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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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  • 05/07/12--16:28: Further to my last entry...

    Due to the ridiculous amount of perfection in my last fairly pic spam heavy post of all that is Jared on a beach in Rio shirtless I have been forced to compose a post for the sake of my own sanity and also that of others who are beginning to feel that no one will ever measure up to Jared as long as he is in existence. I HAVE THE ANSWER. This post will be for you all to help me point out the flaws of Jared. He has them I swear. The man is human. He is flawed I just know it, we just have to dig deep.

    Please respond in the comments with your observations on Jared Padalecki Flaws you have noticed.

    I shall start us off.

    JaredPadaleckiFlaw#1: The man is, according to Jensen (who never EVER makes shit up about Jared by the way) CONSTANTLY LATE. I don't know about the rest of you but that habit does make me a lil twitchy and then depending on how late and where to it can move from twitchy to repressed ragey. That shit is annoying as all hell. And it would make me totally grumpy with him for at least...the three seconds it takes for that stupid, dimpled, earnestly apologetic smile to blind me. *sigh*

    JaredPadaleckiFlaw#2: *thinks*  .....    *thinks some more*  .....  Inordinately large amounts of gas emissions and I'm not talking CO2 here. Don't get me wrong, that shit is hilarious on gag reels and when it happens to other people but quite frankly Jared is not perfect enough to have his flatulence smell like roses. Jensen's eyes watering in the Season 2 gag reel is testament to this fact. Farts are not funny Jared - you either need to get a nutritionist or take some Degas.

    Okay...that's all I've got. It's clearly not enough because apparently all I have to do is look at the pictures on my last post to start making excuses to cover him for the above two flaws...that's not how this post is supposed to work. Help me flist!

    ETA: AHA! Success so far...
    thanks to [info]samm_901 I have:
    JaredPadaleckiFlaw#3: Jared has been known from time to time to interrupt people whilst they are speaking. This is so not attractive Jared. I mean I know it is just your natural exuberance and enthusiasm and sheer joie de vivre shining through when you do this and you don't mean to be rude but to be quite honest you need to be a little more aware of it. People do love to hear what you say (and quite frankly I don't really care a whit if you do interrupt them as long as I get to hear you talking) but if they are trying to give you full information this is probably something you need to pull back on.

    thanks to [info]katwoman76 for this gem:
    JaredPadaleckiFlaw#4: Jared doesn't sit still long enough in Con Panels for the noobie Con photographers to get good pics of him. I swear I nearly said something I was getting so twitchy about it. I mean I'd take a bunch...check em immediately delete nearly all of them...then I'd glare up at Jared's fidgeting ass for all of two seconds before I'd promptly forget what I was mad about. HA! really that's another flaw right there. He's very good at distracting people from the train of thoughts. In fact he completely derails them. Renders them downright slack jawed in a cerebral way. (I always remember to close my mouth, always)

    That's four flisties! We're going great. This is certainly helping. ... probably.

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  • 05/08/12--03:36: Travellin' Blog Posts DONE!
  • Vesuvius! Pompei! Florence! I was in you and I have written about you and I have displayed your beauties to the world!
    All here for anyone interested in catching these posts - lots of photos!

    I am on a roll this morning what with updating and all...still got some Con pics to do but gotta go walk my super dog now. Pics of her too later in her stunning green and gold jacket!

    ICYMI The Jared Meet and Greet #2 now uploaded (flocked) and prior to that the post containing Jared, semi nude, beach and Rio. That is all. :) Jensen Meet and Greet #2 coming soon!

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  • 05/13/12--23:53: The joy of synchronicity
  • I've known Miss Pip now for exactly 8 days. In that time I have taken her for long walks, trained with her a few times, given her muscle massages, thrown her toy for her, played tug with her, had big snuggles on my lap with her, kept her out of harms way in my arms when an errant dog and her owner (who had no recall whatsoever) took a disliking to her, I've fed her and stroked her and just watched her constantly. Yesterday we ran in our first ever trial together in the highest class of grade 6/7 agility here in the UK. Tomorrow we leave for Belgium and the World Agility Open Championships. There are some runs you have that just feel like you've just injected a shot of pure endorphin into your blood, this was one of them. There were a 123 pretty good dogs in this class, Pip and I won by two seconds :)Hope you all can see this link cos I can't seem to embed using the iPad :)

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    And I'm still not home quite just yet. Will be in about 12 hours. CANNOT WAIT! And yet I'd happily relive several moments right now - getting to meet netlynn, all the Meet and Greets with EVERYONE at JIB, stepping to the line with Miss Pip in the main arena of the World Agility Open Championships, all the panels from JIB3 and AHBL3, plus breakfast with Richard, Misha, Corin and Jim. It's been an absolute whirlwind of the most FANTASTIC events. Yeah I gotta pinch myself from time to time to make sure this is all real. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky.

    I MUST get together at the earliest possible moment with Ash48 and Zebra363 in order to watch the final five or six episodes of Season 7 on the big HD screen back home. I'm stoked I have seen them via my MacBookPro but I NEED them wide screen and HD.

    And I am SO behind in all things LJ I'm not sure I'm gonna catch up before I hop a plane with my two girls back to Sydney on the 11th for a week at our Australian National Agility Championships. But I will do my best. I have half typed up the final Jensen Meet and Greet from JIB3 and there are still pictures to edit and upload and somewhere in there my family are getting together for multiple birthday celebrations. Mine on Wednesday, MIL on the following week.

    Already I'm plotting for next year - don't know how yet or even if it will happen BUT JIB4 is being held on the 10th to the 12th of May and the World Agility Open Championships are being held on the 17th to the 19th of May in Northern Spain. Miss Pip's owner is more than happy for me to handle Pip again. (Missed out on a podium finish by 0.04 of a second unbelievable!) Somebody is trying to tell me something there....just hope my Principal gets it! LOL!

    I need to add some pictures to this post!

    Aussie team photo...that's me and Pip on the end with sunglasses on my hat. Because that's how I roll. Besides it was so damn sunny in Belgium I needed them!

    Miss Pip - such intense focus on her little furry black face - I seriously wanted to smuggle this doggy back into Australia!

    I relive this run constantly in my head - it was great fun but damn two little bobbles cost us bigtime. I wanna do it again!

    If you wanna see what shenanigans took place at AHBL3 check out my tweets on Twitter - I'm @redteekal there too.
    In the meantime make of these what you will:

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  • 05/29/12--18:59: Party on dude!!!
  • OMG YAY!!!!!

    Love this birthday image by [info]growyourwings- Jared's focus face and Jensen's bemusement at Jared's face.

    You'd think turning 38 one would start being a little introspective, a little worldly wise with a sagacious tone overlaying words of reflection and philosophical epithets but you know what - IT'S MAH BIRFDAY!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!! I single handledly have survived another year on this planet and that is just AWESOME. And I have the mindset of a giddy young child who is just completely over stimulated and super excited it's her birthday.

    AND I woke up to a chocolate cupcake on my profile PLUS paid extension on my LJ account all from the fabulous [info]netlynn! Love ya babe! YOU ROCK!

    Plans for birthday:
    1. Gym Workout (after five weeks away I thought my PT would be nice and ease me in HAH! Jelly is currently a bodily adjective right now)
    2. Walk the puppies (this time two weeks from now is day one of the Australian National Agility Titles! To be held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre, http://www.agilitynationals2012.com.au/) Any Sydneyites on my flist? Thoroughly recommend it for a day of entertainment - Starts Wednesday and finishes with finals on Sunday!)
    3. Late Brunch - I'm thinking eggs, oatmeal and maybe nutella on toast. Nomnomnom
    4. GAME OF THRONES - catch up! Got like 4 or 5 episodes to get through before the finale screens!
    5. Waste lots of time on Tumblr, Twitter, FB and LJ.
    6. Agility Training tonight - where somehow the custom is the birthday girl brings the cake.

    (Mr Redteekal is taking me to dinner and The Avengers tomorrow night - *bounces in anticipation* I also know he has something up his sleeve re birthday presents too cos he had to specifically ask me about my favourite Jared and Jensen hi res full body length photos....hmmmmm....*rubs hands together* I think this is gonna be good!)

    Guess who else has a birthday today???

    Mark Sheppard!! Seriously May 30 - some good people born that day. Crowley you're such a bastard but I love you anyway. Can't wait to meet him at the next Con event.

    ETA: AND I just HAVE to share this post [info]netlynn just made me. Relevant to all those who share my absolute dedication to the 6'4 goodness of one Jared Padalecki. HERE

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    And a birthday today!!! We're practically birthday BUDDIES!!!
    HERE have a birthday post full of my favourite Jensen pics!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB!!!!! <3 u heaps and my flist would not be the same without you!!!!

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    Apparently researching online for travel insurance or setting direct debiting in place or booking return flights to Australia or organising what to pack for upcoming travel is mundane and dull and completely demotivating for my brain. However finding nice picture frames for my JIB photos, discovering new Jared phone wallpapers and generally losing myself in various tumblr blogs is FAR more fascinating. So many nice pictures I needed to share them!

    These are via jaredgrrl.tumblr.com:

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    Well one reason really - just do this:

    Damn I don't think the HTC Sensation battery life is gonna be up to this INCESSANT GAZING UPON UNPARALLELED BEAUTY!
    But never mind....in other news on Tumblr there's this We Love Jared Padalecki day happening - of course I gave a bemused smile, they'll have days for anything now on every social network out there and then I went and posted. Naturally.

    When it comes to Jared I tend to not even wax on poetically - I just wax on. Prolifically.

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  • 06/07/12--15:51: OMG Jared!!!!
  • This is just too gorgeous for words!!!!

    Please PLEASE can one of my US flisties grab me a copy of the June 18th issue of People magazine, I will love you FOREVER!!! And will try and pick it up personally off you!!

    ETA: Ipad is a bitch for posting images! Or not rather - have now uploaded it.

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    OMG!!!! It's been FOREVER since I wrote here..... most remiss of me I know but having a year off is BUSY Y'ALL!!!

    Ok so the rock I've been hiding under lately was this place here:


    The Sydney International Equestrian Centre - yeah the one they used for the 2000 Olympics....this was one of the quieter moments but in the evenings when every dog (762 of them!) was competing in here, the stands were quite full, the lighting was fabulous and the atmosphere ELECTRIC!

    My girls had a BALL!! And so did I :)


    And there were outdoor rings too!!




    The event took place over 5 days and even made National news here in the morning of last Sunday the day of the finals.
    I came away with five wins and three second places and about three top ten placements, a couple of those top ten placements were in classes of over 230 of the country's best dogs and handlers (including a few New Zealanders!). Each of my girls made THREE out of a possible FOUR finals on the Sunday and sadly Sunday was just not our day. I don't know where my head was at (perhaps nerves though I didn't feel them too much more than the previous four days of competition) but on at least two finals runs I was the one responsible for it not going to plan, in the first few Savvy had one unlucky dropped bar in one final and little miss Spryte just decided that that dogwalk contact was taking too long to do! Roll on the next Nationals I say in 2014! And in Brisbane!

    We camped out in a motor home (or RV in USA speak) for the six days we were there and of course this period as we landed from Perth was one of Sydney's wettest periods in decades! Seriously did not get dry for about 48 hours after we landed, it was just INSANE. Learnt how to drive an RV which is handy because we're hiring one at the beginning of September in Canada.

    I watched a number of fantastic dogs and handlers compete, saw the New Zealand dogs and handlers completely bring it (they didn't win a Nationals title but they were up in the placings!) and caught up with heaps of interstate friends in the sport and made new friends with ones I'd just been in contact with via FB and email only. In short I had a very exhausting blast of a week! Up at 6am everyday, crawling into bed by about 11.30pm each night.

    One other thing happened too that is kind of bittersweet for me - young Savvy (she is 2 and a half) came in season whilst we were over there. My friend (who is a Border Collie breeder and bred Savvy who is from Spryte) was thinking about having a litter with her when we left her and her mum Spryte with her for six months whilst we are in the States. The dog she wanted to use was this guy here:

    This guy is called Flynn! And I met him at the Nationals, he did some great runs and was very popular. And pretty damn good looking to boot! So long story short I only came back to Perth with Spryte and Savvy is off in New South Wales as I type this having a good time romancing it up with Mr Flynn! If all goes to plan she may be having her first litter of puppies around the end of August!! It was VERY hard leaving my youngest girl there, Savvy has not been away from us for any longer than a couple weeks last year and now when she gets flown back to Perth T and I will already be in the air heading to the US for six months!! I am going to stay in close touch with her breeder and hopefully I can keep up with young Savvy's first foray into motherhood. And no I can't keep a puppy! *she says completely convincingly*

    Anyhoo that's it on the dog/puppy/agility front! Oh except there may be a few more puppies on the horizon. I am hoping to import some semen from the UK and do an AI on Miss Spryte on what will be her last litter before I sterilise her next year. Some fresh new bloodlines into the country won't hurt and I am very in love with the dog I have chosen to use. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

    Oh and apparently Mr Cypher has a girl lined up for him when we're away! Not my litter at all but fellow BC enthusiasts/breeders want to use him on their rather lovely girl (so far she hasn't taken on a couple of attempted matings so hopefully Mr C can do the job!) so that will be interesting if the mating takes. Doggy rendezvous happening all over the shop and I will be away for most of it!

    In other news I have burning questions for my flisties!!! MEGA USA AND CANADA TRIP

    First off - the best most ubiquitous gym chain in America would be???? I'm curious to know if I can perhaps sign up for a 6 month membership that will allow me to attend a gym club in most of the major cities we stay in. I really do not want to let my fitness go by the wayside and looking at all the fancy restaurants T wants us to go to I'm going to have to be very strong on sticking to the exercise regime whilst I'm away.

    Secondly - Universal Studios in LA....different from the one in Florida right??? We should definitely try and do both??

    Thirdly - Long term car rental places?? Anyone have any experiences good or bad with these?? We will be looking to rent a car for quite a long period (from beginning of Sept through to New Year) so we were wondering if anyone had anything pressing to say on the issue?

    Fourthly - What are the definite MUST SEE Nationals Parks? The US seems to have a tonne of them so I was wondering which ones should we absolutely not miss? So far we have Yellowstone, Yosemite and up in Canada Banff to do.

    Onto more frivolous things, I feel like my flist and I are in the kind of place with our relationship that I can confess certain things of which I am not proud (much like years ago when I spoke of being utterly baffled by my addiction to the Twilight series of books - honestly I still have NO idea, find the movies kind of adorably laughably fascinating) and so I feel I can share this with you:

    I am be smitten with the EL James trilogy 50 Shades books. The writing is on a par with the most average writing in fandom (that is to say I will sit and read through it whilst wincing at certain moments just because the topic is one I love - namely Supernatural) and indeed I can name at least five writers in the SPN fandom off the top of my head who WIPE THE FLOOR in terms of prose composition of this author and yet I AM ENAMOURED PEOPLE!! Again I cannot say why - and of course have to put up with T's teasing of - you're head still stuck in that mummy porn crap? Where I indignantly inform him it is NOT JUST THAT :P Whenever this sort of thing happens I always wonder if perhaps I should not invest in some self reflective psycho-analysis because really I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND MY BRAIN!!!! Anyway - I love the trilogy - have downloaded the soundtrack and am about to launch into rereading them all again whilst composing a way of rewriting the whole set using either Sam or Dean or Jared and Jensen. I haven't quite decided yet. In the meatime I'll be over here downloading the entire soundtrack for the series so I can listen as I reread.

    Okay confessions over.

    Next on the list - I have to say I am, for the most part, really enjoying the SPN BB fics I'm reading, most of those recs came via big_heart_june, and so far I think I have loved Fish out Of Water by nyxocity the most although I still have another 10 to go!
    Planning a stay in Vancouver in August leading up to the Vancouver Supernatural Convention - cannot wait to get back with my fandom friends and roll in all that is good about our show. Very excited to see where they go in Season 8, counting the days - will be brilliant to get to the Dallas con as well - will our show be back on air by then I wonder?

    So this post has turned into a MASSIVE rambling behemoth of a post but excited redteekal is EXCITED!!! FIVE MORE SLEEPS till we are on a plane to Los Angeles!!! Never been to LA - except for a brief stop in LAX and I don't think that counts, open to any and all must see and do things for LA - only have about 5 days there however I believe one of them is for July 4th! Where does one go in LA to celebrate July 4th I ask???

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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  • 06/24/12--04:30: Itunes Analogy Therapy
  • Itunes is like that girlfriend who is one of the best people to party hard with and enjoy fits of exhilarated excitement with, discovering new and wondrous things in the music world but then the next day you discover she was actually on hard psychotropic drugs and the downers are enough to make even the most disturbingly bright, vivacious optimist feel like wrist slashing.

    Yeah. That's what Itunes is like. I pray you all never ever have to shift an Itunes library from one computer to another. I PRAY. (and if you do may that library be no bigger than 1GB seriously) So that was my Sunday...please tell me how much more worthwhile your weekend has been :)

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  • 06/28/12--20:10: OMG I LOVE MY GUY!!!
  • This must be love....he's been telling me my birthday present is on it's way....hope it gets here before we leave for 6 months...I've been giving him shit for not giving it to me yet! LOL!! Apparently that's because it was an artist commission piece and these clay artists don't rush things!

    He got me my own little clay versions of Sam and Dean! :)))))))))
    Picture is blurry I know and Dean's hair is a bit darker in real life but guess I know what I'm getting signed at
    VanCon now!!

    D'awwwwww - he does WUV me!! <3 <3 <3
    Okay better get packing T minus 11 hours till we're on a plane to LA!!! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    0 0

    Just managed to scrape through on the Nerd Machine website (before the pulled it due to overwhelmingly huge numbers trying to access it) and scored a couple of tickets to Jared's NerdHQ Panel in San Diego on the 15th of July!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!
    I'm seeing you guys!!! *Does a happy dance*

    And also this happened yesterday.
    We've been here a week tomorrow and honestly - BEST HOLIDAY EVER so far :)

    I'd write more but we've gotta check out or get done for late check out fees. In Monterey currently and about to start the drive into San Francisco :)

    We have been writing LOTS though. Check out this blog here (it's where all my non LJ friends check out our trip as well):
    http://sherunswithdogs.wordpress.com for all the latest posts on the road trip/flying holiday so far:)

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  • 07/12/12--22:48: Thursday BLOG Update!

  • Today was my first day of the massive San Diego Comic Con International - WOW.
    Just WOW. Write up and too many images to upload here to LJ so they're all HERE.

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  • 07/15/12--22:28: NerdHQ - The Jared Panel
  • I started spamming twitter with some of these pics but I figured I'd put them here as well (and besides Twitter is being a little shite and telling me I'm over my limit - whatEVER!). A report later but for now I could not resist posting these. I kinda like 'em, even the slightly blurry ones because this man's expressions are hard to delete even when slightly fuzzy ;-)






























    Okay this next series I must mention before posting them - there were a lot of fans round the place which Jared appreciated, but this one fan got up and she was standing directly in line of a fan close by and subsequently had the tornado or vidal sassoon look happening as Jared said...he then tried to  one up her with the following:

    Vidal Jared Sassoon #1

    Vidal Jared Sassoon #2

    Vidal Jared Sassoon #3

    Vidal Jared Sassoon #4

    Vidal Jared Sassoon #5 - Not quite sure what Jared's aim was here but it looks like it should be private ;-)

    Vidal Jared Sassoon #6

    Vidal Jared Sassoon The Aftermath 1

    Vidal Jared Sassoon The Aftermath 2

    The man is a walking :-D emoticon I swear.





    And then he got all shy when the entire room sang him Happy Birthday with Zach's help for next Thursday - but he couldn't help filming it and being adorable at the same time with his tongue stuck out between his teeth LOL!











    One of my favourites is this one :-)




    Jared found the next fan's shirt very amusing...


    Then proceeded to give her his undivided attention and his bestest answer *vbg*




    Okay this next series I managed to take ranks among my favourites so far...












    When I saw this one I was all a flutter..


    He's just so effusive about EVERYTHING.


    Those goddamn eyes will be the death of me.





    Jared commenting on semi naked Sam and Dean fan art presented to him, discovered in a a gallery in San Diego, "But I never wear my jeans without a belt!" LOL!!

    Then he mentioned his concerns about his nipples being possibly skewed slightly inwards too much, but overall he felt that it was a somewhat less than accurate depiction of his current 'soft' state and that it was very flattering. And that he was going to track the piece down.

    Posing for the afterpics.

    Being concerned over the camera monster.

    Zach is just so all over that.

    A hug for one of his many BFF's Zach.

    ETA - Woke up this morning to some lovely comments and I do hope to get back to you all whilst I am travelling, but in the meantime I did forget to mention - please feel free to link to this post and feel free to repost the photos, keep em, do stuff with 'em all I ask is that you link back to me on Twitter and LJ - @redteekal on Twitter as well :) CHEERS!! and THANKS - the comments always make me smile because I love knowing other people are appreciating the gorgeousness that is Jared.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Okay - The Comic Con Experience! This is something I typed up on the plane from San Diego to Seattle and it turned a little long. Oh well.

    San Diego Comic Con 2012 – An Aussie First Timer’s Experience

    We arrived in San Diego on the Wednesday afternoon before Comic Con started. Our plane landed at 7.15pm and rather than going straight to our hotel I had the cab driver takes us down to the Hotel Circle and badge pick up location that closed at 8.30pm. I was able to successfully secure both mine and Tim’s  Sunday badges and my Thursday badge. We had done our best to secure the four day badge but unfortunately by the time we got through on the website these badges were the only ones left – I think we were lucky to get them really but it is definitely on my bucket list to do the four day experience one year. So long as we can launch a successful military like operation to secure badges when they go on sale.

    We then went off to our hotel – called The Keating it was definitely a bit on the posher up scale side of our accommodations so far. It was 250 a night so not cheap and we’d probably choose a cheaper option next time, but what it was good for was locale – it was close to everything which is great because for all the great things about San Diego – their public transit is not one of them. We were located on the corner of F street and 5th avenue about four blocks from the behemoth that is the San Diego Convention centre. It was also good for the service and attentiveness, the modern and art deco feel, the comfort of the bed and pillows was divine and the saucy playful vibe (Condoms, lube, and obstretric?! Wipes provided bedside combined with the dark red velvet lighting to give a certain ambience that had us discussing if indeed this building had served as a house of pleasure in the past ;-)….), there was a very comfortable liberal feel to the place and it was occupied by all types of alternative and family people.

    Yep the bed is in the right hand bottom corner - the shower on the left!

    I had considered lining up for panels on Thursday – there were definitely a couple at least that I was interested in but due to only having a two day pass I had to make a decision – do the massive exhibition hall or line up overnight for hours to ensure a seat at the panels. You realize fairly quickly with some very limited research that the panels are very popular and that if you want a decent seat you need to be prepared to do the hard yards in terms of queuing. If you’re happy with just sitting in the back few rows then you can get away with a couple hours of queuing. If you’re like me with the mindset of hell I’ve travelled a long way for this, I have a decent camera, I want to get good shots and I want to be able to see and hear everything well then you queue up the night before. So we made the decision to do the Exhibition hall – which I lined up for from about 7.30 am – they let us in just after 8.30am I think. Why do you need to get in early for this? Well it’s a case of merchandise purchases. There is, for fans, some rather cool collectibles and memorabilia available for sale however due to the sheer size of this event they will often sell out fast. So I wanted to get in early and make sure I grabbed everything I wanted.

    To be honest the Exhibition Hall is sooo massive one really needs a very well researched and highlighted map in order to strategise the best way to make sure you don’t miss a thing.  I spent from 8.30am through to 1.30pm in there and I still hadn’t covered it all. The range of vendors, displays and stalls is so wide that I would contest that there is something for everyone in there. I viewed art, of all types, illustrators, writers, sculptors, painters, drawers, animators, tatooists, costume designers, jewellery makers, watch makers, steel design workers, clothes design, leather workers were some that I remember.  Then there were the masses of comic book sellers, the graphic novels, the children’s books, the adult’s books, the new releases in the sci fi, fantasy genre, really writing of every type and classification, including popular culture psychology and philosophy that had me fascinated. I love the academic take on the impact on society of all these stories that are getting told. The Hall really is just one huge Telling Stories place. Every single stand that you stop at is all founded in the stories told by people. My English teacher, reading fanatic  in me was in 7th heaven. At around 1.30pm I came out and gave Tim my badge to use so he could have a good look round. And no this is not the way you’re supposed to do it – but as the badge holder was the right colour and I get called Simon anyway when people don’t know what I look like I figured they wouldn’t be stopping Tim and asking him for ID. In fact in the whole two days ID was not checked once – the only things carefully examined was that you badge looked legitimate and that you had the right day/colour on. They were always checked though to see that you had them before you went through those doors, this year no one was even allowed into the lobby areas without one.

    So Tim walked around for a few hours and then I went back in so I could take photos (in the meantime I had dropped back my freebies and purchases back at the hotel to lighten the load somewhat). And I was amazed by how much I hadn’t seen in the several hours I’d spent in the place that morning! So by the time 5.30 rolled around I felt satisfied that I had seen it all and judging from the way my legs were feeling I had certainly covered a lot of ground. It was a good day, even with all the masses of people in the place, foot traffic seemed to move all the time and there open spaces frequently. I do have one MASSIVE regret from the day though. Early on in the day as I was walking around I noticed a guy dressed as Jack Sparrow – no big deal HEAPS of people were dressed up bing stopped every five minutes if their costumes looked particularly good for photo ops. Anyway this Jack Sparrow I noticed with a smile had the whole sway down, full costume, perfect make up and everything, he gave me an apologetic grin as we nearly crossed paths and I moved out the way thinking his drunken staggering was gonna cause a collision, but gees he certainly did a great Jack Sparrow. And he seemed to be going all the same directions I was as he stopped at a table I was at and looked at some art. It turns out that really was Johnny Depp of course. AND I DID NOT ASK FOR A PHOTO! And yet he was happily being snapped all the time as he wandered round the place. Apparently when he wants to check out these sorts of cons incognito he dresses up as Jack Sparrow. Of course. I found out about this on Sunday when several queue buddies informed me that he’d mentioned it in some interview on a panel somewhere. Kicking myself about it! I love his acting and I love a lot of his work so would have loved a pic with him! Dammit. I remember also noticing his rather cute butt too as he swayed off in front of me once. You’d think I would have guessed! LOL!!

    Sunday was the other day we had passes for. Sunday started at about 1am for me by the time I got down to the line up which already had about 200 people in place once I arrived at the Hall H line.  I was lucky enough to get in line with a Vancouverite chick in front of me and a San Diego chick behind me and somehow the time seemed to pass quite quickly as it was kinda hard to grab any sleep on the paved sidewalk so we wended up just talking about all kinds of stuff but mostly about all the stuff I should do whilst travelling in California and later Vancouver. Also we talked politics and the differences between Australia and the US. We talked schooling and English classes and surfing and avocados and the fact that I was surrounded by Doctor Who fans. Those in the line were fans of one or all of the following shows – Fringe (their last stint at SDCC as they are in their final 13 episode season 5), Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Cleveland Show (Seth MacFarlane) or Sons of Anarchy. The panels followed one after the other and Hall H closed at 5pm. Tim joined me round 5am and were eventually let in at 9.30am for the 10am panel start. Hall H is the biggest panel hall holding 6,500 people. I think we were about halfway back so not a great spot for photos unfortunately. I resolved then and there that when I come back that I would be at the front of the line next time even if it meant camping out from when the last line cleared out on the Saturday afternoon. However we could definitely see everything (albeit the actors looked very small) because the massive overhead screen was very good quality high definition feed. So often I snapped photos of the screen as well. The Fringe panel was interesting and fun with a lot of laughs.

    This is a quarter of the line for Hall H which they say stretched as far as 3km along the marina.

    They showed us two very cool clips, one done just for the fans who attended the panel – no doubt it’s all over Youtube by now but it was clear thought and efforts had gone into the creation of it. I can see how Josh Jackson can come across as somewhat of an arrogant arse sometimes who tends to try and deflect from the more serious introspection with humour. I think he is probably a really nice guy but I think his first impression is often brusque and dismissive. I read that he has no patience for any kind of stupidity and once he’s decided that you are liable to it he simply doesn’t give you the time of day. Some might see that as intolerant but I certainly can understand it. Someone told me that he and Anna Torv (the female lead) absolutely detest each other and I could definitely sense this in their interactions, nothing overt just the way Anna’s body language and deliberate avoidance of eye contact was seen and everytime he addressed something she said it was always to almost make light of it. Also the seating choice was interesting. Anna and Josh are in a strong romantic relationship on the show as Peter and Olivia and yet they sat separately on the panel with John Noble (Walter) between them and Lance, I suspect John is somewhat of a buffer for the personality clashes. Jasika who plays Astrid on the show was just as gorgeous and genuine and emotive as I suspected and John Noble just as dry and witty and tonally brilliant to listen to his. His voice is soo unique and unbelievably deep and expressive. Lance who plays Broyles was also a great contributor. The guy who was the panel moderator knew his stuff too and asked all the right questions and interjecting with humour at the right times.  Fans asked some great questions and the Fringe fedoras given out to every attendee were great.  Fringe is a great show and I haven’t quite caught up yet – still have a few Season 4 episodes to finish but I’m looking forward to watching the final season (brought about by the campaigning of fans partly) and seeing the arc finish strongly and do justice to a great story arc.

    Next up was the Supernatural panel and this panel left me conflicted. I loved seeing all our guys up on the stage – Jared, Jensen, Jim and Misha along with Mark Sheppard and Jeremy Carver the shows new front runner but veteran Supernatural writer plus Ben Edlund (writer and director). The guys were looking mighty fine as usual and Jensen seemed particularly bouncy as he came in. The guy who was moderating was announced as an Editor for TV Guide and also a huge fan of Supernatural. I’ve forgotten his name (in fact I don’t think I even took the time to try and recall it) and to be honest he sucked. If he was a huge fan of Supernatural well I couldn’t see it. The questions he asked gave the guys NOWHERE to go. It was ridiculous – it should be common knowledge before they even start – they are not going to be giving anything substantial away about the upcoming season. The only things we established were this: Jensen’s episode is a MOTW type one that he’s really enjoying as it is a nice return to the mythology of S1 and S2. Castiel will be in Season 8. In what way? Misha couldn’t say. Jim couldn’t ad anything other than “Anything’s possible”(which he’d mentioned he’d already said those words about seven thousand times this weekend) and the fact that Sheriff “Rhodes” lol should be back and that he should definitely have screentime with her. Mark added that Season 8 should be about investigating Crowley’s loveliness and that his relationship with boys is very give and take and is working well. Jeremy did declare that the relationships the guys form whilst apart (which has been stated is not for very long but longer than a summer – time has passed when S8 starts up but the brothers are reunited quickly) do have a significant impact on their relationship when they get back together. Sam’s romantic interest is confirmed and Jensen concluded that Dean’s only romance is the car pretty much. Misha didn’t really get to say anything other than how uncomfortable he felt due to expectations of forthcoming answers he either didn’t know or couldn’t say anyway. Jeremy was very hedgy about stuff and was no doubt deliberately vague about a lot of stuff. Ben? Well Ben goes off on these stream of consciousness tangents which I get the feeling make complete sense in his head and leave him feeling he has given us all a lot of insight when really I’m pretty sure the audience was just left with a collective sense of needing someone to translate Edlundese for the rest of us. Even Jensen made comments about Ben’s rambling style of talking a lot but saying very little! LOL! I like Ben, don’t get me wrong, I think his head is a marvelous place and he is one of my favourite writers but in a large audience panel like this he really didn’t add a lot of substance to the conversation I must say. I’m sure his more private interviews done with press probably casts a much brighter light on the subject of Season 8.


    I think these two combining forces will not bode well for any tv crew or set.


    Jared making Jensen cry...again.


    j2secretJared always does this at every SDCC.










    Misha frequently had this completely deer in the headlights look on thsi panel.


    I felt Mark and Jim were both woefully underutilized in this panel sadly and I couldn’t help thinking they should have got Richard Speight to moderate as he has a very good knock for making sure everyone on stage is contributing and he would know what questions to ask just because his familiarity with the show is quite high not just through his work but also through his interactions with all the fans at cons. SPEIGHT FOR 2013 SUPERNATURAL PANEL MODERATION!!! Both Richard and Rob were in the audience too which was cool. Sebastian was supposedly swanning round the place as well.

    Needless to say I felt all the guys up there did their absolute best given the lack of inspiring questions and you could see in particular both Misha and Jensen feeling especially stifled by the lack of material to work with. The fan questions were like a breath of fresh air. Although I did cringe when one asked about Destiel I felt Ben Edlund’s articulation of it so Jensen had an understanding was the best contribution Ben made to the whole panel and Jensen was able to handle what could have been awkward with his usual suave aplomb. There was also an Izzard opportunity for Jensen when one fan asked the eye rollng question of how does the show explain how the brothers look nothing like each other. Jensen responded with “why do you think they made me cut my hair short – because if I had hair like Jared’s we’re practically twins! – so now all you’re left with is this face” And of course everyone cheers and he goes into his alright settle down expression followed by his subtle actually keep going look. This lasts a little while and seems to be a favourite of his from his love of Eddie Izzard’s comedy.

    The clips they showed were a recap of Season 7 (no new footage from S8 of course) and then right at he end the gag reel – which was STUPENDOUS!! I cannot wait to see the whole thing – the clips we saw were hilarious and seriously these actors don’t really give a crap obviously about all the fan fantasies out there because they continue to happily provide excellent fodder with their antics in the gag reel (Jensen sen frequently drawing attention to his crotch area, Jared miming bending Misha over and giving it to him to name just a couple.) I was most pleased to see Jared making Jensen break several times with Jensen practically crying over the fact that he could not resist the goofiness of his costar’s face as he pulled all sorts of ridiculous expressions at him. Jensen is much like Jim in terms of being like a rock (Misha finds it very frustrating since Jensen just throws him a smirk and he’s doubled over) during takes so it’s great to know that Jared’s skills at disrupting takes stretches to his best buddy.

    They stood up and said a collective goodbye after Jensen was once again the most gracious star thanking all the fans and attendees for turning up, showing their support and just generally being the best bunch of fans out there.

    So that was the end of our Hall H experience. I totally enjoyed it, wished a few things were different but in general felt the whole thing is very worth the whole queuing trial you go through. Hopefully SDCC will figure out a way to fix this in the future.

    0 0

    Turns 30 today and I bet his 30s are even better than his 20s! If that's even possible...

    Edit by me, pic by @timtolbin

    0 0


    So I just wanted to relate this story after a fan asked what's on his top 5 playlist on his ipod right now. I just was so taken aback by how I felt about it - this could have come across as completely corny and sappy and yet all I felt was this genuine sense of how precious this moment was for him. It was the first thing on his top five list (he'd joked about Groove is in The Heart being there but later admitted this song was totally his most favourite right now). Anyway he related the story of Gen being in labour for over 54 hours (there were some gasps on that and he did interject that she was just amazingly strong) but anyway there was Thomas in the end and all was well but Gen was exhausted and he took one look at her and just said you go sleep, you need to sleep, I'll take him. So he was holding his son, just cradling him and he sat down and tapped the music on his laptop and what came on was Pearl Jam's Just Breathe.

    You can hear the song here.

    Yes I understand that every life must end, aw huh,..
    As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, aw huh,..
    I’m a lucky man to count on both hands
    The ones I love,..

    Some folks just have one,
    Others they got none, aw huh,..

    Stay with me,..
    Let’s just breathe.

    Practiced are my sins,
    Never gonna let me win, aw huh,..
    Under everything, just another human being, aw huh,..
    Yeh, I don’t wanna hurt, there’s so much in this world
    To make me bleed.

    Stay with me,..
    You’re all I see.

    Did I say that I need you?
    Did I say that I want you?
    Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see,..
    No one knows this more than me.
    As I come clean.

    I wonder everyday
    as I look upon your face, aw huh,..
    Everything you gave
    And nothing you would take, aw huh,..
    Nothing you would take,..
    Everything you gave.

    Did I say that I need you?
    Oh, Did I say that I want you?
    Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see,..
    No one know this more than me.
    As I come clean.

    Nothing you would take,..
    everything you gave.
    Hold me till I die,..
    Meet you on the other side.

    This is just such a quintessential Jared story moment. And the way he tells the story you can just picture it. And yeah it made me feel all the feelings as usual. Their current name of endearment for Thomas given how big and chubby he is, is Hippopothomas. Anyway here have some more photos edited by me, taken by @timtolbin (mainly because I bought him a ticket and he had to go ;-)...lol).






    0 0

    I have an urge to put these questions here so I don't forget them..

    #1. At some point in your careers you both must have come to an awareness that you have "made it" so to speak. For example the musician Sting realised it when he was walking down the hospital corridor where his first son was born and he walked past a window washer guy who was singing Roxanne to himself. The point at which you know that you're pretty much set for life irrespective of what your futures may hold. Was there ever a moment for each of you when you realised that you had reached that point of success and can you share that moment with us?

    #2 I've been watching the gag reels avidly over the years. I've noticed a trend start to turn up in that Jensen seems to predominate in any of the clips where he can't get certain words or phrases out. We never really see Jared's fluffing of lines or words (just mainly his off camera shenanigans to get his fellow actors to break) is that because Jared's line delivery is perfect every take or is it because when Jared fluffs his lines it's so bad it can't even make the gag reel?

    #3 Jared, Jensen I know you guys are buddies with him but could you please give Tom Welling a job? He's off golfing or whatever and I really feel that he needs to get back in front of the camera and I just know you could come up with the perfect role for him on Supernatural. I think he needs to get back to work otherwise the words "faded" and "obscurity" are threatening.

    0 0
  • 07/29/12--20:36: Ok Jared you can stop now..
  • I mean seriously? It's like a subversive campaign designed to make people want to actually see sex result in babies....

    vanfoodtruck_padalecki01 copy

    Okay I love how Sadie is included...I miss my puppies *sniff* so this makes my heart warm.


    Jared and Gen and Thomas were all out and about today at the Vancouver Food Truck Festival - looks sunny in Vancouver right now...good to see lil Thomas has got the eye protection happening. :)

    More pics HERE.

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