post.

    This here is Tig and Willem. Tig being the baby boy puppy (named after a Sons of Anarchy Character - we hope he ends up a bit smarter than his namesake) and Willem being nearly around 10 months old now. Tig clearly holds Willem in high regard (picture younger brother who idolises older brother... ;-) ...) and takes many opportunties to demonstrate this regard as can be seen from the images below (Maybe Sam should take some notes here *g*). Willem does at one point try for the stink eye repelling technique but Tig, being the rambunctious bundle of fur that he is, is decidedly and happily oblivious to Willem's clearly half hearted attempts.


    Willem was so named because as a baby he was decidedly evil towards most other dogs - young, old, large or small and his name was frequently spoken as if he was a part of the German SS as in "Vill- helm!!". These days he's more laid back and gets nothing more innocuous than "Willy" - a distinctly non-intimidating nick name.




    Did you know Border Collies frolic and gambol? I think it's all a cunning plan to lure lambs into their confidence.

    Aww synchronised gamboling.

    These two are more than likely related to mine - not too distantly I imagine so I thought I could get away with posting about them as part of our extended four legged, fur covered family. Plus, you know.... How cute are they? It's a good thing I have three of my own already - it's very dangerous having a friend who breeds these gorgeous, adorable, frequently irresistable puppies that I must go visit and play with because it's all about early socialisation right? Of course. *g*


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  • 09/23/10--06:52: Take me to a happy place...
  • You know sometimes when you think about the people you care about, you wonder how they're doing and you think to yourself You know I never really knew this about them - I'm gonna ask them that next time I see them - well sometimes you never get that chance. So my dear flist if you have ever had that thought cross your mind about people you care about - RUN, don't walk, and ask them that question, ask them quick and listen to their answer, to their story before they can't tell you anymore. You never know if this time you have could be your last time with that person.

    Our family friend died today. That cancer I mentioned back in a previous post had proliferated far more than he ever let on. He made the decision to stop all chemo on the weekend. To say I was shocked today would be an understatement - I had plans to go visit with him after work. I'd seen him last week. I had wanted to talk with him some more and ask him some things. He was 67 years old, no children, his wife had been taken by breast cancer nearly 20 years ago. A Doctor of Mathematics he was a University Professor and Head of Department. A very bright man with a quick mind. And I loved how he spent every Christmas with us - he knew me since the age of 4.  The Christmas table is going to feel a little bare this year without him. I am a better person for having known him.

    I will miss him greatly but I take solace in the fact that whilst cancer robbed him of years it didn't rob him of control over the decision about how he went in the end. With the morphine coursing through him he was without pain and there was no struggle - he kept control of how it ended.

    Godspeed David and thanks for sharing your life with me.

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    Subject irrelevant to the majority of this post until right at the end where there is some relevance to be had.

    I have stayed away from LJ, Twitter and FB for 12 WHOLE hours. My aim? To avoid all reaction posts and tidbits until I had seen my shows and posted my first reactions.

    So this is like my very first initial reactions to both shows - Smallville and Supernatural. And they're probably pretty brief. Well brief-ish.

    Firstly Supernatural - Exile on Main Street.

    Right off the bat this is episode was NOT a favourable one for Sam in my eyes. And it wasn't what he did - it was what he said and the way he said it and it has nothing to do with the fact that he'd been back a year and hadn't told Dean.

    This is a Sam without the Sammy. I was not getting a single vibe of Sammy the entire time he was on screen.

    I know characters have to change, I know they evolve and develop, I understand that all that crap is necessary. But that line, that reason Sam gave for why he wants Dean to go with him just grated on me no end. I've listened to Jared on S6 Sam and I was expecting him to be more clinical, detached about their jobs - but that is when it comes to unavoidable collateral damage. It doesn't come from Sam all of a sudden developing an incredibly selfish streak about jumping in to try and save others when his own neck is at risk. I call bullshit on that one people. BULL SHIT. There is a core to every character, a pure unchangeable essence that makes them who they are and Sam has always had Sammy from Season 1. He needs to find that Sammy fast.

    But other than that I loved it :) It was fun to watch Dean be domestic even whilst having that anvil of doom (aka Winchesters can never have nice things - EVER) hanging over him. Ben has changed a fair bit too - guess that's growing up for you. Seeing Bobby was very comforting and I was entertained by the whole Dean being pissed at both him and Sam. I don't think he was quite pissed enough but maybe he's gonna milk it more later. That Campbell clan will never be Winchester though and I shall regard them with utmost suspicion and squinty eyed stares until they prove otherwise.

    Looking forward to the next one and not so secretly hoping for more Sam time. I'm a little worried they're gonna take a long time (read whole season) to reveal the hows and whys of Sam's return and the Campbell clan resurrection...but with the shirtless Sam chin up scene still to come I'm not that worried.

    Secondly (and by no means in order of preference - in fact I think the enjoyment factor for me was a tad higher for SV than SPN *gasp shock horror!*I KNOW) Smallville.

    I loved how Clark-centric the episode was. I didn't love how it was a total SUIT TEASE. I don't know why I was even suckered into that optimistic (and as it turns out ridiculous) thought that we might see him wearing it at the BEGINNING of the season. Yes, yes more the fool am I. Whatever - I got excited I won't deny it.

    I love Clark's S10 hair too as a totally unrelated aside.

    I also thought the song and dance Clark/Lois routine was highly amusing. Clark of course knows that Lois knows but he's buying into it to humour her. So it was just starting to get entertaining and poof! She's in Africa. Well CGI Africa at least. Fakey Africa looked way too fake in my books (CGI budget cuts along with the music cuts too? You know since they recycled the Clana song One More Day - which I love but still...Tess and Little Alexander scene music??)

    Clone Lex was a poor clone but that is only fitting. I'm calling it here - MR will return. I feel it in my bones. Little Alexander gave me the chills and that in itself was a delightful reaction to notice.

    I think Oliver Queen does have a superpower after all. He has the unbreakable face. Apparently, irrespective of how many times Ollie gets tortured, beaten up or punched in the face his teeth and his facial structure NEVER break. Even Dean Winchester's face went all ugly there for three minutes in the Spn finale. This is super power - we just have to figure out how it can help - maybe the obligatory shirtlessness in every episode is a clue.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - Jor El has always been and will forever be an ass and best nomination for Suckiest Father of The Year award. Yeah Clark has fury, he has rage, he gets angry and pissed but you know what? He's allowed to be - it's his human right. And as long as he always is aware of his rage, he knows what it can do then that is sufficient enough. Pretty sure he's not the big evil - might have something to do with the big black smoky dude from the sky with the neon blue glowing eyes though. Just a hunch. I saw the smoke and thought "Oh noes! Where's Sam and Dean?" because that's the way my brain rolls.

    All in all pretty solid season premiere even with the bitchin' on Clark (thankfully Papa Kent balanced it out a little). So long as Clark has decent screen time I'm not too fussed. But no more SUIT TEASE! *kicks the FOS and yells at Jor El for being a big meanie to Clark*

    Lastly the subject line? From the song 8 Easy Steps by Alanis which was rejuvenated for me by this vid here by [info]krauthead . A Dean self perception character study. I LIKES it. The song should be named Dean Winchester's 8 Easy Steps.

    0 0

    I feel a little better now about our Sam... SPOILERS THEY BE BELOW...

    It was the whole sense of lightness about this episode that made me feel a little happier about where Sam's head is at right now.
    Initially I had felt some stabs of disappointment that it wasn't Sam who made the best Mr Mom of the two because really I think I had always imagined that Sam would be the best nurturer of the two and that's absolutely no slight on Dean at all - it was just a subconscious hunch I had about Sam (no doubt fuelled by his better people skills and his sad-puppy eyes). In all reality when you think about their experiences Dean should indeed be the better one at it - how many times was he Mr Mom for young Sammy? Awww want Weechester fic now.

    But those stabs were quickly quenched by the pride (stupidly ridiculous - he's a TV character goddammit!) I felt in Dean showing his competence around that sort of thing. I know Jensen raised that some of his challenges this season involved reconciling this so-called softer Dean with the Dean we've known for five years but I don't think softer is the right word at all.

    I think Dean is still as hard as nails when required - he just doesn't have that hard exterior as his constant facade anymore. Whilst I know it's hard for him I'm really appreciating the fact that he's clearly thinking about a way to balance these two very strong pulls on him and finding it difficult. I'm backing him all the way with the I'm-not-trusting-anyone who isn't my brother irrespective of your last name attitude. Corin Nemec's character whatsisname (have blocked that out already which is a classic sign of my dislike for a character when I don't even bother to spare the neurones to learn their names) is intensely dislikable and I'm already fantasising about the time when Sam figures out just what a slimy snake he is and takes action (I'm thinking Corin does something real evil re Dean and we see Sam go all badass mofo on his ass - mmm now that would be awesome. Dean sitting back looking as pleased as punch with his brother murmuring something like 'That's MY brother.' in an incredibly proud tone.)

    Sam is slowly getting there. Thanks to Lisa, who is also awesome by the way and if she and Ben go then really - we may as well have Kripke back manning the helm as usual ( I mean 'go' as in get ganked too not go as in become very infrequent recurring characters) but thanks to her Sam might get there a little quicker now that she's spoken up about what she thinks is best. Dean is totally torn and she recognises that but she also knows what he is (and loves him just as much for it - hence the awesomeness that is she) and what he is best at.

    Loved the Impala Love at the end there - although Sam's car? I think I could become an equal opportunity black muscle car lover - contemporary, vintage she's all good. Mmm black shiny cars driven by big gorgeous men - no wonder I had to stop and drool over this gorgeous jet black, red racing lined latest model Camaro today. This is probably all reflective on my shipping tendencies as well - which is pretty much equal opportunity, anything goes.

    The dialogue between Sam and Dean was a great deal more reassuring this week - apart from that one moment when Dean wants to make sure Sam wasn't using the baby as bait. I wasn't sure there. It left me hanging a bit - I could tell exactly what Dean thought but I don't wanna jump into that line of thinking too deep. Probably because it's mostly unpleasant but still - I'm not buying that Sam would have heard the whole 'my father' thing for sure. So I'm ignoring this little niggling question and going with the shopping scene, the baby changing scene etc. It all went a long way to assuaging my pissiness about the not!Sam we got last week.

    I'll admit, initially I was being a little fantastical in the opening moments hoping that it turned out Sam was a shape shifter the whole time but meh - whatever. My brilliant ideas seldom pan out the way the writers think. That's probably a good thing in the end. Since the show isn't on HBO for example. *vbg*

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    Couldn't help myself really. I have realised that the Dodge STR8 Charger Sam Winchester drives is the car of my dreams.
    That's it - I have no further rationale for the following crack picspam. There is one disclaimer though - that is no Impalas were harmed in the making of this picspam and also that the following post does not in any way diminish or lessen my love for the Impala. I just have a new car crush now.

    This post was brought to you by Equal Impala/Charger Love and the number 8. As in Dodge STR8.

    0 0

    Okay firstly let me just say I did notice there was a storyline here however I believe that there is a scene requiring much dissection and pictorial analysis first and foremost;

    Now this is important character analysis here flist so pay attention;

    See this Sam here? He works hard for this. He wants you to appreciate his efforts.

    Of course he knows he's good in bed but he does like it when you acknowledge it.

    But don't be trying to get any of his secret life details out of him, you is just gonna be disappointed and he doesn't want that for you.

    Of course you could try and leave your number with him because you can't help it if the sex was
    that mindblowingly multiorgamsic you wanna do it again.

    But our Sam here - he's a lone wolf when it comes to the ladies. He *knows* he'd only break your heart if you got
    more than one taste of his hotass GQMF sexy tiems.

    And you see Sam already does have a partner - here you can witness his hot sexiness on the phone to said partner. Secretly,
    inside Sam wishes this was a video phone call so that he can impress his brother with his sexyass physique of which he needs
    to refamiliarise his brother with.

    LOOK at this smug bastard - this is the face of a hotass sex god who knows EXACTLY what he's
    good at. Yes Sam - women and men should be paying you to touch that body and don't you just know it.
    It's hard to be offended by arrogance that is completely justified really.

    Caps done by me...eventually. After I'd viewed the scene a few times to make sure I got the right frames. You know just to be sure of course. ;-)

    You know I can put up with Not!Sam or RoboSam probably indefinitely if they keep scenes like this happening. Nah just kidding. In the end Sam paying for sex, impatiently kicking down doors, unquestioningly condoning kid!torture, failing to even attempt to save people, repressing absoluely EVERYTHING is just not the Sammy I have come to know and love over the years.

    I'm very intrigued as to where this Sam arc leads now and less worried than I was back in episode one. Both of them openly acknowledge there's something different about him so how this plays out will be very interesting to see. I honestly think this was also the best Castiel we've seen. This is Castiel at his strongest and his most efficient and yet it's still very easy to include the humour.
    "I think we can rule out Moses as a suspect." - that's never getting old.

    Next week's trailer has me biting my nails a little though and I shall say no more here except to ask - is it Friday yet?

    Back to work tomorrow - it's so mundane and dull being an adult sometimes. All I wanna do is watch and squee over TV and fic and epic shit happening on the internet! Blah. Back to reality.

    0 0

    After posting my deeply meta picspam post on *that* scene from Spn 6.03..*cough*...I feel the need to pay proper respects to a character very dear to my heart (and in such a short time too - it's true only the good die young)...

    Oh Sammy I feel your pain, I really do. My condolences are sincere and heartfelt.
    Dean really? Just because the Dodge kicks Impala mileage ass you have to make light of this tragedy?
    Shame on you Dean - what if that was the Impala down there instead huh? What then?

    Here endeth my eulogy to the Dodge Charger - one day I hope to drive one and if I do I shall forever refer
    to that sweet ride as Sam Winchester's Badass GQMOFO Dodge Charger. Forever.

    0 0

    Pink's new song is ADDICTIVE


    Also the lyrics? Just so... appropros

    So raise your glass if you are wrong,
    in all the right ways,
    all my underdogs,
    we will never be never be anything but loud
    and nitty gritty dirty little freaks

    And further to this rather random post... I have started this C25K thing - which translates to Couch to Five Kilometer run.
    Can't remember the last time I could run five kilometers. Maybe back in high school? Late teens? Whatever it's all a long ass time ago.
    I am in week one, having competed two of the work outs so far.

    Three new amusing factoids have come to light as a result:

    Amusing Factoid #1:

    Watching Sam and Dean helps me run jog (what? they're inspiring - Zombieland writers probably took one look at Sam  and Dean and thought Rule#1 CARDIO). One episode per workout - you never know when you're gonna havta run away from something scary.

    Amusing Factoid #2:

    Pretty sure I sweat more than Jared Padalecki doing cardio on a treadmill. Which leads me to #3.

    Amusing Factoid #3

    Like computers, treadmills can become obselete - and when you have to change your speed on a treadmill from brisk walk to steady jog by increments of 0.10 of kph every 60 to 90 seconds then the beeping gets on ones nerves. So treadmill upgrade imminent. Must research. Who out there has a treadmill and loves it? Makes? Models? Bells and whistles?

    So far I'm feeling alright - a little sore but accomplished. It goes for 9 weeks - supposedly if you stick to the plan which gradually inceases the running parts you should be able to run 5kms by the end of it.  I shall test this theory out. It says only three times a week of 25 minutes each work out. I'm going to aim for four.

    Helps when you look at pretty pictures of fit boys too. Just saying.

    0 0

    I am putting the elephant in the room on the back burner for a second to say that this was a solid episode, I liked it - it's not my favourite so far this season and there's various reasons for that BUT that said I believ my eyeballs dried out as I literally did not blink through an entire scene at one point that was how glued the the screen I was.

    Dean was thoroughly awesome this ENTIRE episode not a single douche bag moment to be seen. I think Stephenie Meyer would have LOVED this episode - yet another cult television classic has been touched by the Twilight phenomenon, regardless of it's irreverency and it's complete derision of the teen vamp fiction genre it nevertheless had an entire scene dedicated to the material that she wrote. How could she not love that? Also Dean knowing of Taylor Lautner's existence AND ADMITTING IT was indeed a fine moment.

    Still avoiding the elephant named Sam for a moment  - I was entranced by the vamp's nest and the whole alpha communication dream sequence. The layout of the place was very intricate and detailed and I loved the way it was set out - kudos to set designers/scouts on this one. Dean as nearly turned Vamp killer was just enthralling to watch - this is where I had dry eyeball syndrome as Jensen performed this sequence really well. That shot of Sam and Samuel coming upon him, them on the balcony Dean on the floor below which just panned out to Dean in profile sitting with his foot propped on boss vamp's head - that's going to stay with me for a while. The direction and camera work on that was perfect.

    The perspective of Dean as he transforms was also handled cleverly and I loved the extra loud sound effects we were hearing. I did feel that this was a great portrayal overall but I caught myself wondering if we couldn't have seen more of his battle to resist the lure of human blood. For all the 'literature' I've read about this genre I always get the impression that it's extremely intoxicating to be around and the allure is just about physically impossible to resist. *shrugs* My adoration for Dean is certainly willing to accept the premise that Dean resisted coming off the rack in Hell for decades a little bit of Vamp hunger isn't enough to break the steel will of this man.

    Okay now the elephant. Oh Sammy. Look what you've done. He's like a walking Jet song. My theory and it's quite possible this matches a number of others on my flist, is that Sam is not Lucifer BUT that he has like an echo of Lucifer still hanging round. He's not Lucifer because I wouldn't buy for a second that Lucifer would even waste a millisecond on wasting low key demons like shifters and vamps. Sam is far too intense about finding details on the alphas for fans not to suspect Lucifer's hand in this. I used the word echo above because I believe real Sam is still calling all the shots - but that he's being a little nudged in certain directions, maybe his movements and choices are being disguised as his own free will but when it comes down to it Lucifer's got a little Inception going on in Sam's head. I'm sceptical of the whole Sam risked Dean just to get to the alpha supposition. There's more to it than that. As in I think this whole change in his personality is much more complicated, more multi-layered than that. I am intrigued beyond anything to know the outcome of this. To the point where I kind of didn't worry for Dean at all in this episode EXCEPT in relation to his brother. I was all yeah yeah Dean's a vamp, moving on (cos I know he's gonna get changed back)  I need to discuss this Sam behaviour right now! It's got to the point now where I'm really not going to be too fussed or hugely invested in the whole monster of the week because I am too busy trying to figure out what's up with Sam and wishing that it was back to two brothers being brothers again!

    In other purely irrelevant news I miss Sam's Dodge. :-(

    I'm still not liking the Gramps at all - although I was a little mollified by the knowledge that he is not in cahoots with whatever the Hell Sammy's got going on. As in it soothes me that Sammy's lying to everyone not just Dean. Twisted I know, but so is this show and you gotta grab the solace where you can get it around here.

    In conclusion I agree with Boss vamp who reminded me very much of Bobby Elvis from Sons of Anarchy - you have indeed got a pretty face Dean Winchester. Keep your faith in your brother despite the way you feel right now - you know you're the only one that can save him.

    Off to watch the promos for next week and play the new Rock Band 2 with hubby.

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