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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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    I'm not even supposed to be here right now - I should be in bed, but I see the staggering impact that was last night's Supernatural episode has probably caused an LJ mainframe meltdown. I should be in bed - I have to be up in 7 hours.
    But I have a gazillion tabs opened that I am DYING to read and things to write about which just cannot be articulated in the next five minutes so I'm pointing to my very appropriate icon and I'm going with the following:

    1. I love Sam Winchester in a way that makes me want to take care of him, fix all his booboos and give him a cuddle. I don't care how much of a mean, nasty-ass hunter he is right now he's still little Sammy out there. Somewhere. Temporarily misplacing some important parts.

    2. I HEART Dean so much right now and because of the intensity of my feelings about #1 I want him to know that whatever issues him and Sam may have they have been and will always be MFEO. There is no force on heaven or earth or even in Hell that will stop Dean from being an awesome big brother EVER. Plus insanely good at killing the bad things.

    3. Season 5 ran the fans through the wringer (commencing with Season 4 really) but Season 6 should be accompanied by prodigious amounts of alcohol, happy pills and several group therapy sessions simply due to the high intensity of emotional tumult. It's beyond roller coaster now, this is more like a non-stop, all expenses paid on a concorde space shuttle driven by crazy cakes Kripke and Gamble. I LOVE it I really do.

    Now I will try to sleep. HA! Curse your insidiously compelling ways show. Curse you!

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    I've been thinking and reading and watching and probably spending way too much time contemplating all the vagaries of Season 6 Supernatural so far.

    The result of all this introspection is that I am blithely determined to be refreshingly optimistic about all the angst we are currently wading in.

    Sam has no soul. Looking at this problem relative to other issues he has had in the past - his crippling guilt over not saving Dean from Hell, his decision to become an addict, his skewed perception of Dean's ability to hunt, his decision to choose Ruby over his brother, to kill Lilith and then the subsequent guilt he felt over letting Lucifer out (which made his previous guilt trip seem like a walk in the park) - the soul free Sam issue not as huge as previous ones.

    Allowing that it has taken SEVEN fairly stress filled episodes for Dean to get to the bottom of the Sam problem I take great solace in the fact that now the problem has been identified - Sam is VERY clearly still on the side of his brother and aware of his soul free limitations to the point where he will rely very heavily on Dean to be his 'soul' for him. Dean is still probably not trusting him but that's completely fair - given Sam's transgressions so far and given that a soul free Sam's rationalisations may not be up to par. Common sense dictates that you don't trust the fully loaded weapon with a missing soul.

    However what I am LOVING about all this is that it doesn't seem to matter that Dean knows he cannot currently trust Sam because Dean has a completely logical justification for why that is. His brother, to right a wrong, sacrificed himself to save the world and he's paid for it with his soul. Dean thinks the absolute world of Sam for that - and he will defend Sam's integrity to the ends of the earth. Dean has a mission, a purpose again - he's got to be looking out for Sam AND he's got to get his brother's soul back. There's no dark designs going on, no Sam (soul intact and of his own free will) choosing a demon over his brother. I'm loving how Sam's soullessness is almost forcing Dean to step up and take lead again (I know it's great that by Fallen Idols last season they'd made great inroads towards Dean not treating Sam like a little brother anymore, there was much applause around fandom for that etc etc). That equal partnership is still going to be there - but Sam is definitely the weapon that Dean points right now. As much as I love Sam and know he is completely capable I love that Dean is having to be the big brother of yesteryear again. At least until Sam gets his soul back.

    I'm not so sure I properly articulated why I'm feeling optimistic in spite of the angst so far. The problems just seem more cut and dried to me, and that alone makes me feel better about watching Dean get wild about Sam making some clearly soul free choices. There could be some excellent opportunties for some real comedic elements in amongst this too. But that could just be my quirky left of centre sense of humour. Of course show being the way that it is - my carefully composed optimistic outlook may be blown to smithereens in the next three episodes and I could be back on here wailing about the injustice of it all and cursing the Gamble so who knows? All I know is that seven episodes in - I'm feeling good about the brothers being brothers again.

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    This here is a list of all the things I was doing today instead of finishing reports for school....

    1.Check email

    2. Read stories

    3. Watch TED presentation talks

    4. Make new playlists on Itunes

    5. Visit Facebook

    6. Refresh my Flist on LJ

    7. Watch fanvids

    8. Read fanfiction

    9. Take a shower

    10. Play with my dogs

    11. Do my Lumosity brain training

    12. Read Twitter

    13. Click on Twitter links

    14. Looks at picspams of my favourites

    15. Ring my mother (which I would never do voluntarily under any other circumstances really)

    16. Clean up desk area

    17. Go online window shopping

    18. Plan new LJ layouts

    19. Leave comments on my flist posts

    20. Check gmail

    21. Write up my calendar

    22. Watch my various shows

    23. Plan a new LJ post

    24. Update FB status

    25. Make a list of all the things I do instead of doing reports

    26. Refreshing AHBL3 Guests TBA Page

    But in the end I succumbed. Deadline is 8.30am Monday morning. Here I am posting to LJ near midnight with them all done. That's like a whole 8 and a half hours early. Whatever shall I do with all  that free time??? *twiddles thumbs* Oh I KNOW! Sleep...mmmmm....bed.

    See? And they say I always leave things to the last second. Sheesh some people really exaggerate don't they?

    0 0

    I have been meaning to jump on LJ and make a post for sometime now - I'm always caught with the urge to post at just the wrong moment when I can only be on here fleetingly checking my flist, trying (usually futilely) to lessen the tab count and doing my usual twitter, fb and email check.
    So this post is brought to you by the letter W which stands for Work In Progress. I figure if you can have vids and fanfic as WIPs why not LJ posts?
    First and foremost on this post is Fandom with a capital F for "Fuck yeah we're awesome!"
    My shows lately have been riveting stuff and I have to say there's only been a few where I've gone "Meh....not sure I really care."
    There's Supernatural -

    (I do miss Season 2 soulful Sammy I must admit)

    I was sooo soo grateful they went down the light, fluffy comedic path with Robo!Sam. The second I knew Sam had no soul I was already dreaming up hilarious scenarios  that the boys and especially Dean could find himself in due to Sam's lack of empathy filter and his complete disconnection from humanity.
    Clap Your Hands if You Believe went there in spades and I think Jared is really relishing this break from Sam's dark emo head space and enjoying an almost S4!Castiel obliviousness to human emotion. It's certainly aesthetically pleasing on all fronts to see him revert to his more primordial urges and act more on his physical instincts be it to run, fight or fuck or to demonstrate how tying him  up is utterly fruitless UNF!! Oh and his new appetite for food and alcohol - I'm not so sure he's all that concerned about his diet anymore and given his work out routines and his job he can afford to indulge the tastebuds a bit more.
    I'm all for it but without even looking at any spoilers I'm predicting we'll soon be seeing a Sam who decides that the drawbacks of a soul outweigh even the fondest memories he has pre-soullessness. I'm curious to know what would change his mind on that front. It reminds me of the red pill/blue pill question in the Matrix (my favourite movie of all time) and I'm right there with Cypher on that one - I'd take the blue pill and to hell with the gritty reality.
    It's akin to a drug induced numbness I'm guessing and clearly he can still enjoy pleasures of the flesh - food, alcohol and sex without the suffering so why would he want his soul back. He clearly understands that Dean wants his brother back, he knows this is a huge thing but he's never going to be in a place where he can care about that without a soul. I think maybe Purgatory might flip the balance on him. He may think he's invincible at the moment or rather the idea that he can be killed doesn't enter his head but I'm wondering if he does get killed, ends up in Purgatory and realises that there was one gigantic, buzzkilling drawback to soullessness - and that is walking the grounds of Purgatory for all eternity. I think no matter how lacking in empathy a person was - he/she would like to avoid that fate at all costs. Including having to endure human suffering for your lifetime. I'll be curious to see if it gets to that. I'm not sure what else is out there that would convince Sam that having a soul is better than not having one.
    Anyway irrespective of what happens the rest of the season I have to say I'm loving it - only a couple episodes not quite up to par and I'm thinking that's probably more due to my own personal agenda of what I want to see than anything else - Weekend at Bobby's was good but a filler and All Dog's Go To Heaven wasn't all that it could have been (And I am a dog person through and through, had been hanging out for an episode like this - there was so much more that could have been done with this particular MOTW) I still enjoyed it although it completely brought home to me how damaged Sam is without a soul - the fact that he was intending on shooting Lucky despite Lucky being one of the grey areas Sam in season 2's Bloodlust defended. Yes Lucky killed - but he had a kind of slightly skewed moral code working there and he was the protector of that family. Yeah I'm a total sucker for a good looking German Shepherd but still, nothing like that moment to bring home to roost the knowledge that that's really not Sam anymore, not even a little bit.
    Also the idea that Jared could play anyone who could shoot an injured dog like that just really grates in a completely irrational way I know.

    Smallville - I've read a few reaction comments and I'm agreeing whole heartedly with the comments about perhaps fan reaction is having an influence given the shift from the big bad being just Clark's greatest fear/problem to being everyone's big bad. I like that there is a common vulnerability there and I think that this may in fact work towards the goal the team is hoping for, acceptance and cooperation, working together to fight the threats to all of humanity and the planet. If the people of Metropolis and America realise that Clark can also be affected then perhaps the suspicions and the wariness over his alien origins will be somewhat mollified. Of course those that already have complete hope and faith in his abilities and his desire to save the world may feel that hope shaken by a perceived weakness. But I prefer not to take that path of thought. I REALLY like how Tess is playing out this season, Ollie is a little inconsistent for me, ranging from me thinking he really should quit being the whiny, emo orphan kid to You GO Ollie - you really are more than a pretty face....sometimes. I have to admit I have contemplated more than once engaging in a Smallville Ollie Shirtless Scene drinking game - I think I can remember maybe ONE episode so far this season where there were no gratuitous semi naked Oliver scenes. I'n still backing the horse that says MR will come back. We haven't seen mini-Lex for a couple episodes, there's still plenty of time :) Also Tom can get semi naked with Erica as MUCH as the female writers want and I am quite all right with that. Lois is making an impact for all the right reasons and I really like how she is not just the vapid, buxom, pair of sexy legs waiting on Clark to sweep her off her feet. I like gutsy Lois and always have.  

    Also Tom Welling is still totally fucking gorgeous....

    Dexter!!! OMG that show is just about killing me with the stress. I thought the previous seasons were edge of your seat stuff - I mean John Lithgow as Trinity was just phenomenal and I did wonder how they were going to top that.

    But Jordan Chase? Holy crap that guy is just insidious and such a high functioning psychopath I think I'd rather be facing Crowley, Lilith and Alistair along with the Winchester boys than what Dexter is confronting right now. I am NEVER going to look at motivational, life coach, speakers the same way ever again. I think I will be perpetually looking for the cracks now if I ever come across one. I was skeptical at first of Julia Stiles potential here with Lumen but I'll hand it to her, she's made it work incredibly well. One thing that stands out to me about her is the juxtaposition she presents - one moment completely shattered, vulnerable, a sobbing uncontrollable mess at what's happened to her and the next she's driven with this laser focus determination for nailing these guys and relentless in her pursuit of them. If she was just one or the other I think my suspension of disbelief would be sorely tested. She combines both with seamless transitions that just work.

    Deb is still very much a roller coaster character for me and I think her inconsistencies are exactly supposed to generate such hot and cold reactions. She is so fucking intelligent and yet she falls for an utter douche like Quinn. Seriously are there women out there who are such intelligent, with it and amazing role models for their gender who then go and choose douchebags like Quinn?? Because I'm not seeing it. I just LOVE how she's unintentionally putting the wind up Dexter who is just torn between being astounded, amazed, goddamn proud of his sister's mental acuity in putting shit together and by the same token is inwardly freaking out that his sister is so on the mark it's not even funny. This is such a cleverly written show and I'm always kinda surprised and shocked that MCH's face is just soooo expressive. I mean you look at a picture of him and think, well yeah it's a face, not unattractive but nothing striking and somewhat plain looking. How such features transform so subtly to convey emotions just entertains me no end. I loved Teenage Wasteland - Mr Redteekal asking "How's he gonna solve the Barry issue - he can't kill him." And I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat saying "Oh but Dexter sure is gonna scare the ever loving fuck outta him you watch." Cold, angry, pissed off Dexter is not a Dexter I'd ever wanna challenge.

    Other shows I'm watching and enjoying immensely but do not quite cause the same level of obsessing over the details are Merlin, Community, The Big Bang Theory, House (in fact House is somewhat Ho Hum for me right now - I notice that I just don't care about the characters as much anymore), Criminal Minds and The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead? Absolutely fantastic viewing - but way too short at six episodes WAAHHH!!!!!

    Other items currently causing me to grin like an idiot are (and in no particular order)

    Corgi Puppies - not mine but a friend's. I'm not a fan of the breed but by golly those pups are ADORABLE!

    And having a word from Mum - this pup is a singleton, his lil sis didn't make it sadly so Mum is a very devoted mother of one...


    And this pup is from an earlier litter, all grown up now but I couldn't resist...

    Are ya grinning like an idiot yet?? LOL!!

    Mr Redtee and I decided that for Christmas we would give ourselves a gift .... it's coming early luckily and just the thought alone of watching HD downloads of my favourite shows on a 100 inch projector screen makes me grin so hard my face aches...

    Coming soon via courier to us is this:

    Which comes with a screen (100 inches) like this:

    Which will show scenes such as this from Dark Knight like this:

    So who is coming over for a Smallville/Supernatural/Dexter/Merlin etc etc Marathon Slumber Party????
    Oooh maybe a True Blood one? Mmmmmm Eric - big screen and HD.

    Of course incorporating such a home projector theatre package into ones TV room involves some serious rearranging of furniture, some important installation of black out curtains and general overhaul of the entire room. First to be moved out were the Lego Death Stars and Imperial Star Destroyers and that's a good thing. But it is soo going to be all worth it. Current 52 inch flatscreen will be moved into master bedroom along with treadmill - which is good because a bulky object like a treadmill is HELL on the acoustics of surround sound!

    Further items to the grinning like an idiot outcome:

    *Hit my first home run ever in Softball the other day. I don't know how many of my flist have ever played this game or baseball but how good is that high off just smacking that ball into the outfield and running like hell and crossing that home plate? I don't think I stopped beaming the entire game.

    *There's new Supernatural and Smallville this week

    *I purchased my first ever Convention ticket. I'm not sure that's even sunk right in yet. All Hell Breaks Loose 3 May 27th Melbourne 2012. How's that for forward planning (and possible freaking out)? The guests have not been announced yet except for Richard Speight and some (okay probably everyone) may call me crazy but I couldn't help it. This may be my one and only ever opportunity - of course I'm praying to every possible deity including the FSM that the Js sign up - so I went with the platinum.  *gulp* But still grinning like an idiot at the thought....if somewhat nervously.

    0 0

    6.11 Appointment in Samarra - Supernatural? I watched, I squeed and now as as [info]ash48  puts it,  I posted!

    I loved, loved LOVED this episode. After a rewatch it may just tip in to my top 3 list for Season 6 so far. It's definitely in the top 5.
    Things what I loved:

    1. Sam gets his soul back - what a relief! I had the uncomfortable feeling they were gonna drag that one out for a while. Sam getting his soul back could be completely catastrophic of course but for now I shall take what I can get and be grateful and in the meatime skip with joy in my flowery imaginative field of brotherly love, unbreakable bonds and sing out loud about the epic love of Sam and Dean - back together, fully souled up, slightly broken, a little rough round the edges but still brothers through and through. What? Denial is so a place... I LOVES it. ;-P

    2. Bobby being awesome enough to give Robo!Sam a run for his money. Sam, even souless, Bobby knows you too well. Also TRAPDOORS??? How epic is this house he lives in? I'm starting to think Weekend at Bobby's was an anomaly he seems to be getting so many free weekends to install all kinds of awesomeness into his place. Seriously though, I really appreciated that Sam didn't get the jump on him from the get go.

    3. Death!!! Wheeee! I loved Death in TMTM and I loved Death even more now. I like the idea that he hankers for a day off every now and then, that he enjoys the more simple things that humans do and that he makes Dean flinch, just a little. His lesson teaching was so much more effective than Zacharaiah's ham-fisted attempts - his absolute unruffledness even when Dean is being particularly whiny smart ass teenager type. His assertion that there is more to the concept of a human soul than Dean hasn't even begun to appreciate. I loved it all. No matter the incarnation, Death is and will forever be, a very fascinating character for me. Pratchett's Death is just sublime and I think the Spn one is just as good.

    4. Dean being so fucking relentless in his extremely one eyed drive to get his brother back. I mean stubborn headed mule is understating it here. It's often a conundrum for me because on the one hand I absolutely adore this about him, his complete devotion to his brother, he is an unstoppable force when it comes to protecting Sam and being there for him but then on the other I'm like DUDE!!! LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE FFS!!!! I was backing Sam when he was saying "It's my life" but then I'm torn because I'm think well is it really? I mean aren't you just a consciousness inhabiting a meat suit right now? No different from say an ambivalent demon possessing you? You're using the body sure and you're providing those synapses to make it work but really - you're just a temporary tenant right now. Which is probably exactly the way Dean sees him hence the total resistance to even considering Sam's request not to have his soul returned.
    It's all soooooo complex it makes my brain hurt thinking about the moral ambiguities of it all.

    5. Sam still being hot. Being a hot robo!Sam bad ass. I still do get all tingly when Sam takes control like that.

    6. Dean's suckage at his job. One day. 24 measly hours that's all he had to do it for. And would you look at that he failed. Actually this was probably something I questioned a little - here we are five and a half years in. Dean's clearly acknowledged that the Winchester self-sacrificing family drive way is no doubt genetic and entirely the reason why their lives are so fucked up and yet he still feels no hesitation in messing with the natural order of things. He knows it's not fair, has known for many years now and yet he still feels no compunction about bucking the system, upsetting the natural balance if he feels so inclined. It just seems all so contradictory to me, I mean ffs just last episode wasn't he lecturing Gramps about bringing Mary back? Has he not heard about the butterfly flapping it's wings and the ramifications of such an event all over the world? *rolls eyes* Seriously Dean you are a butt headed stubborn assed individual who for some obscure reason never thinks the rules should apply to him. Don't ever change *vbg*

    7. Balthazar - so do hope we see more of him. His affirmation of Castiel's status as Sam's boyfriend and the fact that he managed to ignite just a spark, a fleeting expression of reaction from Sam when he said he's take great delight in screwing over his brother was what sealed the love for this scene for me. It was nothing big and certainly nothing that was ever gonna impact on anything but I did like Sam's face at that point - just a sliver of doubt about screwing his brother over. Like I said though, blink and you'd miss it.

    8. Tessa YAY!!! So love how this show brings good characters back. Tessa makes a great reaper and is impervious to Dean's drop dead gorgeousness which all made for some great interactions. She can come back ANY time.

    In other news....I have four days left till 6 weeks of freedom...let me count the hours, I cannot wait. My one and only pair of most comfortable flip flops ever, my Birkenstocks that I have had for years now, were lost but now they are found and that makes one a happy camper. Simple things in life and all that...it's damn hot around here - wearing closed in shoes suck, Flip flops are a necessity!

    Last agility trial of the year last night and lil Miss Spryte did good - winning two classes including the top Masters one! \\o// YAYS!! Bon Jovi last Wednesday night was awesome - seeing Wanted Dead or Alive done live like that? Chills I tell ya CHILLS! It was good...and man that Mr Jon Bon Jovi looks awfully good for his age - wonder what his secret is?

    And now I must do houseworky, christmasey and car cleaning things....oh and watch Smallville. Actually I should probably do that first. Yes of course... priorities I HAZ THEM!

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    Guess who is on holidays for the next 6.5 weeks? The next 45 days? The next 1080 hours?????? Guess who is seeing U2 Saturday night?

    *does the holiday happy dance of joy*

    Hugs for all my FLIST!! Drinks all round! HURRAH I MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR!!!

    All you teachers out there?? ENJOY! It's well deserved.

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  • 12/23/10--07:23: year in general meme
  • See? This is what you post when you actually have drafted three different posts about stuff that's just so not in the moment anymore the most enthusiasm anybody could work up for reading said posts would  be a very apathetic 'Meh?'  So in lieu of TL:DR posts I bring you a MEME

    Nicked from [info]veronamay  and [info]rivers_bend.

    1. What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
    Flew to America, ran for five non stop minutes on the treadmill (MULTIPLE TIMES) - that's non stop as in consecutively, like one after the other! It's astounding I know. AND I hit my first home run ever in a softball game - now that felt awesome - it's my 3rd ever season and I hope to repeat it.

    2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
    Nope don't make 'em.

    3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
    Hmmm my cousin did.

    4. Did anyone close to you die?
    Yes, my adopted Uncle David.

    5. What countries did you visit?

    6. What would you like to have in 2011 that you lacked in 2010?
    More drive and motivation.

    7. What date from 2010 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
    September 23rd - the day David slipped away.

    8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
    Going to America on a spur of the moment decision and achieving further professional qualifications for it.

    9. What was your biggest failure?
    Not finishing stuff I started.

    10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
    Touch wood (there's still a few days left!) no I didn't...oh wait I did get that vertigo imbalance shit for a day.

    11. What were the best things you bought?
    My brand new 2010 Ford, My new HTC phone, the home theatre projector system.

    12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
    Australian voters.

    13. Whose behavior appalled you?
    Oh we are not going there...let's just say it's work related. There's not enough room on the internet for such rantological diatribes.

    14. Where did most of your money go?
    Trip to the USA.

    15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
    Going to the USA, my shows coming back, U2/ACDC/Pearl Jam/Bon Jovi concerts, my new car.

    16. What song will always remind you of 2010?
    U2 song I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - basically because of the moment at the concert with over 50 thousand people singing in unison.

    17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
    i. happier or sadder? Both.
    ii. thinner or fatter? About the same.
    iii. richer or poorer? Richer.

    18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
    Reading. Finishing stuff. Exercising.

    19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
    Eating the wrong crap. Dealing with incompetency in my workplace.

    20. How will you be spending Christmas?
    Visiting my parents. Then brother and sister in law - on their farm.

    21. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
    It's still a tie - I can't decide between Tom Welling, Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles, I don't think I ever could.

    22. What political issue stirred you the most?
    The state of Education in this country.

    23. Who did you miss?
    David. My girl - Raven.

    24. Who was the best new person you met?
    Too many to mention - made some very awesome friends in America. Online [info]netlynn  has just made my day - for weeks on end now :) Can't wait to meet her one day.

    25. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2010.
    That  America is full of surprises and more positivity than you'd think.

    26. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
    So raise your glass if you are wrong,
    In all the right ways.

    0 0

    ok question for my flist - let's say you come by an unexpected, totally out of the blue inheritance that is incredibly bittersweet because you'd much rather still have that person around, that person who you've shared over 30 years of your life with and spent just about every Christmas day with. Probate goes through and it's distributed to you as one of the benefactors. Do you make a big announcement about it and celebrate it on Christmas day? Do you anticipate your parents feeling shut out and incredibly hurt when you don't do that?

    It's not that I wasn't going to tell them...it was just that I needed to get my head around it all and come to grips with it and choose the right time and place to share it with them.

    On Christmas day I would much rather have had David with us than any kind of inheritance, it somehow seemed wrong to celebrate something that his death brought about. Does this seem as weird as my parents seem to think it is? I know David would want me to enjoy it, to celebrate it but I'm thinking he would have wanted me to do that when and where I chose, where I felt comfortable doing so.

    Parents eh? Enigmatic, mercurial, confounding beings they are, I love them dearly, always will as well as being forever grateful to them but as for figuring them out? Pretty sure I'm never gonna stop working on that one. Also that paternity test idea is never going away *LOL*

    0 0
  • 01/10/11--01:46: Vid rec
  • Three more Fridays to go right? Dammit I have no patience for these fiendish hiatus periods...just give me my glorious shows right the fuck now okay?

    In the meantime I continue to be wowwed by the creative genius of the Spn fandom and have watched multiple times the latest Season 6 Promo trailer from [info]secretlytodream . It is indeed awesome and compelling and would definitely even entice a first time watcher to engage in show. Go watch and leave some love of which I am about to do so.  Loki posted it in her community [info]graphicinmotion and the link is below:

    TRUST NO ONE - Season 6 Supernatural Trailer

    It may just tide me over but I doubt it, I think it just whets my appetite for MOAR! - back to my blurays and HD downloads.

    In other news am now hooked on watching Breaking Bad and reading The Hunger Games books. Finished two books in the first week of 2011 - Malcolm Gladwell's The Outliers (fascinating!) and Paul Hoffman's - The Left Hand of God (which was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable but sadly I have to wait till August for the second book) First three movies for 2011 have included Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Toy Story 3 and Tangled. All were enjoyable on a fairly low key mediocre way. The King's Speech is definitely on the list to see and possibly Megamind.

    I am reading all over of the severe snow storms/fall/sleet for my friends in the States - thinking of you all, wishing you could all just take a deep breath as one and blow it all down here - heat and humidity suck and if you escape to Queensland right now you're liable to be floating down the Gold Coast. Global weather? Your changes are for shit. Signed: One of the 6 billion contributors to climate change.

    0 0

    This here will be my catch up post...I've been meaning to post for a while and I figured if I don't get on this now it's never gonna happen because LJ has posting limits and there would just be too much stuff to post and say...

    Let me begin with some pretty that has just come to light in the last 24 hours or so...these are a few of my fav pics from the recent Supernatural Con in San Fran...looks like the boys were being particularly adorable..

    I honestly think if I ever see these guys in person I'd need a full facial massage by the end because I would just never stop grinning
    and my face muscles would cramp.

    They're just so relaxed and comfortable with each other and I know that this is not a new observation of course but it is
    such a rare thing to see, two guys who spend sooo much time working together and yet...I probably should be over how
    unique it is but I still can't help but think that this is something to make the most of.

    I just LOVE their faces here. Jensen's all wide eyed, brows raised, Jared's all intrigued...hope we get to see full vids of
    the panel.

    I think that grin gets away with shit loads of stuff. I'm just saying. His Mom would have
    needed reserves of steel to resist caving. Looks like she did have such steeliness given how he's turned out.

    Source: shebopbop's photostream

    So whilst the Supernatural fandom stopped and stared for a while at the boys in San Francisco....the rest of the world continues to turn...

    Firstly I wanted to thank [info]netlynn  here on lj land because she is awesome and amazing and the bestest Santa Net EVAH!
    The girl hooked me up with some fine American products over Christmas, including (but not limited to the following)


    THESE!!! Ohhhhh these are like little, teeny, tiny presents that you get to unwrap every time you grab one and I am sad to say they
    didn't last longer than a week once opened. Reeses products = [info]redteekal  CRACK. There are worse drugs out there, judge me all you

    Net had to battle obsessed Supernatural fan girls for this. My undying gratitude and respect has been given.
    You don't know how much this one means to me Net! ♥ ♥ ♥
    There were many other goodies in there too and I was just completely staggered by her generosity. Thanks bb it means so much!

    On the other side of the country the Queenslanders are doing it tough and by now most, if not all of you will have been innundated with
    footage and photos....came across these today and thought they have been the best photo exposition so far capturing the impact...

    Story Bridge, looking from New Farm

    Go-between Bridge at the peak of the floods.

    Resident using a mini skip bin to store his possesions, and as a makeshift boat, Toowong.

    Park Rd, Yeronga. The flooding extended all the way to Fairfield Rd and the RSPCA.

    Washed up koala teddy found on the Ipswich Highway, from a home in Rocklea.

    Water levels rose above these street signs in Rocklea.

    McDonalds, Milton.

    Floods at night.

    Ipswich motorway at Riverview.

    Shell Service Station at Toowong.

    Roof of a walkway sticks out just above the water. Flood peak, taken at Kangaroo Point.

    These are just a few of the 77 photos that make up an album on facebook called Incredible Flood Photos. You can click on the link to see
    more. I've already donated to the Premiers Disaster Relief fund and I'm interested in participating in the bidding going on at the lj fandom community: [info]qldfloodauction .

    I'm not so sure about auctions though - I have to say I have participated in two before to raise money for various charities (both times I have won I have donated to Doctors without Borders) and so far neither auction I have won and paid for has produced anything for me. I'm not really pissed about this cos I was going to donate anyway but it does just niggle a teeny, tiny bit. Don't put yourself out there unless you're prepared to follow through on it. Before I'm asked - no I didn't put any difficult prompts, requests, conditions on the products. I am, by nature, a fairly laid back, easy going creature so I was happy with whatever they came up with. But I don't want this to dim anyone else's interests in bidding - like I said I have bid myself on this one and probably will do so again. There are some excellent vidders and writers (and no doubt artists) who have signed up for this.

    Now I don't know why Santa thought I was such a good girl but I need to share what hubby got me this Christmas as he certainly outdid himself and of course totally contributed to the enabling of my obsessions. My thoughts on that are: I'm perfectly okay with it!

    Complete with certificate of authenticity and everything! Along with the photo above he also tracked down and got me these two gems...

    I mean really? If that's not your partner saying - "I know you are obsessively cracked about your shows however I still love you regardless" I don't know what is. *lol*

    As a thankyou  and also as his Christmas present from me to him (I just love the ones you can share *g*) we're taking off next week to Cable Beach Resort Broome for about three nights and four days total R&R which looks like this:

    And this...

    And possibly sunsets like this:

    And involves this:

    Plus possible rides on Camels, Hovercraft tours and Harley Davidsons...not necessarily in that order. These will be our last days of freedom
    before we return to the grind of work on the 31st.

    HAPPY MAKING STUFF LIST includes - Broome holiday, five week old fluffy Border Collie puppies I got to play with this week, winning our last softball game, Despicable Me and The King's Speech (BRILLIANT), the return from HELLATUS of Supernatural and Smallville, rumours of a seventh season of Supernatural, possible plans to compete on the World Agility stage in England this year, definite plans to do Christmas and New Year in the US of A (and getting to meet up with a certain special someone who I sadly missed last trip), and a Sting concert with a Symphony orchestra next Saturday.

    Wow. That's a significant amount of happy making items. You know those days when you wake up and just think - Hell yes! I'm alive and kicking and what more could a girl want? That's me. It's in my plan (you know THE PLAN Net ;-) ) now how are you all going to face the world today?

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  • 01/29/11--18:52: For ash48
  • [info]ash48 This vid is for you hun....I think it's very appropros... looking at the ratings it was a bad move CW a VERY bad move...

    0 0

    The kids here go back to school tomorrow...I've been at school for the last two days doing the teacherly things that teachers do every year before the masses descend (aka run around flat out prepping classrooms, supplies, programs, lessons etc).

    As much as I LOVE my holidays and bemoan their seemingly rapid disappearance I do love this part of my job, the bit where you get to meet 120 new young minds in the first week. This year I have 8th graders as my homeroom group err sorry COMMUNITY group (they've changed the name from homeroom to community and now all I can ever do is try to suppress my snort of laughter because it always invokes the show Community for me) and I do like meeting a fresh new bunch of students, most of them all usually too terrified to say boo in their first few weeks of high school life.

    I'm keen to learn of their backgrounds, their ideas, their passions, their hopes, their fears, their interests and to share mine with them. I want to get the readers reading even more avidly and the non-readers hooked, get the creative writers to just CREATE and the movie critics to discuss and critique. I want to show them so many different texts and tell them about so many different wonders of the world. I want them to want something for themselves, to know that as 12 or 13 year olds that the world is their oyster and whilst some need to work on their lustre, they can all be the pearls inside absorbing every thing. It's always kind of refreshing to start the year anew, I tell my 9th graders that Year 8 is done and dusted, whatever you may have messed up on, avoided or just plain didn't even turn up it's all irrelevant now. They can all start with clean slates and every possibility of making this year their best yet.

    I'm sure probably two weeks from now I'll have commenced my count down to the next holidays, raving about the lunacy that is teaching  a mixed grade class of 34 and be venting about this kid or that kid or the incompetency of the Ed Dept or of some people who probably should not be in the teaching profession but for now I'm going to wallow a little in that 'honeymoon' period of the school year where we all, teachers and students alike start the year with high hopes and positive thoughts.

    I think I managed to fit in some serious viewing and reading time whilst on holidays:
    - True Grit
    - Ghost Writer
    - The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    - Despicable Me
    - Toy Story 3
    - Breaking Bad Season 1
    - The Matrix (on Blu ray for about the 15th time)
    - The Losers (2nd time)
    - Avatar (on Blu Ray the 5th time)
    - Narnia
    - Tangled
    - The King's Speech
    Plus interspersed with Season 6 Spn rewatch so far, The Big Bang Theory, The Wire, Glee, NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, House, Amazing Race, White Collar and Leverage.

    Reading wise finished The Outliers, The Left Hand of God, The Hunger Games (currently on the 2nd one), Developing Handling Skills (an Agility text) and started The Stephen Fry Chronicles.

    Oh and soooooo many fanfics I lost count. In fact in hindsight I think if I added all the time spent reading fanfics all together it would equal way more than all my reading and viewing combined above!

    Also have discovered I am addicted to oddly shaped post it notes. It's all part of my stationery fixation probably but it is a recently developed new symptom.

    And now I wait patiently for my shows to come back (after being so rudely bumped for what seems to me a pretty much dismally failed attempt to boost ratings) on Friday (read Saturday for me), SV and SPN your imminent presence is much anticipated.

    And because this post is so clearly lacking in pictures I leave you with...   

    And of course I have to save the best smile for last.....

    Ahhh Tom I would have loved to have seen you on the big screen in the role of Superman...but I shall take ten years of Smallville
    over a big shot film any day.

    0 0

    For anyone on my flist who just needs a smile and a giggle today... :-)

    0 0

    I was mentally bracing myself for so much angst and yet I rode this episode out on a fluffy cloud of joyous brotherly reunionship and complete squee over the hugs and the fond smiles and Dean's unabashed pleasure in having his brother back.

    Yes, yes this is Supernatural and I know this is all probably gonna be very short lived and the wheels of our shiny, new, red radio flyer cart are probably all about to fall off in a spectacular way and that zippo in the pocket is going to burn up our very temporary respite from all the angst, the guilt and pain BUT.... for now I'm gonna float lazily down this river in Egypt and just full on BASK in the happiness that is Sam and Dean back together - hunting DRAGONS! people...Dragons!

    I have had a long held affection and fondness for dragons ever since I read the McCaffrey books as a youngster - Pern was a magical place to spend time in. It was a shame the Supernatural budget didn't stretch to some flashy CGI and we had to make do with seemingly shifter type dragons confined by their very mundane human bodies (even if they could make their hands form molten hot lava). I think I reject those projections and will go with my much more colourfully imagined creatures.

    But on the upside - that HUG! The look on Sam's face when he sees Dean again and that hug....oh lordy it was all worth the wait. It must be quite a thing to receive such an all out, no restraint hug from such a Sasquatch wall of muscle. And Dean's little smiles - when he sees his brother being nothing but Sam when showing empathy for the girl they interviewed, his delight at Sam's slightly scandalised query as to whether he had stolen the diary from the girl's room, his squirmishness around the virgin topic, his typical Sam rolling eye reaction to his lame jokes. That felt so good seeing all that again.

    I loved it and I LOVED the fact that the show didn't hold out on making sure Sam knows what happened. I was with Bobby on that one...mostly. I was a little torn because I completely understood where Dean was coming from - he is scared shitless about what revealing stuff might do to the wall and dammit why can't they just have a break for five seconds from all that psychologically debilitating baggage? But I was backing Bobby the whole way re if Sam had found out through other means - which in the end he did and I have to say I just reveled in his sneaky sneakiness there.... Sam is not Sam without that gigantor brain of his ticking over how to find this stuff out and being all manipulative to suit his ends...of course Cas being the fallboy on that one was quite logical. Though I was a little sad for him when Sam skipped the hug. Cas looked so disappointed. Awwwww poor Cas - Misha played that face so well, so grateful and pleased to see Sam alive again.

    I just wanna make a note about the scene in the Impala when they're driving at night towards Portland - the camera angle on both boys was so different from usual and it seemed it was lit with this acetylene yellow back lighting that just made both the boys look so drop dead gorgeous. It was very noticeably different from usual internal impala scenes that it stood out in a beautiful way.

    So is this 'Mother' the new big bad for the rest of the season? I like the premise, as it relates back to Alpha vamp and what he said regarding where they all come from. Also it looks as though the Purgatory angle is going to be further explored and I have always been fascinated by that. The movie Gabriel definitely helped whet my appetite for more stories surrounding this mytharc.

    Also the music? Took a definite shift into...what I'm not exactly sure but there's a couple songs in there I want to go and download because it completely set the tone for the episode and I loved it - kind of a rock crossed with blues? *runs off to use goggle-fu* I really thought the songs were chosen specifically and that makes me wanna go listen some more.

    Now I wait for our SV episode to download for tomorrow in the meantime I shall catch up flist and twitter now that I've seen the ep... YAY!!! MY SHOWS ARE BACK!!! \\o// Supernatural you did not disappoint :)

    0 0
  • 02/07/11--05:42: Things wot amuses me..
  • 1) It's amusing  that I know the Superbowl has just been on but from my twit feeds and various lj posts the commercials shown in the game seem to generate more interest than actual game itself - even if it is to comment about the level of WTF-ness about them all.

    2) I hear Fergie massacred Sweet Child Of Mine - I think I probably find that amusing because I didn't actually hear it.

    3) It's more than amusing that there are student teachers who are scared of talking to teenagers - no I'm not joking I wish I was, I've got three student teachers in mentoring for the week and not one of them even said boo to any of my students. Hmmmm - do they really want me to tick that box that says Suitable for a Teaching Career? It's kind of amusing - given they are fairly much older than my students.

    4) I find it amusing to 'talk' the lryics to Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al, complete with earnest and dramatic facial expressions. When I'm in my car - by myself of course.

    5) I find it amusing that Smallville attempted to go all Matrix style with Chloe's character last Saturday and I couldn't help but burst out with laughing

    6) Jared's facial expressions when being photographed by papparazzi -

    He's all like - "Fuck...psst Jensen! It's that punkd dude! The one who took those semi naked
    soccer playing pics of you!"

    Jensen's like - "I know. Be cool. Just don't even look at that fucker. He's an ass
    and I wanna kick him in the nads but we are better than that Sasquatch....and stop
    lurking behind me you big chicken.

    Jared's all "I so wanna kick this guy's ass but I'm gonna go for the whole beanie
    in front of my face trick and not even give him a chance to snap these stellar looks
    of mine.

    See how I amuse myself?
    Making up narratives to go with totally hot guy facial expressions is one of my all time
    favourite time wasters past times.

    I need amusing things to distract me from the fact that my very close friend and colleague is currently living out of a motel with her
    family because of this shit here: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/huge-blaze-sparks-evacuations-in-perths-northeast/story-e6frg143-1226001214279

    She lives on one of the roads mentioned in this article and as of 5.30pm this afternoon still didn't know if her house and everything they own has gone up in flames. I hope to hear from her soon - her family is fine and they got one of their two cats out so fingers crossed although when they had to turn away the last time there was fire on both sides of their house.

    I am definitely starting to think Australia has done a Winchester on the cosmos and has some how affronted the very balance of nature in the world - one poor sod had been flooded out of Queensland....decided he would start to move West and got caught in Cyclone Yasi only to make it to Perth, finally pick his truck up out of the transport place and started to head off to stay with family only to be told he couldn't get into his street because of the fires.  He's surely gotta be thinking he got some seriously fucked up mojo following him around.

    We get it cosmos, us Aussies have seen the truth, please settle down now and give us mild weather. Thanks muchly.

    ETA: It also amuses me no end that there was momentary fan squee over the above pics containing JDM in one of them...but it was just Punkd punking them all. Who cares they were all at the same Superbowl party together - OT3 to your fanfic heart delights I say!

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  • 04/20/11--01:16: 30 Day Challenge - DAY TEN
  • If You Could Only Live Off One Food and One Beverage For the Rest of Your Days, what would they be...

    This is all subject to whimsy I must say. Because my answer to this is likely to change next week.

    Currently my choice would be...

    Food: Sushi...HAHA!!! I was trying to figure out a way to include protein and carbs and yummy stuff - SUSHI meets that! So there's my savoury...

    Drink: Chocolate Milk...and there's my sweet.

    All is good. Right desert island...where art thou? I hear Bora Bora is nice this time of year.

    0 0

    Your Favourite Quote...

    Hmmm...this is like other things that seem to go in cycles in terms of my favourites...currently I really like this one:

    But others that are in my current top 5 are:

    And my last current fav quote of the moment is this one...

    0 0

    Show a screenshot of your current desktop. I had to resist the urge to clean up said desktop first but I was strong and did not neatly file my stuff I’ve grabbed in the last couple days off the net.

    I’d actually like a new desktop wallpaper but it’s hard to find them for 24inch wide screen monitors in HQ. And of course it has to be Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen. Tricky…tricky.

    0 0

    Three confessions of my choice...

    Hmmm so this was a bit of a contemplation moment, do I go for superficial shallow ones or deep and meaningful OMG you did not just say that on the internet ones?

    Let me see - confessions that I don't mind owning up to or confessions that will make me cringe and squirm everytime I logon thereafter?? Yeah. I'm going with the former. I like my little bubble of serenity here.


    Confessions #1:
    Whenever someone I admire or respect or fangirl mentions a book they've read and enjoyed I have to go out and get that book straight away and read it. Just in case I should ever strike up a conversation with said person because it's always good to have a common interest.

    Confessions #2:
    On Glee I cannot stand Ashley Fink's character - Lauren (Whom Puck is lusting after). She can't sing and she's not attractive and on top of that it's unhealthy to be that overweight. I'm all for improving self perceived body image amongst girls and women - I'm not all for saying it's okay if you are overweight enough to have health problems, in fact lets glorify it by having the hot guy fall for her aka let's ignore the significant health risks involved with being obese. The same way I'm not for glorifying emaciated, malnourished stick figures in the entertainment industry. And while we're at it - the entitlement of Artie in that wheelchair just galls me. Other than that I LOVE watching Glee so long as I can fast forward through most of Lea Michele's solos.

    Confessions #3:
    I once, on a dare, stuck my hand through the fence of a tiger enclosure at the zoo, after hours in order to pat a tiger on the head. I regret NOTHING.

    0 0

    Posted this a couple days ago but as [info]big_heart_june  kindly pointed out to me - the pictures didn't show up so I've reloaded them - hopefully this works.

    So much love I can hardly form words so here - have some carefully selected screencaps (well yes I might have had to rewatch a few times) that express my completely excessive squee for this episode...

    Right from the get go I was thinking - Oh boy...this is going to be epic.

    Is it wrong that I noted I could see Jared’s Sam’s buttcrack in the opening scenes?
    I pay good attention to FINE detail like that.

    Even with Sam’s pissy face on those features I can’t stop thinking - Sooooo damn pretty.

    Sam’s smile at his big brother’s fetishest enthusiasm is just adorable. As is Dean’s whole Western fetish thing.

    Talk about authenticity….poor Sam he’s already looking for the quickest exit.

    I give you - Dean SUNDANCE folks….hmmm I’d always thought he’d be Butch. LOL

    Sam’s trying very hard to see the appeal of the Western genre.

    This is the face of a man who has just had his authentic Western outfit dissed as a blanket. Poor woobie Dean.

    Sam and Dean - the Saloon look. Prior to Dean choking on Gasoline Whiskey.

    Can’t. Stop. Posting. The. Pretty.

    I just LOVED the cinematography of this shot. The graveyard, the lanterns, the lighting, the mist….it all comes together to create a beautiful piece of art.

    Dean’s slightly manic - Am I overcompensating with the whole I Love Posse theme here? Expression

    Again - so pretty - this could have come straight out of True Grit. Poor Jared having to pretend to be Sam pretending to not know how to ride a horse. I hear Jared is quite the competent horseman.

    There is nothing special about this cap except I couldn’t resist a cap showing Jensen Ackles perfect face up close and personal. The look of hope dashed to pieces as his hero Sheriff bites it.

    I’m kind of glad the Sheriff bought the big one though because if not for that then we wouldn’t have a perfectly lit Jensen Ackles in full Western regalia looking so pretty like he does here. Honestly the light hits him in just the most sublime way….the lighting crew must LOVE working with him….he validates every ounce of effort.

    Sam Winchester meeting Samuel Colt….trust us Samuel he has enough miles on him to last sereral lifetimes, we know he doesn’t look it but beneath those stellar looks lies a man who has literally been to Hell and back.

    Oh come on. Who has hair this perfect and looks THIS good after being yanked through time and stepping in horse shit. I mean REALLY Sam? Not a hair out of place…tsk tsk. Glad to see show is consistent with the whole suspension of disbelief theme.

    I took this screencap for two things. SAM’S HANDS!!!! Very strong and large and capable looking hands those are. And Two: I LOVE handwriting like this - it’s so script-like and neat and beautifully formed. I’m off to practice a new hand writing style. I shall add it to my MS Word Fonts and it shall be called TheGunmaker font.

    I include this (it’s my last screencap I promise) because I found it fascinating, I love this crew’s attention to detail when it comes to sets and props. Did couriers in those days really prefer virile men?? And orphaned? And wow - so ageist back then with the under 18 preference. I just LOVED how this logo was repeated on the Courier guy’s shirt at the end. *thumbs up*

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