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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com
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  • 04/08/13--20:19: Life is a funny thing...
  • Some days I feel like I am never going to get to where I am going to because I have too many things to check off my to do list you know?

    But then shit happens and I become all very contemplative, zen, introspective 38 year old and I am totally okay with it all because you know what? You can only do what you can do at that moment, in that place, right then. All the other stuff? It will all still be there when you're done or it won't. And I like it when I get to that moment where nothing phases me any longer.

    It's all very interesting to no one else but me I'm sure.

    Here's an update of me in backwards chronologicalism:

    I watched this:

    dean & sammy • crystallize

    And loved it...such a GREAT Sam and Dean vid.

    Then was twitter linked to this page:

    The Evolution Of Jared Padalecki's Hair

    The intense evolution of Jared Padalecki's hair from 2002-2013.

    alwaysadrienne Community Contributor
    1. The Disney-Channel-Heartthrob.

    The Disney-Channel-Heartthrob.
    Source: Tumblr.com

    2. The Straight-Down-The-Middle.

    The Straight-Down-The-Middle.
    Source: fanpop.com

    3. The I'm-Adorable.

    The I'm-Adorable.
    Source: theberry.com

    4. The Curl-Behind-The-Ears.

    The Curl-Behind-The-Ears.

    5. The Farrah-Fawcett.

    The Farrah-Fawcett.

    6. The Can-I-Borrow-A-Brush.

    The Can-I-Borrow-A-Brush.

    7. The How-About-Some-Pointed-Sideburns.

    The How-About-Some-Pointed-Sideburns.

    8. The It-Keeps-My-Neck-Warm.

    The It-Keeps-My-Neck-Warm.

    9. The...Wait, what hair?

    The...Wait, what hair?

    10. The Oh-Hey-There-Mutton-Chops.

    The Oh-Hey-There-Mutton-Chops.

    11. The I-Don't-Own-Scissors.

    The I-Don't-Own-Scissors.

    12. The...I just give up.

    The Evolution Of Jared Padalecki's Hair

    Which is definitely what I needed after this...

    This was all before I took the dogs for a run at one of the nearby parks this morning and came back to this:

    Undriveable of course. So very nervously limped home and am now in the middle of insurance claims, police reports and window repairers coming out. Nothing of huge value stolen. But have now had to take a day from work to sort it out. Little bastards. Literally happened within the 45 minutes or so I was there. And so now I keep going back to the Evolution of Padalecki hair because it soothes me so.

    This morning my sister took off for Europe and I meet her in 30 days for JIB4. Where I will indeed ask questions of all the cast as we have Prophet Passes and so you get M&G with them all. So far I have:
    Misha - can you please explain the inordinate levels of obsession surrounding you and your character since joining this show and subsequently this fandom?
    Jensen - When exactly was the Men of Letters BatCave conceived? ie BEFORE or AFTER they destroyed the Bobby set?
    Jared - Clif once described a bad day on set as Jared not getting to work out and not getting enough food...what would Jensen's bad day on set look like?
    And to all of them - this fandom is more than likely very capable of a Kickstarter project to get a Supernatural movie happening - would you all be in that?

    There has been much eventing with the dogs as of late and this little girl named Spryte:

    Who is now 6 and looks like this:

    Is finally an AGILITY CHAMPION! HOORAY!!! Gaining her last pass needed (you need at least 100 in the top level of competition and because of her number of first places she did it in 40). There are probably a grand total of about 13 dogs in the state that have this title. So that was delightful and also at one of our bigger events of the year the Western Classic.

    This little man here who is her grandson:

    Is now 7 months old and had his first dog show where he did very well! Colt aka Winpara Weapon Ov Choice (yes like THE gun) is now looking like this:

    His mother Savvy has also done well of late in the show ring and in the agility :) Winning Best of Breed at one show and winning in Excellent Jumping the week before.
    She is looking like this recently :)

    Amazing to see when you know they were just like this not so long ago:

    So some exciting times with the puppies coming up - our State Championships are in two weeks and then two weeks after that I am off to Rome and then SPAIN, after picking my dog up from the UK named Stig - you can see her here: Darleyfalls I'm The Stig

    We are competing at the World Agility Open Championships in a whirlwind tour that sees me driving from Heathrow to Derby to Folkestone (Eurotunnel crossing) then from Calais through France and into Spain!

    This is all in between working full time as an English teacher and getting the kids ready for our National Testing week.

    Loved the last episode of Supernatural 8x19 Taxi Driver which helped with the meh feeling from 8x18 and Freaks and Geeks (I didn't dislike it but I was definitely lukewarm on it). Although having a fangirl day with the show definitely helped thanks heaps to ash48 and zebra363 for a FANTASTIC day. I love being able to just engage in such meta discussions and enjoying a laugh and a cry over our show. I cherish them I really do :) These really are the good old days for me. We have decided to dub Season 8 version 1 and Season 8 version 2 for it seems to us there is a definite difference between Version 1 (8x01 to 8.10) and Version 2 (8x11 onwards) :)

    Also watched this in the last week - secretlytodream aka loki does it again.

    Four Letter Words - A Sam and Dean vid.
    Just GAH!!

    My god I love this show and it's fandom so hard :)

    And this post is now getting too long so I shall end it here. It may look like I haven't been around much but I do check in to my flist regularly and read up about you all even if I don't comment always.

    Feel free to comment away with any questions you may like to put to the guys and especially to Ty even as it will be my first time meeting him :)

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  • 04/30/13--03:21: Posting just cos...
  • Weekend before last we had our State Championship titles here for Agility...two days of three qualifying heats and then the finals if you're good enough :)

    Pleased to say my lil Agility Champ did me proud and is the State Champion in her division for both Masters Agility and Jumping - plus defeating all 170 (all heights) dogs to win the Open Jumping Class. She was a little star and gave me all. She's on a well earned break now for the next month or so whilst I head off to Rome and JIB4 and then the World Champs in Spain - so wish I could tuck her little furry butt under the seat on the plane and be running her over in Europe but Australia is just too damn far away from everywhere else for now.

    GO MISS SPRYTE! 2013 Western Australian State Champ - Masters Agility, Masters Jumping and Open Jumping

    8 more sleeps till I'm in Rome! Can't believe it's been a year since netlynn and I were there! Check out this schedule! INSANE! And this doesn't show all the Prophet Pass Meet and Greets!


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    good grief I cannot even recall how long it's been since my last post on here...*goes and checks* wow nearly a month.

    It's Friday afternoon and I've been in six different countries in the last ten days and I am in all probability slightly scrambled in all things circadian, rhythmically speaking. So apologies if this post feels a little stream of consciousness.

    The order of events went - PERTH TO DOHA TO LONDON TO ROME TO LONDON TO FRANCE TO SPAIN TO FRANCE TO LONDON TO DOHA TO PERTH. In exactly 14 days. That sounds and looks quite definitively nuts written out like that.

    And I am all over the place with my feelings on this trip. Landing in Rome seeing my sister WOOHOOO!!! Friday WOOHOO! Great start to the JIB Con in Rome - M&G with Speight first up then onto the Main Stage area - beautiful front row seats. SWEEET! Practiced taking my photos getting ready for the Js. Saturday morning early M&G with Misha which went really well (even if some NJ fallout was raised) and then I virtually skipped into the Main Stage area looking forward to seeing Jared very soon. I've got to say I was gutted to the point of tears when I found out he'd flown out early that morning with Gen and Thomas. I know it's always a possibility with any of these things and it goes without saying family comes first but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jared is the main reason I attend these things. I would never attend an SPN con with only Jensen in attendance. It's different if neither of the Js are there (like AHBL cons) and yes I would attend a Con if it was only Jared (but would still feel like a limb was missing) but to go all that way and spend all that money and not have my number one main reason for attending be able to show? I forgave myself some tears over that one whilst at the same time hoping like hell that all would work out okay for Jared and Gen and their family. I'm good at resilience though and so despite the constant background ache missing his presence my sis and I still managed to have a FANTASTIC time and to be honest I was surprised by the end of the weekend at exactly how much I had enjoyed myself. Jensen continues to impress me in all manner of ways and he certainly managed to distract me most of the time with his humour and easy manner. The man is the consummate professional who is articulate, witty and an all round nice guy. Oh and incredibly unaffectedly good looking too of course in case you hadn't noticed. He was also suprisingly open (for Jensen) at his Meet and Greets as well. I took an enormous number of photos - a lot have been uploaded to my twitter and tumblr account. I'll stick a few here of my favourite Jensen ones.







    I need to mention the JIB Staff and organisation at this con. It was beyond a doubt one of the most smoothly organised and best managed Cons I have ever been to. To have to deal with a 3am phone call that Saturday morning stating that one of your two main talent/guest stars would not be in attendance and the ripple effect that caused was a mammoth task and it was handled with aplomb and efficiency. Refunds and transfers were put in motion straight away. I honestly don't know how they did it and it was all done with smiles and calmness and total composure. For such a tight ship they are still extremely flexible and open to suggestions. I managed to swap out my Jared M&G (extra) for a Jensen one and ended up attending all three of Jensen's nearly 30 minute M&Gs. I worked out I spent an hour with the guy over the course of the weekend and that hour turned out to be one of the best hours spent the whole weekend :)

    Managed to watch Clip Show that Sunday night and thoroughly enjoyed whilst still feeling incredible heart ache for Sam's plight. Damn I wish we could have asked Jared about that whole process of portraying a man going through the wringer there. I need to watch it again I've decided. The cocktail party was great (our tables engaging in a full game of Cards Against Humanity) thanks to my friend Krista. My sister was somewhat embarrassed and then kind of flattered when Richard Speight Jr confessed to my sister that she was in a sex dream he had. There's only about 15 years difference there...all is good! LOL! And then Brock and Matt and Steve all had to chime in on their theories. Brock attempted to get details but Richard was was being chivalrous on that point. Apparently my sister looks a little like Richard's wife so who knows? I told Richard I'd get my Dad on the phone when I saw him next in Australia - Richard quickly said that he'd rather not ;)

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    Jared and fan in Austin, Texas this time last year...

    Via all_spn and their twitter @all_spn

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  • 06/20/13--03:20: For big_heart_june
  • Here's a couple a screencaps you were after....



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    I haven't been on here as much as I would have liked so I'm gonna try this to get the LJ juices flowing again...

    Day 1: Sam or Dean?

    I gotta qualify this one first - I never choose. I love them both just as equally as much. I love Dean because of Sam and I love Sam because of Dean. BUT...I'm picturing the proverbial gun to my head. And it's gotta be Sam of course.

    Season 1

    or Season 8


    He's never not gonna be my most favourite character on television. <3 <3 <3

    Day 2: Favourite Episode?

    HA!!! How does anyone choose out so many good episodes?? I'm going to go with 1 Favourite Episode for EACH SEASON - it's the only way I can address this without my brain imploding from the decision-making overload.

    Working Backwards:
    Season 8: SACRIFICE - didn't even hesitate, without a doubt one of my all time favourite Sam and Dean scenes EVER.

    Season 7: Slash Fiction

    Season 6: I CANNOT DECIDE!! The Man Who Knew Too Much and The French Mistake

    Season 5: The End and Swan Song

    Season 4: When The Levee Breaks and The Monster At The End Of This Book

    Season 3: A Very Supernatural Christmas

    Season 2:  All Hell Breaks Loose 1&2

    Season 1: Pilot

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    HA!!! How does anyone choose out so many good episodes?? I'm going to go with 1 Favourite Episode for EACH SEASON - it's the only way I can address this without my brain imploding from the decision-making overload.

    Working Backwards:
    Season 8: SACRIFICE - didn't even hesitate, without a doubt one of my all time favourite Sam and Dean scenes EVER.

    Season 7: Slash Fiction

    Season 6: I CANNOT DECIDE!! The Man Who Knew Too Much and The French Mistake

    Season 5: The End and Swan Song

    Season 4: When The Levee Breaks and The Monster At The End Of This Book

    Season 3: A Very Supernatural Christmas

    Season 2:  All Hell Breaks Loose 1&2

    Season 1: Pilot

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    Catching up here...

    Day Three: Favourite Season - This would have to be Season 2

    Day Four: Favourite Male (besides Sam and Dean) it's got to be......hmmmm......I think I'm going with GABRIEL. Cos he redeemed himself there in the end and I love his mischief.

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    Hmmmm...so I'm gonna PICK TWO! Because really I need one for Seasons 1 through 5 and then I need one for Seasons 6 - 8.

    Right then.

    Seasons 1 through 5 - I pick Missouri Mosely. That woman is most excellent.

    Seasons 5 through 8 - I pick Charlie Bradbury. (for the Good side) ......and Abbaddon (for the Bad Side) ;)

    And Genevieve for the best line ever: SEE ICON.

    WHY?? Because that's just how I roll. Also there's only like 22 SLEEPS TILL SEASON 9 BABY!! Booooo yeah!!!

    Fine because zebra363 is gonna say you can only pick one I'll go with Charlie as my one and only

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    Day 6: Favourite SPN Actor? Jared Padalecki. And ACTRESS? Nicki Aycox.

    Day 7: Favourite Angel (besides Castiel)? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I really liked Samandriel. Zach and Uriel are total dicks. Balti? Pretty self serving.

    It's gotta be GABRIEL. Love that guy. He's got style. A certain Je ne se quois. Plus a candy weakness. I love characters that go through world view changing epiphanies too.

    0 0

    Day 8 - Least Favourite Character

    Okay there's 3 all equally disliked:

    Season 5 Meg

    Anna Milton

    Samuel Campbell.

    And at some point I realise I am supposed to dislike these characters. BUT...The only time I liked Rachel Miner's Meg was in her very last episode...and Anna? Quite frankly she never grabbed me. I can be a little more meta about all my issues with that character but it's the weekend. And Sam Campbell? I never trusted that rat bastard. But then I gotta say Mitch Pileggi plays a lot of characters I revel in disliking!

    0 0

    Day 9 - Favourite Overall Villian

    Without a doubt - irrevocably - this guy. Mark is the quintessential Lucifer. He was so deliciously insidious every moment on screen. Very close to him (and sadly lacking in a good send off) is Dick Roman followed by Crowley in third place who won't ever be a favourite villian purely for the comedic caricature element of his character. But he is very entertaining. I'll give him that.

    0 0

    My goodness I won't bore you all with the real life shenanigans going on recently (all good I assure you) that have stolen me away from my online time....but I do so wish to get this done BEFORE the premiere. YOU GUYS HELLATUS IS SO CLOSE TO BEING OVER I CAN TASTE IT!

    But I digress....
    DAY 10. Favourite Misha character? You know it's a combo win for me - between Future!Cas and French Mistake Misha as Actor Douchebag. I love how Misha always talks about how that character is dialled back a bit from the level of douchery he actually wanted to portray. One day Misha...one day.

    DAY 11. Favourite Character Introduction. DEATH. In Two Minutes to Midnight. Windy streets of Chicago, that classic car, the music. What an arrival. A close second I have to say is Castiel's in Lazarus Rising.

    DAY 12. Scariest Episode. Without hesitation I have to say Family Remains. Inbred Seriously Violent Offspring in the Walls? Not cool. So very very not cool. In fact that shit is as creepy as all hell. *Shudders*

    DAY 13. Favourite Bobby Scene. Again my mind flew straight to the image of the boys on his couch arguing about movie candy and Bobby looking on fondly beer in hand. Pretty much the entire episode of At Death's Door can count for my favourite Bobby scene right?

    DAY 14. Ruby 1.0 or 2.0? Well now. That's just mean. I liked them both. In fact I don't think I would have liked either of them as much if the other was never there. Katie's version had me intently suspicious ALL the time. As in I never thought she was doing anything for anyone but herself. But that suspicion began to be assuaged by Gen's Ruby. I honestly didn't pick where she was ultimately heading and I really liked that. Plus Gen and Jared were so damn hot on screen. Oy...*fans self*

    DAY 15. Episode that makes you cry. There were a number of them. Screw you Supernatural. Let's just go with the most recent shall we? Sacrifice. Stupid Sam with his stupid lack of self worth. And his stupid words and Dean's stupid words back. Gah!!! *throws hands up* I give up. *sniffle*

    DAY 16. Favourite Demon. Hmmmmmmmm. This one is interesting. We've had soooo many. I think it would be Meg. But I need more consideration time on this one. Also the criteria for what constitutes a demon can be a little grey.

    DAY 17. Favourite Ship. Ship? What ship? What is this shipping we talk of? LOL! I don't ship. I read, watch and like just about any ship if it's well made. But I do have an affinity for the Sam and Dean ship above all else. As in you give me a rec list of fantastic fic for all kinds of ships and I'll seek out the Sam and Dean fic first. But I think I have read in pretty much every ship. Wait. Let me clarify every ship that involves one or both brothers. I'm not read in anything minus Sam and Dean. Except for maybe Jo and John in a weak moment. Shhhhhhh.

    DAY 18. Favourite Ghost/Monster. Has to be the Serial Killer Sam and Dean. Equal with Dick Roman.

    DAY 19. Favourite Gag Reel Moment. MOMENT? Are you kidding me? There's nearly 80 minutes worth of gag reels by now. BEST MOMENT out of all that??? HONESTLY?? This is just cruel. FINE. I'll pick. When Jared rips his pants. Jensen's reaction is just a thing of pure beauty.

    DAY 20. Favourite Crying/Sad Scene. Really? Come on didn't we just answer this one with Day 15? *sigh* These boys make my heart ache on a number of scenes. Ugh. Good lord. Running through the reel on these scenes in my mind is just giving me awful feelings. Dean at the end of AHBL Part 1, Sam in Heart, Dean in....well so MANY episodes. Sam in a number of scenes especially when he's in the psych ward when Lucifer is torturing him. When the Levee Breaks. Dean praying for his brother. When Bobby dies. Honestly TV shows should NOT be this EMOTIONAL. I'm going to pick the scene at the end of Sacrifice since it's most freshly traumatic in my mind.

    Tomorrow I will post my final 10 days worth!

    0 0

    And in honour of that let me put this here and complete this meme!

    Day 21. Favourite Sex Scene? It has to be a tie. Between Sam and Madison in Heart and SoullessSam and Random Female Victim in Unforgiven. I gotta say sex scenes must be one of the most challenging scenes to write, act and get right. You've got shows where they always seem to just fit seamlessly and appropriate (Spartacus I'm looking at you also Californication) and other shows where they are like rare creatures seldom seen by the public and looking completely out of place in their new environment. Sometimes SPN does it right but not always. However when they get it right they get it right so well I forget those times it didn't quite flow with the episode.

    Day 22. Least favourite episode or season. I am with ash48 on this through and through. Swap Meat was beyond redemption.  I like to refer it as Swap Dean, since apparently Dean was replaced in this episode by some sort of muppet with absolutely no kind of Winchester brother history whatsoever. What made it worse was the body swap story had so much more potential than this. Ugh. DISLIKED INTENSELY. There's not many of them.

    Day 23. Favourite Winchester Family member. It's a tie. Between Henry Winchester and Bobby Singer. I thought the concept that Bobby is just as much family (if not more in some cases) as John or Mary or Adam was a real solid move in the writing. Then of course when we get more of Bobby's back story it becomes even more plain to see. But that episode with Henry was fantastic. I really enjoyed that character.

    Day 24. Funniest Episode. Tall Tales was winning for a long time then The French Mistake came along. And Changing Channels. I'm not calling this one - all three of these will have me laughing out loud and it doesn't matter how many times I see them.

    Day 25. Favourite Season Premiere. Lazarus Rising. This episode was like a perfectly played piece of intense classical music. There wasn't a single moment where I wasn't riveted to the screen. What a roller coaster ride delivering just the right notes and balance of answers and questions. Plus the arrival of Castiel was pretty fucking impressive.

    Day 26. Character I'd Most Like To See Return. Frank Devereaux. We haven't seen a body so in my book he's still alive and his abrasive and blunt manner with the boys just amused me no end. A smart cookie I can see him and Charlie making a fabulous source of help for the boys.

    Day 27. Favourite SPN Sam Quote. In Free to be You And Me he says "There is always reason for hope." I love that line. It's really stuck with me. Reminds me of his relentless never quit attitude, his sheer bloody mindedness and pure steel will that gets him through. It's one of his most admirable qualities whilst still being a flaw at times.

    Day 28. Favourite SPN Dean Quote. Oh my so glad we've had 8x23 because it is there in black and white: "Don't you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you! It has never been like that, ever! I need you to see that. I'm begging you." prior to this it was this one from The End: "Long story. The point is...maybe we are each other's Achilles heel. Maybe they'll find a way to use us against each other, I don't know. I just know we're all we've got. More than that. We keep each other human."

    Day 29. Meg 1.0 or 2.0? I think Nikki Aycox was great every episode she was in and Rachel Miner was fantastic in ONE episode. So I'm going with Meg 1.0 on overall likeability for me. It was such a shame that I felt Rachel had finally got a handle on her Meg when she up and died at the end of it! Grrrrr.

    Day 30. Favourite Season Finale? Well it's just got to be Season 8's Sacrifice. Swan Song and The Man Who Knew Too Much both very strong and very close seconds! Ugh. Swan Song. That was just sad all round. So poignant. Loved it in a very masochistic way I must say.


    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    It's been a totally FANTABULOUS day all round - with my friends coming round and sharing the 8x23 rewatch followed by the 9x01 Premiere viewing - three times! LOL!
    But before Season 9 overtakes everything I must share this with all my friends.
    Aisha Tyler (author, actress, podcaster all round awesome chick) who does the Girl on Guy shows did a one hour interview with Jared at the SDCC. This is the second one she's done. And it is just great - finally posted today :)
    Topics covered with Jared include:
    The homoerotic elements (including art he and Jensen downloaded of Sam and Dean .... in a compromising position let's say - they glued it to the back of Clif's phone)
    Stopping the entire Euro Rail train system.
    The aspects of fame - how you present yourself.
    The show and it's longevity.
    Masturbating Bonobos at the San Diego Zoo.
    Brewing beer and how Jensen has started doing it - IPAs and stouts.
    How much Misha gave him shit for the shirtless scenes in The Third Man.
    How he survived the pressure of working on established TV shows.
    Kim Kardashian
    Neil Degrasse Tyson
    Reading books - such as Aisha's Self Inflicted Wounds
    Being a raging giant angry American on a train
    Ryan Gosling jerking off. (Jared's loved him since Murder By Numbers)
    Pull ups on ceiling roof pipes equal instant asshole character
    Jared is sensitive about how he looks doing sit ups on camera
    The reading story from the test read of the pilot.
    Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (He's always been a little envious)
    And more....it's a GREAT interview!
    Go listen here: Aisha Tyler - Jared Padalecki - Girl On Guy

    0 0

    I'm not one to post a lot lately. But since it's school holidays and I should be doing distasteful things like tax returns, breast scans, blood work ups, 9th grade english assessment marking, trying to book a pleasant dinner reservation for 7 people for the parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary (when said Parents are about as adventurous as Victor Meldrew out of One Foot In The Grave) I think I'd rather AVOID like a champ and make a note here of some of my 9x01 thoughts.


    That subject line was indeed a reaction line from someone on twitter. I looked at it bemused, thinking - where the fuck have you been for the last 8 years? Then the tried and true - <insert whiny nasal voice tone> when does Dean get his own storyline? that whiny, entitled, BORING, old reaction was trotted out too.

    I really liked it. In fact I loved much of it. What an opener! So many threads still to be tied up, so many threads newly unravelled. I love pretty much any episode that let's us go inside either of these boys' heads. The choices the writer's make about who represents what in Sam's head. Turns out Reapers don't need to show up in person when you're in a coma, they can come and gently have a chat with you in your head. And if you've saved the world and are a big damn hero like Sam Winchester, Death himself will even show up for you.

    Sam Winchester wanted to die, but only after he got the promise from Death that "nobody else can get hurt because of me". He may as well have got the promise that said "my brother won't get hurt." But Sam also chose Dean at the end of Sacrifice. And Sam chose Dean again at the end here when Ezekiel rides Dean into Sam's head so that Dean can convince him to say yes. I don't think it was Ezekiel driving when Dean turns up in Death's cabin (contrary to popular opinion) to deliver that plea that Sam about his plan and how he can help. During that scene back in the hospital room I pictured the same scene when Ezekiel shows Sam's conversation with Death, A hand on each brother's forehead. Dean will do anything to keep his brother with him and alive. We know he doesn't do well without him, was basically living a shelled out, hollow impression of a life after Sam went into the pit. It's not healthy, it is sad, somewhat selfish and it's pretty damn twisted, but this is the Winchesters and it's why I love Dean and Sam.

    A few questions I had - Ezekiel says "No good ones I'm afraid." Dean "Well what are the bad ones?" Makes me think there was more than one option here. I would want to know all the bad options!
    Dean wants Sam to know straight away initially. Wants Sam to understand what he did and why. Dean truly feels that given the scenario Sam will accept this. It's only when Ezekiel warns him what will happen if Sam ejects him that he rethinks that choice. Without a doubt Sam is gonna be pissed about this. Is it more than likely that if the tables were reversed Dean would be equally pissed and outraged by such a move - knowing how both of them feel about angels? I'd like to trust Ezekiel. Because that would be something very new. A trustworthy angel. I remember back in Houses of The Holy Sam desperately hoping for some higher power, some greater good, something that could look out for him and save him. An angel who could possibly contribute to that process of purification that Sam talked about in Season 8. But Sam is going to find out quickly I think. No matter how many memory wipes Ezekiel does, Sam is going to know something is wrong.

    Where do the banished Angels go? I think it must be Vegas.

    Is Metatron the big bad for S9? Is Crowley going to be trunk ridden for the next few episodes? Has the MOL bunker trapped Kevin? How is Cas, as a human, going to evade so many overly zealous for vengeance Angels on earth?

    Dean has his storyline. That storyline has always been and always will be Sam. Since Sam was 6 months old he has been Dean's storyline. Sam has wanted Dean to have more than just big brother as his storyline. But Dean has tried that. And failed at it. It's messed up but it works. And if I wanted a show about normal brother relationships I would watch Parenthood or Malcolm in The Middle. Thanks be to Kripke for my psychotically, irrationally, erotically co dependent brothers. May they never change, have normalcy or end up dying separately.

    A comparison on the lengths they go to for each other:
    S1.12 - Faith - Dean is dying, his heart about to stop. Sam tracks down a faith healer, doesn't look too closely before getting him to save Dean's life. Turns out someone dies so Dean can live. Dean outraged. Sam shrugs and says let's fix it (now that my big brother is cured)
    S2 - AHBL1 Sam is dead. Dean sacrifices his soul to bring back Sam.
    End of S3 - Dean goes to Hell. Sam does everything in his power and beyond to try and get Dean back. Including offering himself as sacrifice to the Crossroads Demon.
    S4 - Sam practically kills himself seeking vengeance for Dean's time in Hell along with Mum and Dad's deaths.
    End of S5 - Sam essentially ends his life by jumping into the pit to take Lucifer back.
    Start of S6 - Dean goes through hell trying to save Sam eventually follows Sam's wishes and goes to Lisa.
    Mid S6 - Dean agrees to be Death for a day to get Sam's soul back.
    End S7 - Dean disappears with Cas to Purgatory
    Start of S8 - That bizarre time when Sam never looks for Dean - not relevant to this list at all.
    End of S8 - Sam willing to sacrifice his life for his brother and the world in order to shut the gates forever.
    Start of S9 - Dean gets Sam to say YES to Ezekiel so that Sam can live.

    A long and sordid history of completely psychotic plans to save each other. GOOD TIMES!

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  • 10/18/13--08:17: you forget....
  • Sometimes just how scary show can be.

    I wanted a viewing task for my 9th graders today and showed them 1x02 Wendigo.
    All of them bar one had never seen it before. Good grief they were jumping in their seats like the boogey man himself had leapt out the screen at them. More than a few oaths were uttered around the "holy shit" variety. I'd forgotten how scary Wendigo was. Indeed the scare factor is nowhere near the level that it used to be in terms of frequency of delivery.
    First scene that had them jumping was Sam's dream as he delivers flowers to Jessica's grave and the hand reaches out and grabs him.
    Then the woods scenes - where Roy gets snatched, followed not too long after Roy dropping from the tree.
    Then the whole underground mine/cave scenes.

    It was fun to see it through these fresh eyes...and even better there were a number of them commenting about the fact that they needed to "get this show" as in rent it on dvd, download it whatever and watch from the beginning. It was "hell cool".

    We got into some good discussions about how the boys were such vastly contrasting character types and how Dean had noticed Sam was acting out of character due to his residual anger over Jess. We talked personality types and how Dean seemed almost ridiculously reckless - "Miss - who the hell would DRAW THE MONSTER to them????" - with his life.

    Pretty sure they've all just decided they're never going camping without peanut m&m "provisions" ever again.

    Still wanna rewatch 9x02 before I do my reaction post - initial thought?


    0 0

    The opening? Great! I love seeing the MOL Bunker and it stands to reason seeing a bit of its history is always going to be received well. And I loved our intro to Dorothy and the idea of the world of Oz being more than a fairytale.

    Crowley. I like the notion that he's stuck there stewing for so long. I was worried when Sam didn't pull the false wall/shelves thing back. He just walked out and shut the doors. I've always been an advocate for the don't even engage in conversation method when it comes to holding King of Hell bastard demon types prisoner. Mark has perfected the delivery of "Bollocks" in such a satisfying manner.

    The way they dealt with the Cas leaving scene at the end of last episode was satisfactory as well. No complaints there and I like that they're both keen to try and help Cas as much as possible. Dean's explanation managed to ring true enough to satisfy Sam as well which was good. I didn't feel it was a reach to think Sam would accept that.

    So 1950's computer huh? That was cool but the VFX of the binding spell solution climbing the walls was better! :) Oh Dean you're such a handy man - shame you didn't stop to check what had fallen over.

    Back to 1935 and Dorothy is pretty kick ass. I don't mind her at all. The witch does look a little creepy and I'm kinda glad her tongue is missing. I think the vintage feel and black and white does help the story.

    Enter Charlie. So far I've really liked Charlie. She's been pretty useful, provided some good outsider POV on the boys, SHE'S QUEER REPRESENTATIONAL (yeah don't even get me started on that fandom clusterfuck) and she has had some good storylines (I liked her best in the Dick Roman story and in the Pac Man Fever). I don't however buy the whole "I've read some stuff so I'm a hunter now" etc etc...apart from some mad gun skills (and sharp heel handling) there's very little she can do on the front lines of hunting apart from be a target and get hurt. Seems a little OOC of her to throw herself in the line of danger without any assistance from two strapping men named Sam and Dean.

    So 1950's computer - can just be plugged into 2013 tablet and TADAAAAAAA!!!! Show I have to say this is one of the BIGGEST, MOST GINORMOUSLY RIDICULOUS handwave moments you've had in a long time. Hubby, being super IT guy, next to me watching it was just completely disappointed. Palm slapping forehead kind of frustration came to the forefront. She may be a superhacker but even Charlie would need to take a few days to get that done - at least Sam and Dean would be getting up and doing other stuff it would be taking that long. Oy yoi yoi. SMH.

    However that said, the little exchange of looks between the brothers before Sam tackles the whole Charlie being an irresponsible twit and hunting on her own subject was very endearing. Luckily I'm distracted by that with the reference to the Carver Edlund books and the Amazon line. That was pretty good. I like the acknowledgement too of the fact that once stuff is on the internet - it's there for ever. Like some paleolithic shit stain on the communal cave walls. Oh and Jared's playing of the Becky Winchester response was PERFECT!! That gave me a laugh. He did that really well. I chortled. Then Dean's "You're being lame" look was priceless.

    We now get to the Slumber Party and GoT watchathon scene. I was interested to read that this dialogue regarding the reading of books was swapped by the guys, initially had Dean saying the part of "Yes Sam I read books". To be honest I felt this exchange fell flat. Firstly I can see why Robbie initially had Dean saying it because in the past Dean has definitely surprised Sam with his reading range. But then when Dean gestures to the TV as if to say why would you read the books? Sam gets snarky "Yes Dean. I like to read books.... etc" I felt this line fell especially flat. Sam knows Dean totally reads books - fairly heavy books too. The whole "You know the ones without pictures?" was patronising and ill-placed. I can see Dean thinking what a waste when you can just watch the story on screen. But that's as far it went for me. If Sam's line had been something like "Yes Dean, I like to read books - besides everyone knows the book is always better." Which could have sparked off some movie/book pop culture referencing inspired bickering making Charlie step in with a punchy line to end it. That would have worked for me.

    I liked the bickering re the calling it "Home" thing. I immediately picked up on Sam's reticence to do so and it was no leap at all to figure out why. If I was him I'd be fairly tiptoeing on eggshells as well to try and avoid any kind of jinx on the MOL Bunker being a safe haven for him. It made a nice contrast to Dean's refreshingly honest nesting tendencies. Then we get the Sam and Charlie exchange about her expectations around hunting. I'm not going into that suffice to say I didn't really see her as being that - idealistic?? Not sure that's the right word but anyway. Moving on.

    So back to 1935 - I really thought Jenkins' death was a bit of a waste. I mean I understand that a character in that scenario has to die in order to convey the seriousness of the situation re the Wicked Witch. BUT....it just didn't feel like a "well earned" death. It lessened the drama so to speak for me. Flick through to 2013 again and there Dorothy falls out the giant "ball-sac like pod" (Cast and crew words - not mine). Then the scene ends with Sam telling Dorothy to help the smartest person in the room. Ahem. Sam Winchester that would be you young man!!! ;D I know I know - my jarpad love is showing.

    So we see Charlie and Dorothy do some girl-power bonding which is just fine. Moving on to the Crowley scene - again I loved Mark's delivery. But boys...come on. Even I would have thought to check out that screwed up bit of paper. Witch is voiceless. Paper. Crayon. Hello?? Could have saved themselves from unnecessary risk. I get jumpy when they let Crowley do anything....makes me nervous just having him in the bunker!

    So off they trot to the kitchen. I do love the idea of Dean being the domesticated one when it comes to the cooking and the cleaning. That kind of tickles me in fact. It's a neat unexpected quality. I totally dig Dorothy's journal too.

    Time for some Sam and Dorothy bonding time now as they discuss the concept of what "home" is and of course off they go and separate. I've discovered that show is actually incredibly consistent with this tactic. Whenever the viewer feels that sticking together is the best idea show will inevitably choose that point to split up a successful duo or group. INEVITABLE.
    Meanwhile back in Dean's room Charlie appreciate's Dean's porn stash whilst Dean goes through a box of stuff that makes me wonder what the hell he's thinking, let alone touching the stuff, never mind keeping a box of UNKNOWN, MORE THAN LIKELY INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS, MOL's ARTEFACTS in his own damn bedroom. Isn't the memory foam and the Samurai swords enough for pete's sake?

    The witch stepping up at that moment actually made me roll my eyes, because to be frank I had been wondering about the somewhat laissez faire approach both the boys had been taking. IT'S A WITCH FELLAS. It's all very well now you have fancy poppy bullets but what were you doing before that? Why does Dean have to take the  key so obviously out the box? Why can't he just look and then LEAVE? Oh right the story...so Charlie can throw herself in harms way. That whole scenario felt clunky and forced to me. I don't mind the idea that Charlie gets seriously hurt (even killed) trying to protect Dean. I do mind that it's not done in a smart way...this whole scene was just too paint by the numbers.

    And then to the scene that grated my chops the most....

    I understand that Dean was upset about Charlie. I get that he was desperate to save her. But I have to ask if he's not getting a little too comfortable with Samzekiel. Firstly  to call on Zeke so blatantly - sure he beats himself up about it later but to me the slip up is a huge sign that he's getting way too comfortable. Why isn't he constantly thinking about how to tell Sam about him, or how long till Zeke can leave. Dean was written so appropriately distraught by the choice he faced in 9x01 and the decision he felt forced to make and he continues to show complete self-loathing over his decision later on. I know he wants Charlie back. But if he'd just taken a moment to think - he probably could have used this to his advantage.

    Why not use this moment to explain to Sam who Zeke is. Sam sees Charlie lying there dead. Dean distraught. Dean telling Sam he's gotta let Zeke bring her back. Sam: Who is Zeke? Dean explains it all. Sam would be incredibly upset....but I'm positive he would see his way clear to thinking how to bring Charlie back. Have Sam be an active part of how to save Charlie rather than just an ignorant tool. He would have been forced to not reject Zeke in order to bring her back. He would have had to listen to Dean who would have told him about how Zeke had saved his life and Dean's life and the lives of other people. Perhaps an argument might be that he was pressed for time, the Witch has the key etc etc. But quite honestly they didn't seem all that urgent about the tasks prior to Charlie's death (or after she was back!). I find the time factor argument not a sufficient one to support his rather rash behaviour. Especially when you consider later on they're busy talking about their concept of home (after it's been seen the Witch can kill with one zap and now she has the key and is still around injured) - where's the urgency?? Boys - YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HUNTING!!

    Then to top it all off - he makes it all even less believable by making the answer for Sam's question when he's back, virtually unanswerable by openly telling him Charlie got zapped throwing herself in front of Dean. Sam's now been knocked out - how many times? - since the start of S9? I've lost count but it's way more than Sam would ever need to start being suspicious and subsequently grumpy about Dean's decidedly untenable answers. Why not take a moment to think exactly how this should be played - if it's sooo important that Sam doesn't know or that when he does know it's not because he's figured it out on his own - why not take a breath and come up with a semi-decent explanation. I'm hoping it's because that locomotive of coming clean is just building up unstoppable speed towards the revelation for Sam. Show is deliberately stacking on the tension in this regard.

    So then we have that moment I refer to above as "Amateur Hour" and evidence that Sam and Dean have dropped their game somewhat as hunters. IE Conversation about home when all senses should be acutely centered on eliminating the danger instead.*Rolls eyes*  HANDWAVE....again.

    Moving on. Witchy pops up again...gets the jump once again and this time mind controls both the boys with her green eyed wonder powers. It's at this point I'm thinking - so now Sam has been moved into the trunk. Zeke is in the back seat and Miss Understood Defying Gravity is the kamikazi  driver at the wheel. SMH. Surely an Angel (even fallen and injured) can take on a witch. Or not even take her on - I really felt Zeke would have been able to block her at the very least from completing the meld control thing. WHATEVER.

    I tell you what was cool though. THAT GARAGE WAS AWESOME!

    The cars alone had me drooling. The garage, Crowley's Wicked references, the first edition Wizard of Oz hardback, BABY looking so beautiful, ACDC and Sam's indirect verbal acquiescence that maybe he can just start calling the Bunker home plus the boys bathed-in-the-light-of-Oz level of pretty was enough to get me through.  But boy oh boy this was a tough one. Certainly comes in 3rd in terms of enjoyment so far. 9x01 is still at #1 and 9x02 and 9x03 are equal 2nd. I liked both of those episodes just as much as each other.

    I am unspoiled for next week except for the name - and just that alone makes me grin in anticipation :) Even more so the episode after that one!

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  • 12/23/13--03:38: drive by pic post
  • *WAVES MADLY* at you all...I'm still here! Still reading...still thinking wow I really need to post! But damn there is SOOOOO much to post about!

    So as I madly wrap pressies, try to remember to pack everything we need for a few days at the farm here have a photo of our TV room since Sam and Dean arrived today in time to oversee the wrapping of the presents ...no doubt casting judgements over the lack of skin mags, shaving cream, fuel for Baby and fuel for Dean but approving the mandatory tradition of A Very Supernatural Christmas viewing.

    Complete with lava lamp, lego Millenium Falcon and The Dark Tower in the background.

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! And if you don't celebrate it have a great break however long or short it may be. Just think only 19 more sleeps TILL A NEW EPISODE!!!

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  • 12/31/13--06:13: 2013 Year in Review
  • Stealing this from zebra363

    1. What did you do in 2013 that you'd never done before? Went to Spain....drove a BMW across three different countries....and slept out all night for the Supernatural Comic Con Panel...achieved 3 first places in the State Agility Titles. Stayed in Oregon with my friend Daisy, visited many fine establishments in LA

    2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don't make New Year's Resolutions....but I make life changes. Some have stuck, some not so much.

    Resolutions for 2014:
    Get back into the habit of drinking more water
    More calories out than in on a daily basis
    Know the difference between thinking positively and just thinking about the future....spend less time on the just thinking about the future and more time on just enjoying the moments I am in right now. With the big 40 next year I'm going to take George Carlin's advice and measure my life not in the number of breaths I take but in the moments that take my breath away.

    3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Yes...sister in law. On the 12th of May - a young nephew for us, named Nate.

    4. Did anyone close to you die? No

    5. What countries did you visit? England, France, Italy, Spain, United States.

    6. What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013? More discipline. In EVERYTHING.

    7. What dates from 2013 will remain etched upon your memory? Arriving home from our epic 2012 trip on January 6th and meeting the newest member of our family - Colt. The premiere of Season 9 Supernatural on October 14th. April 20th - that day we did very well at the State Agility Titles. AHBL3 in Melbourne on May 27. SDCC Supernatural and Nerd HQ July 21st. Jus In Bello - May 9th/10th in Rome.

    8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Re-adjusting to full time work after a year off, our agility achievements - a Champion title bestowed on my oldest girl competing and teaching. Oh and snapping a few good pics at some Cons:



    9. What was your biggest failure? My ability to adhere to a regular exercise routine.

    10. Did you suffer illness or injury? I have resented the return of my foot condition known as Plantar Fasciitis. It has impacted on my agility and I resent it massively because the podiatry industry insists that NOT RUNNING is a valid treatment. I am treating it but not in a long lasting way and it is no doubt linked mightily to #9.

    11. What was the best thing you bought? A block of land.

    12. Whose behavior merited celebration? Hmmm. This one is tricky. Everyday I read stories about people whose behaviour merited celebration but ultimately their behaviour was not out of the ordinary. It was just seen/heard/read by more people. I like to think that we all have exhibited behaviour every year that has merited celebration. That person who gave some shoes to the needy, that person who rescued that dog, that person who helped that elderly person enjoy their last few days, that person who gave someone a smile and a hug and said How you doing? to someone who was feeling less than worthy.

    13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? Let's not go there. But I can give one clue - his name rhymes with Babbott.

    14. Where did most of your money go? Holidays and savings

    15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? SDCC, NerdHQ, World Agility Open, SPN Season 9 Premiere.

    16. What song will always remind you of 2013?
    Bastille's Pompei.

    17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
    i. happier or sadder? The same
    ii. thinner or fatter? The latter
    iii. richer or poorer? The same

    18. What do you wish you'd done more of? Lived in the moments, taken a few breaths and been outside more.

    19. What do you wish you'd done less of? Thinking about the future.

    20. How did you spend Christmas? With family and friends on the second floor of a beach house in Dongara - a small coastal West Aussie town.

    21. Who did you meet for the first time? The makers of the documentary Showrunners, Jenna - a new friend made at SDCC, Maartje - a fellow teacher and many, many others.

    22. Did you fall in love in 2013? Yes - with Colt ;) Seriously how could anyone NOT fall in love with this face:

    23. How many one-night stands? Nope...none. Except with the grass lining up area for Hall H on Saturday night at SDCC.

    24. What was your favourite TV program? Supernatural

    25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? Hate is just way too labour intensive for my style. Loathing however...again that Babbott creature.

    26. What was the best book you read? Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (my whole approach to #36 really)

    26a. Favourite fanfiction story? Anything by sowell, deirdre_c, de_nugis, bertee, tebtosca, zubeneschamali

    26b. Favourite vid? Anything by Ash48, secretlytodream and proofpudding.

    26c. Favourite fan artwork? ALL the art by Petit Madame

    27. What was your greatest musical discovery? Walk off The Earth and Sixx AM

    28. What did you want and get? Oh this is too lengthy a list to write here. I feel very fortunate. Nearly front row seats at NerdHQ was definitely high up there.

    29. What did you want and not get? Jared Padalecki at JIB 2013. That will never NOT be a sad moment for me.

    30. What was your favourite film of the year? No stunning standouts for me but I loved Man Of Steel, Pacific Rim, Thor and The Desolation of Smaug. Most important film of the year? Blackfish

    31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? I was 39 and I celebrated early with a fantastic dinner with missyjack and Mel_b_angel in Melbourne at Easy Tiger.

    32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Having maintained fitness levels.

    33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2013? Pushing the work appropriate attire boundaries with my tee shirts.

    34. What kept you sane? Tim....Supernatural....the dogs.

    35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? I gotta say....Tom Welling at the Venice Film Festival...I mean JUST LOOK!

    36. What political issue stirred you the most? DO NOT START ME ON THE WHOLE WAKING UP TO A BRAND NEW PM  such as the dumping of JG and the election.

    37. Who did you miss? My friend Missy, my buddy Nanette and my good friend at work...who took stress leave.

    38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2013.
    If you really, REALLY want something in life it's often a well-oiled, harmonious partnership that will be the biggest asset in helping you get it.

    39. Something new that worked out really well for you during the year: The new block of land, somehow against all the odds jagging a ticket to Nerd HQ, my acting Head of Learning Area at work. She was new this year and she was great...I'll be sad not to have her next year as my immediate line manager.

    40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year: We're all in the same boat
    Staying afloat for the moment (From Gotye - Eyes Wide Open)
    40A. (My usual replacement question for 40) Most useful piece of advice or comment you received:
    There were lots of good pieces of advice I got this year. Mostly through reading though more than anything. The most salient of them being, I believe, (and closely related to some changes I want to make next year) that I should stop thinking about the future so much. It's not worrying but more like stewing/concentrating really hard/laser focussing, making sure I feel like I've got it all planned out so I don't miss a thing. I need to be in the now. 2014 The Year of the Now.

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  • 10/12/14--01:54: Whoah....i mean....WHOAAAAH.
  • jarpadchain1pic

    I'm just gonna put this here. For reasons.

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  • 03/07/15--04:50: Article 2
  • Got an email that told me my paid account had expired...figured I better get in here and use this journal!
    These photos are from the Nerd HQ in San Diego last year. I posted them on Twitter and my Tumblr but haven't been on LJ much of late. I drop in from time to time to have a squizzy at what my friends are up to - I'm going to try and use this place more.

    Here's a link to the 100 or so pics I managed to take last year.

    What's helping me to keep on keeping on right now (in a currently toxic workplace) is the countdown now - to May 23rd and 24th when the boys are coming out to Melbourne and Sydney! YAY!! (However as excited as I am - it is Hub so on the same note it's kind of a I'll believe it when I see it case as well)  but even more exciting is the countdown to SDCC 2015. July school holidays are shaping up to be EPIC!

    Enjoy the smile making taste of the NerdHQ pics I took last year :)












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  • 03/13/15--19:23: J2 - A vid to make you smile
  • Gah! This friendship. 10 years on and it still makes me so happy watching them together. I am alternately both assaulted with all the good feelings and the envy - we all have friendships but really are any as epic as this? Working so closely how many hours a week together and still they have this? Love this vidder's talent!

    Make sure you show her some love - TheJessy34 on Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube.

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    This one taken by the gorgeous elsiecat AWKWARD WINCHESTER FAMILY PHOTO


    And this one taken by the gorgeous Amy sweetondean


    And I'll just wait down here. For the boys. Whom I'll see in two months. WHEEEEEEE!!!!

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