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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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    Click the image to see the link with more photos.

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    Prior warning here this post is liable to be long and possibly rambling and will contain the following topics:
    1. Moose (sightings and evening wear)
    2. Good Book Recs
    3. Observations of America and those that live there
    4. Slightly panicked musings on the Carver Season 8 Supernatural Spoilers
    5. Photography
    6. San Diego Comic Con - 2013!!
    7. Puppies!
    8. Pornography discussions with husband
    9. How to live Off The Grid
    10. Life is in the moments but also in the future planned moments

    So we are here in Alaska, staying just outside of Denali National Park. We thought - yeah we'll go in Summer, yes we miss the perfect picturesque first snow falls and that classic romantic white winter land scenes however on the upside it's summer so weather will be great for taking photos and getting out to see things in the park. We've been here since Tuesday (it's now Saturday) and it has been raining and overcast every single day. And cold, although I really don't give a shit how cold it is - cold don't stop pretty photos from being taken, or hikes from going ahead. Rain though? Raid does and cloud cover that gives no light for photos. Blergh. That said we've still managed to get quite a bit done - about two hikes of various length, a photo tour and a tour of Jeff King's Husky Homestead. We're sposed to be going up in a helicopter today but we'll see - they may cancel on account of the shitty weather. Which is fine, we get a refund and we can try and do a flight when we travel down to Kenai, don't want to be spending that amount of money unless you know it's going to be nothing less than spectacular. These guys are the only real wildlife we've spotted so far. Mama Moose is not a beast you want to trifle with I must admit.

    Managed to get a few nice landscape shots in, trying to make the most of the roiling cloud cover,

    Very infrequent blue sky sightings had to be made the most of...

    And then there was the Denali Outlet Gift Store in which every where I turned I kept being confronted with Moose related clothing and instantly thinking of Jared. Damn you fandom for this very pervasive association I have now - although to be honest Jared himself has certainly encouraged it ....

    and so for that I don't feel too guilty. I really did think Thomas would look very cute in this onesie:


    Or this bib:


    But I resisted...damn ridiculous even thinking of it really (once again fandom I'm blaming you ENTIRELY for this state of affairs)
    and in the end resorted to buying these shirts - they came in chocolate brown and black and I couldn't decide so I got both. Besides I needed an Alaska tee shirt.


    Did you know Moose grow those antlers over 12 months and then they drop off? I knew they shed them but I didn't realise how little time it was over. They apparently get all very strutty and showing their macho big antlers off to the ladies for a little while there. And then they drop off. I like that idea. Means their antlers are only big during the breeding season. When they need them. They haven't got those big antlers distracting them all year round. I think there's a lesson somewhere in that for all men.

    But I digress...actually not really. Digression was warned of in this post. I shall digress all I like. COMIC CON 2013.

    Tim and I made a pact after this year's (which was AMAAAAAAZING and yet frustrating in terms of how we only had two day passes not four) and decided that this was definitely an event worth getting to each year and that it was helpful that it falls in with the West Australian School Holidays and that we would only go if we could get four day passes next time. Well pre-reg went on sale this morning for those who had attended in 2012. Guess who has two thumbs and managed to get herself in the queue quick enough to score four single day passes for herself and four single day passes for hubby? *DOES THE EXUBERANTLY SILLY HAPPY DANCE WITH TWO THUMBS UP* This lassie here!!! COMIC CON 2013 we will be IN YOU!! So incredibly excited about this it's ridiculous. Even more ridiculous when you consider we'll be spending all of 5 maximum 6 days in the US (flying stupidly long hours to get there) but hey it's Comic Con. And completely worth it. So much cool off site stuff to do as well. Gonna start planning it NOW.

    Okay - Americans. I find you lot FASCINATING in so many good ways and yes, a few scary ways as well.

    This is what I've noticed:

    We’ve been here over a month now and whilst I have not spoken to countless numbers of Americans I have spoken to more than a few. More than I can count on all my fingers and toes. Americans that I have spoken to have all come across as individuals and unique however there has been a sense of something similar between all of them and after some thought I have come to identify this common feeling – it’s an air of apologetic disappointment in their country. Preconceived notions are often inaccurate but mine were not completely off, more just a little skewed when I assumed this air would only come from those who have managed to travel and get outside their country every now and again. But this tone of apologetic disappointment reflected in their voices has come from all walks of life. To the guy in his 30s from Arkansas who has supported himself from the age of 16 and lives his life in an RV, splitting his working year between Alaska and British Columbia, the young college graduate who grew up just outside of San Diego who is barely in her 20s, the semi retired Texan ladies, the middle aged successful magic entertainers who live in Las Vegas, the born and bred Portland girl in her 20s who just graduated dental hygienist college who wants to see the world.

    They are all such vastly different people too – with different backgrounds, upbringings, socio-economic status and yet there is the common element amongst them (and many others that I have conversed with) and that is one of apologetic disappointment in their country, or more specifically the people in their country. I understand why of course. I can see how frustrating it must be to see their countrymen and women refuse to inform themselves, to educate themselves, to better equip themselves with the tools they need to make important decisions about who to put their faith in to run the country. I can empathise with the levels of apathy when it comes to politics and politicians once they have informed themselves and I can certainly appreciate the levels of cynicism being so high that even a generation as young as the pre teens would be passing acerbic comments about their political representatives, dripping with the weight of bitterness as they watch the divide between the haves (now just simply referred to as the rich) and the have nots (now called the poverty line) get ever wider and deeper and insurmountable for anyone with less than a 6 figure annual salary. I get all these things and at the same time feel incredibly fortunate for my position in life and also for where I live. Yet at the same time I feel an urge to reignite the passion and love they have for their country. To remind them of all the things they should feel proud of, to let them know that this United States of America is a special place and a country that people aspire to come to for a whole plethora of reasons (not all of them entirely wholesome of course) and that there are good things here and huge numbers of good people.

    We have good people in Australia don’t get me wrong. But I’m still marveling at the level of decent respect, courtesy and kindness that is as natural to people here as breathing. We do polite and friendly in Australia. But not like the Americans do and that is a feature of the people of this country that America deserves to be proud of. Back home there is a sort of natural wariness of the new, the unknown and yes we’ll treat you with civility but you need to work a little harder if you want to be welcomed like an old friend. So often here over the past month I have felt like an old friend in terms of the greetings, I have felt like nothing is too much trouble, I have felt that if I had a problem it would be solved with the help of some new found friends. There’s comfort in that thought.

    So I’m making a list of some of the things Americans should be proud of about their nation. (Not all of them obviously – but the ones that stand out to me)

    1. On the whole, as a collective group of people, Americans are amongst the nicest, friendliest, courteous people in the world and they extend that respect to their dogs.

    2. Your country is so massively vast that it’s an amazing experience just travelling from state to state – because you have such different cultures, environments, sights and people from state to state.

    3. Nature and wilderness. Nobody does National Parks like America. It’s one of the best things about this nation. Even when not in a National Park there are areas in most states that are just visually stunning and will serve to remind this country of what’s important.

    4. Food. (And okay this goes into the bad column too in terms of realistic portions, harmful cheap diets etc) BUT in terms of choice and quality and service – amongst the best in the world.

    5. Also part of the collective mind – your demonstrative love for your country (in the face of the apologetic disappointment still) – you maintain a pride that is visible to anyone with eyes, in your flag and especially in your military.

    6. As a group you managed to vote in Obama. That was an unbelievably progressive step. A light that many people needed and still do.

    7. The Arts – music, television, film, writing, festivals, fairs, performance arts of all kinds. These are things that are clearly cherished and nurtured in this country. The rest of the world reaps the benefits of this respect.

    8. Your love of Sports (albeit this is an Australian thing I would mention too) – the variety of sports played, the passionate enthusiasm for it. (Yes I acknowledge this is not on the good side always)

    9. The response of the general populace in times of crisis and trauma. The reactions of the communities surrounding such events is not just reported on TV – it is done, in actions, by everyday people responding out of a basic human trait of caring for another person when they go through misfortune. It’s another example of the respect thing you have going on.

    10. Your success borne out of poverty stories. People who have not had much to start with, who start often behind the eight ball, no leg ups from family or other avenues and yet through their own tenacity and wits manage to succeed in life and contribute above and beyond to society. There’s a large number of these stories.

    I know there’s an opposite list out – likely pages long but as is my nature I like to focus on the positives. Doesn’t mean I don’t embrace hearty long in depth discussions about what’s wrong with a country but I am far more comfy spending my life focusing on the good in the world. There’s so much out there but sometimes it feels like you have to look really hard for it. It’s at those times, when there are sometimes bleak, harsh realities of situations unfolding around that leave you feeling as about as significant as a leaf floating on a breeze in a fall forest of redwoods, that you struggle to find your love in your country. I’m going to keep this list here and update it as I see fit on our travels because there is bound to be more.

    Book Recs! YES! I am totally in love with reading tangible books right now - (oh I still very much love my ipad ones and read those frequently - but I'm totally into the hand held ones right now - it's a problem I must admit with one suitcase, a backpack and tote bag to last me six months travel but as a result I am EXPERT in strategic packing now) and there have been a couple that I have literally just INHALED they have been that good:

    Forewarned is prearmed as they say and I will say right now I kinda had to skim read Chapters 1 and the final chapter. I was on a plane okay! I didn't want to upset the other passengers or the steward/esses with my really appalling crying face. Seriously - if you have a dog or have ever had dogs then you have a soul and a heart and you will be exercising some superhuman repression powers if you don't get at least a little teary over these chapters. But they are not the majority of the book - the majority of the book is just brilliantly entertaining, it manages to walk the delicate line of light humour (sometimes laugh out loud funny) and very heavy insight into humanity and philosophy. I loved it. Ok I probably haven't read the final chapter all the way through yet. You know what happens in the very beginning. But I'm working up to it. I am such a sap - but then Jensen confessed both he and Jared were a couple of hot grown Texas men messes on a plane once after watching Marley and Me so I feel completely vindicated there.

    The other one is this:

    EVERY WOMAN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD SHOULD READ THIS. I'm not kidding. I think I'm kinda in love with this woman right now which is awkward, we're both the same age, she has two kids, she lives in the UK, I live in Australia, I'm practically married it would never work out. This book, for me, felt like it was reading all the thoughts I'd ever had in my brain about being a woman and just poignantly, hilariously, seriously, cleverly, pointedly, firmly, non-preacherly, feelingly articulated all of them into words on a page that made me exercise huge amounts of restraint just to resist not standing on a chair in some airport lounge in the middle of the crowd and yell " YES!!!!! ALLLLLLLLLL THIS!!!" whilst gesticulating and pointly wildly at the book in my hands, nodding my head so emphatically people started checking where the nearest medical assistance might be. Honestly it was that good. It's gonna be a reread so often for me, I'm gonna be quoting excerpts (possibly my PG rated interpretations) to the classes I teach next year, I may just use it as my go to birthday/christmas present for every woman I have ever know ever for the foreseeable future. I also happen to think a whole WORLD of men should read it too. INSIGHT for the male species the likes of which they will never get from movies like What Women Want or books like Women are From Mars, Men are From Venus. It makes sense of my vague bafflement of feminism and what it is to be feminist, it sorts out why I wonder if I am the only woman on earth who feels the way she does sometimes, it's clarified why things in the workplace, in family, in my choice of past times feels slightly "off" to me sometimes. It's so freaking good that I feel the urge to write letters to the author (who is on Twitter by the way and ALREADY responded to one of my tweets) to explain ALL my feelings including the immense gratitude I have felt towards her for writing it. Five out of Five Feisty Yet Wearing Comfortable Shoes Stars for this book.

    How did I get hold of it? POWELL'S of Portland is responsible.

    You know how we're planning to go to the US just for SDCC next year? I'd plan to go just about just for POWELL'S bookstore in Portland Oregon. When my friend Daisy settles back into Oregon this year I'm gonna have TWO reasons to visit now - her AND Powell's. That place is my book mecca, manna from heaven, place I want to go to die in place. Tim already commented that if we ever lived in Portland and he ever wondered where I was at - it would always be that place. I LOVE POWELL'S BOOKS. Anyone who lives even remotely near that place (I'm talking up to two states away at least) should make it their mission in life to go. I just was walking past - saw the cover, mostly the title though caught my eye "How To Be A Woman" - it's something I've been wondering about since I was 12 I believe. I randomly opened to a page (I never read first page paragraphs) and it opened to the page on high heels that literally looked EXACTLY like a conversation I had had in my head days before when walking round Las Vegas about wearing shoes that are essentially torture devices.

    Speaking of Portland - thanks so very much to growyourwings aka Karen and her lovely family for treating us to a very delicious and heart warming meal at a classic Portland restaurant named Jake's Famous Crawfish. We got to meet her (we've been friends on LJ a good long while now) and her lovely hubby and two kids - the very grown up Emily and Tim. I am thrilled that we will be meeting up again for Vancon - I very much enjoyed the discussions we had and we could have talked for so much more. There were photos too! I remember! I'm still hanging out for the ones we took on your camera Karen! :-) FANDOM is awesome and we were both united in trying to explain to the non-Supernaturally-obsessed members of the dinner table that it certainly was not just about the guys. It's totally true - if you work out how long you actually spend with the guys at any given con compared to the time you spend meeting friends and making new friends and just talking ENDLESSLY about the show and about our own lives and finding out about our friends lives it's a ridiculously small percent. I used to think all the talk about this aspect of the con was just some shallow deflecting platitudes people made grand statements with but after experiencing three cons now I know first hand exactly how much it's the friendships and the relationships and the absolute broadening of my personal world experience that has been instigated by my attendance at the cons. Friends all over the world - not just online, people both Tim and I are meeting with because of the links I've made through fandom - both Smallville and Supernatural. The fact that a couple of little TV shows can do that? BLOWS MY MIND.

    SEASON 8 Supernatural. I'm not one for making in depth comments, grand eloquent essays on the meta, in detail analysis of who said what about who and when and speculations on mammoth scales. But I read the recently posted article/interview with The Carver. And I read the comments (which may have been step 2 of THINGS YOU DON'T DO BEFORE YOUR FAVOURITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD RETURNS but....whatever) which also provided more quotes from key players for this season. I also watched the most recent Comic Con interview with the Js. Jared, you're doing my head in. I hope in a good way. I am totally supportive of the decision to investigate the "character development in maturity" the brothers have apart. In fact YES! I think it's vitally important if the show is to keep fresh. Yes we want and love the classic S1/S2 MOTW formula that sees the brothers working as a team, being awesome and saving the world BUT you can't have that endlessly - so how do you pull it off? Add in some new aspects to their relationship. Aspects that might seem a little off initially, things that are done and words that are said that make you go - whoah now....hang on, Sam would totally NOT do that and/or Dean said what now??? Upset the Golden Winchester Applecart, it does indeed keep things fresh - but I am so HOPING that whatever they do doesn't have the brothers at loggerheads again - we've done that now, a couple of times, I like the idea that they're having to work out a new way of being together due to how they've actually changed as individuals, I like the notion that maybe Sam (who has repeatedly stated that the apple pie life is not for him) actually may get a shot at it and finds he wears it well. That's called upsetting the applecart for the brother's relationship. But I don't want him wearing it permanently that's for sure. I'd love for him to wear that life and for it to work - to a point but what I don't want is that life to be something he slipped into easily like a pair of sweats and a thin, worn old Triumph tee shirt of Dean's. He better have done all the Sam stuff we'd know he'd do before that (tried EVERYTHING to get Dean out) and those sweats and tees better come off eventually. Just saying. Ooooh it's like being optimistically, apprehensively, hopefully full of excited trepidation. I LOVES IT!!

    Photography. My trusty Nikon 3200 is doing me proud right now and I am learning heaps. I am managing to get mostly good photos with a very rare, few being above the average. I do so hope I can take some more great con photos. And I am loving a number of shots I have managed to take, which whilst probably not techinically perfect I certainly love.

    II just couldn't help it. I love this one so much.

    That's a selection - there's heaps more on my For Everyone Including Family Members Not Just My Fandom Friends Blog here at my Wordpress Page.

    Oh yeah PUPPIES! A few things on that front:
    My youngest Savvy back home - is currently pregnant and due to have pups at the end of this month. She is under the very competent, capable (one of the few people I'd trust in the world with my furkids) love and attention of Robyn and this is the imminent litter notice!

    I am now busily trying to come up with a theme to help Robyn name the litter. Something to do Ice and Colour I think. This is the fun part - Robyn gets the not so fun part of raising the litter but then again she will get the very precious bonus of getting to play with the puppies and watch them grow. I'm gonna be a demanding mother from afar though and insist on pics and vids!
    Speaking of Puppies...the the Jeff King Husky Homestead tour was interesting enough for me to cross post here from my blog:

    Jeff King was won the Iditarod four times. So he knows a little bit about dog sledding ;-)

    I’m cheating here. I took my camera but Tim ended up taking all the pics, hopefully I can steal a few and put them here. I think this is a great tour for those who are brand new to the idea of dog sledding which was the people who came in on the three other buses that arrived. However our voucher specifically described – “Step back from the crowd and enjoy and intimate experience with …. etc etc” We didn’t think the group would be so huge and I will admit I was expecting a little more in terms of personal interaction with the dogs. That said it is definitely a tour worth doing if you have any interest in dogs whatsoever and the Alaskan dog mushing – their state sport. We’ve done dog sledding before and spent several days with a couple in Swedish Lappland being very hands on with the care of the dogs and in learning the ropes of mushing. We had prior knowledge – we know the idea of the Husky is mostly Disneyfied in the general public’s mind with movies like Snow Dogs and Eight Below contributing to the misconceptions.

    The dogs we saw were exactly what I expected – Alaskan Huskies (not Siberians and not Mals) – however the rest of the crowd were receiving this news for the first time. I think the most interesting part of the tour for me was when Jeff gave his talk on the intricacies of competing in the Iditarod – there was plenty of stuff there that I had wondered about and that he answered and getting it from a four time winner was invaluable.

    We were not allowed to touch the older dogs (which I kinda felt disappointed about and I suspect had a lot to do with liability they perhaps might not have been covered for) except for one named Deets who was walked on a leash by the crowd. He decided that Tim and I were “his people” and seemed settled in before his handler insisted he moved on. They had five litters on the ground right now and this was common for a big kennel like this – they don’t want to take their great racing females out of competition for breeding during the height of competition season so they have their litters happening in the summer months. The five week old puppies were handed around and photos were religiously taken in case you wanted to purchase them later of course. To be honest all the puppies being handed about and I only felt drawn to one little black and white smooth coated tacker of course. He was bright eyed and sassy and looked a little glum when I was made to hand him back so others could hold him. True – I could see it all in his eyes!

    The dogs still train behind an ATV but obviously for shorter runs given the warm weather. The initial presenter gave a lot of background about the Alaskan Husky breed and explained how they were named and trained. She explained how they are purebred with long ass pedigrees not recognised by AKC because of the lack of standard – which suits sled dog race breeders just fine understandably. I spotted two dogs up the back – there were probably around 30 kennels with dogs on tethers in the area – that definitely had Pointer in them and spoke to one of the trainers later on and she said yes, after commenting on my observant eye, they are experimenting with combining top sprint mushing dogs who have GSP in them (only very little, one eighth or one sixteenth) with a couple of Jeff’s top racing dogs (long distance good speed) to try and get more speed over a longer distance and to also give the sprint dogs longer endurance.

    I imagine that’s a line, a delicate balance that all top Alaskan Husky breeders aspire to, get a team of 9 or 10 dogs who will travel the long distances at more than the currently winning speed of 10.5mph. Put too many of those fast twitch muscle fibers down and the endurance will be lacking – make those slow twitch fibers work a little quicker and you’ll increase the speed. I spoke to Jeff about their potential (if they don’t make the caliber of race team dog he’s looking for) in the agility arena. He stated he and his ex wife had once placed an Alaskan in with the BC puppies, raised it just like them, trained them just like them but there was just something that never quite worked with the husky. I’m curious to know exactly where it didn’t work. They seem to want to please but then there is that “don’t give a shit if you fall off the sled” component as well. You often see in agility if the handler falls on their arse badly (as in can’t quite get up quick enough) our dogs will automatically turn back to us to check if we’re okay. As Jeff said his dogs only give him a check in look when they pull in to stop at a check point just to make sure the guy that’s handing out the food is back there still. I get the feeling if you got an Alaskan Husky pretty fired up and revved for agility there might be some battles with the whole team thing, we do this together, I can envision once the Alaskan figures it knows and it can do everything really fast then following the designated course may become an issue! ;-) However I’d love to see someone experiment with breeding an Alaskan with a Border Collie. That explosive speed to start running and pulling could only be beneficial, their athleticism only adding to the BC style.

    I very much like the cheap Fit Furlife Treadmills they had going for puppies and adults alike – I did wonder if I could convince my guys that making that wheel spin round and round under their feet could be the best fun in the world! LOL!

    They have to leash this guy or he runs himself ragged.

    This is Jeff and his favourite dog Salem (he’s 12) and he is the resident puppy trainer but has also won the coveted (by the silly humans not the dogs of course) MVP award of the Iditarod by being voted best dog of the race one year.

    Siblings practicing CPR techniques. Or it’s a case of “Hey do I still have that horrible halitosis?”

    This is Deets. He was a cool dude.

    He showed great taste in people. One of the ladies we travelled with declared, seconds after coming off the bus and being offered a puppy to hold, “Oh I’m not really a dog person, no thanks”. Um. What? I see crazy people. They’re everywhere. Also you paid over 50 bucks for this. *Shrugs* I’m not spending any more time working on that.

    So that was it. It was all very slick and commercialised and feel free to purchase X, Y and Z and that’s fine, the guy’s gotta make some money to support his dog habit so I can relate. Although I don’t think I’ll ever spend quite as much as 100 thousand in one year to get a team ready for the biggest agility event in the world ;-) I think the dogs are amazing and to me they are the pinnacle of athleticism in the canine world – our top agility dogs have nothing on these guys when it comes to endurance, speed and all round fitness. The way these dogs can run and can pull and their sheer heart and instinct is just something very special to see. I hope I get to ride behind a sled again one day. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever tried…..and you better hang on.

    I've decided this post is long enough. If you have lasted through this then congrats GO YOU! Apparently my brief and concise button has left. Plus I have to go ride in a helicopter now .... sheesh the things we have to do! ;-) Anyhoo Points 8, 9 and 10 from above are being deferred for another post. Stay tuned if you're game enough! 21 days till VANCON!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

    0 0

    If you're Australian this might piss you off...there's not a lot I can personally do to stop these people but there are few things in this world that make me feel literally ill to my stomach and profiteering off other peoples' misery, vulnerabilities and insecurities is definitely up there. I signed the petition. If you feel the same way please sign and spread the word, retweet, FB link whatever you can.

    0 0
  • 08/11/12--01:45: Where The Wild Things Are
  • Today is one of those days I can open my diary and write:

    Dear Livejournal

    Today I sat on a beach and watched as wild Alaskan Brown Bears ambled on down the river less than five meters away from where I was sitting. I watched Mama Bears fishing, keeping their cubs in line, young male bears get their noses put out of joint by the bigger older male bears, a mature middle aged female Bear chew enough grass to make any cow jealous, another Bear clamming on the beach, cubs running after their Mamas and then refusing to get their paws wet as she crossed the river, an ambitious, possibly slow to develop, young Bear try his paw at catching Canadian Geese (they weren't perturbed in the slightest) and Bears settling in for naps.

    As if this was not amazing enough fandom followed me here. When we arrived at the airport hangar and were sorted into small groups of five I discovered our pilot's name was Michael. Cool. There had been a Jensen out there checking the planes and making sure they were good to go, he was clearly one of the flight mechanics and/or maintenance crew. So now there was a Michael AND a Jensen. Neat I thought. We landed and it turned out the other two pilots of the two planes that followed us were to be our "Bear Viewing" Guides. Their names? Jared and Tom. I kid you not. They weren't look alikes or anything (trust me I checked - not bad looking but no look alikes) BUT how does one itty bitty Alaskan family tourism company have Tom, Michael, Jared and Jensen working in the one place?

    It was meant to be. We were meant to find a trip, with this company, on these planes, on this date, at this time. Initially we had walked down to the company we really wanted to use (right next to our RV park) and they were fully booked for the next two weeks. No dice. So glumly we trooped back to the RV and then I said brightly - let's walk the Homer Spit trail! Turns out this trail was nearly nine miles round trip and a very long way to walk but by doing that walk - we passed the reservations office for this Bear Viewing tour company. Which just happened to have a hand written sign in the window stating that there were still seats available on the Friday afternoon Bear viewing flight. We went in and inquired. It cost a LOT of money. We said we'd discuss it and call them in the morning (aka go back to RV and properly google the ass outta that company to see if they were any good). Turns out they're rated number one on Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor ratings generally don't lie. We ended up booking it, figuring we'd had to cancel the helicopter scenic tour in Denali this could take the place of the biggest Alaskan tour expense. And that's how we got to have one of the most amazing wildlife experiences I have ever had the privilege of.

    Here are just a sampling of the shots I managed to take:

    Our little Cessna 206. Smallest plane I've ever been in but our pilot Michael exuded such quiet experienced confidence I had no concerns whatsoever. I do marvel at these little beasts being able to lift off and land in just about any environment. That's a neat trick amongst the aviation world I bet.

    The view out my window as we taxi down the runway heading for a take off position.

    The view from my window once we're in the air.

    Such grandiose landscapes are in abundant supply in the neck of the world. I did wonder if it ever loses it's wonder for the locals - or if they just go on holiday to some city and it all comes rushing back once they're home again.

    First pretty close viewing was of a Mama Bear (they call them Sows but I always feel vaguely scandalised referring to such magnificent creatures as Sows. A Sow is a pig. So Mama Bear or Girl Bear or Matronly Lady Bear they shall be for me) who was on a mission to get some fishin'. ;-)

    Her three children were less than exuberant about matching her determined strides. They rather reminded me of surly, sulky teenagers being hauled along to the the grocery shopping.

    Cub #1.

    Cub #2

    Cub #3

    And then to get a little perspective on sizes here...

    There were PLENTY of bears to watch in this area. Which was not always the case with this location apparently. The guides were saying the morning trip didn't manage to see this many.

    This young guy got subtly pressured into moving by another larger bear just ambling in to his fishing spot. He decided that he would walk right by us. And when I say "by" I mean within five meters, and close enough that Jared, our guide, felt the need to stand (we were all kneeling, crouched down). As soon as Jared stood, the bear just took an extra angled step away and carried on. But he gave us all some brilliant photo opportunities.

    He's sooooo fluffy!

    I'm not apologising. I loved this line from Despicable Me. Favourite movie moment. And therefore relevant to all future fluffy moments of note.

    This was another guy bored with the grass chewing. He was heading out to the beach to do some fishing.

    He passed right between us and the other group that was part of our three plane trip. Just a mesmerising, never to be forgotten trip. The guides were all very up and happy with the luck they'd had. As Michael said when it's just nothing but wildlife like this - every time you go out it's a new moment because you never know what sort of trip you're gonna have. This one was a good one he said. I reckon his 'good' is my 'utterly brilliant'.

    0 0

    This morning ash48 (aka best fandom friend a girl could ever hope to have) posted this vidlet that she made FOR ME!! OMG!! Still can't believe that quite happened....and it is completely the bestest present I have ever got via fandom. She's been a very clever little bunny and used the photos that Tim and I took at Nerd HQ and put them together in a vid and now I have the photos in a gorgeous adorably funny vidlet to look whenever I want to revisit that amazing time!

    Make sure you leave her some love at her page here if you got a smile out of this (and to be honest if you don't raise even a small grin watching this well then I'm recommending some therapeutic medication of some sort because...well really - did you really watch it?????) and enjoyed it as much as I did.

    I'm off to watch it again (it's only been 25 times so far...lol) and tell the whole world about it. :)

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  • 08/17/12--17:17: Filling in time...
  • Random post of random topics whilst I bide my time waiting for the new Brian Buckley Band video for I Am Human to be released - at 5pm! I really am digging the album Hysterical Blindness - my favourite song so far is Bye Blue Sky but I reserve the right to move I Am Human up from 2nd Favourite into Favourite once I've seen Jared in the video of course!
    Details about the video are HERE and HERE.

    So today Matt Nathanson linked his vid here via email and twitter:

    This guy's music is getting a little bit of radio play over here...heard him in Alaska! And maybe once in California. But really he's what I refer to as a sleeper in music. He's not played so much that he's really well known but people who listen to a track, or see him in concert (usually supporting - bands like Train) or who are given his music via a friend tend to get right into it. He's definitely a word of mouth kinda popularity. Hell I only heard about him via a J2 AU fic I read! Seen him twice in concert now and found him just super easy to listen to, sexy and revitalisingly, refreshingly energetic. Modern Love is one of my favourite tracks but it's close with Faster and Kiss Quick being up there too. If you're looking for something different to inject your playlist with a bit of light hearted happy yet rocky music he's definitely one to check out.

    So my sister sends me a message on facebook which pretty much cements her place in the Most Fabulous Little Sister in the World Hall of Fame complete with a concreted in star.
    "Have secured Backstage VIP Passes for Dallas Con....oh and you are also the owner of a Jared Padalecki Q&A Half hour as well. Happy Birthday!"
    Birthday not till May next year. Did I mention I love EARLY birthday presents? LOL!
    Haven't even done the VanCon yet (starts next Thursday) and here I am already getting psyched for DallasCon in September! \o/ Still pinching myself! Sister gets the best seat on the roadtrip into Texas for sure - we're picking her up in Denver, Colorado on our way through from Wyoming and Yellowstone.

    Someone tried to correct me and tell me that Zach Levi is as tall as Jared Padalecki. *shakes head slowly in pity* Don't be trying to tell the person who was sitting less than 5 meters away from both Zach and Jared, standing right next to each other, TAKING PHOTOS, she's wrong. That's never gonna slide. Get your facts straight on the Padalecki or there will be enlightenment forthcoming - just saying ;) Especially since Zach was all grumbly at the start of NerdHQ saying how he hadn't been the shortest guy on stage ALL WEEKEND till Padalecki came on ;-) LOL!

    Found the infamous Supernatural @guanacotruck - Guanaco Food Truck today in downtown Vancouver. First time I've had El Salvadorean food and I APPROVE of the Queso y Frijoles! So yummy I tweeted about it. Then I had some juice made from Tamarind fruit. Also tasty refreshing citrusy goodness.

    Russ from Twitter (Supernatural Location Manager) asured me on twitter that this truck would definitely be showing up during VanCon.

    We've also done Earl's in Yaletown - again such good food and great service I think we're going back there.

    It was quite funny, Mr Redteekal (aka Tim) and I are both keeping travle blogs of our adventures and Tim is also going out of his way to catalogue our food outings so he often times will pull his little digital camera out and take shots of the food before we dig in. Now we kind of think one of the wait staff saw us doing this and perhaps they thought we were like undercover food critics or something because they were way more attentive to our table than other tables and they were very quick to refill our drinks on the house all evening! I think even the manager came out at one point and enquired as to how our dining experience was going! We laughed but certainly didn't question it! I personally think he wants to go back because of the staff AND the food ;-)

    The waitressing ladies were all hot! And I say this as a mostly hetero female!

    Wings and Baby Calamari!

    The Best Ever Grilled Chicken Baked Brie Sandwich with Yam Fries ever!

    Tim had the dessert which I tasted - a very light but scrummy (that's scrumptious and yummy btw) Vanilla mousse, summer berries shortbread thingy.

    So far we've clocked up around 35kms in walking around 20 miles but we are using the bus as well to get around the city. The waterfront is really very pretty and Stanley Park rainforest just stunning.

    My main observations about Vancouver are:
    1. Well laid out, easy to navigate.
    2. They are VERY pedestrian and bike friendly as a city.
    3. Costs about the same as home so not cheap.
    4. There are way more visible homeless people here than in any other city we've been in.
    5. The money makes more sense here!

    Lastly checked out the Sheraton Wall Centre where Con is being held - in the immortal words of Kath and Kim (never sure which one) VERY NOICE!! VERY NOOOOIIIICCCCEEEEE!!!
    We'll be moving out of our temporary apartment here east of downtown and moving up to the Sheraton Thursday. I like!

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  • 08/17/12--18:04: Awwwww JARED!!!
  • In his first ever music video - emoting like a pro, dialogue schmialogue who needs it when you have a face this beautifully expressive???

    0 0

    But I'm just mesmerised by this Brian Buckly Band vid I Am Human. I couldn't help myself but screencap and play with some of my favourite shots in this vid.

    0 0

    There are a number of great fandom artists out there. Supernatural is very rich in this regard. I'll admit to being somewhat fussy when it comes to art of the boys. Whilst there are plenty of great artists out there I tend to only fall in love with maybe one or two pieces over a year. Petite madam is one of my favourites for example. Tonight I found another one...

    And this is my new favourite Winchester piece by her.

    Crossroad Blues. It even won an Art Competition at the JIB con and I didn't even realise it. Very deserving though.
    I love how Dean is looking young holding the smoking Colt but what I love the most? Sam. (yeah yeah no surprises there Simone yadda yadda whatevers). No wait. I have REASONS! You don't see his face as well as Dean's. Why? Because our boy Sammy is a tortured soul who has the darkness...but he's also massively huge compared to Dean (which you know yes he is bigger we know this but not normally so noticably bigger/taller all over). Plus his hair - I love it - it's the way it should be all the time, floppy, a little unkempt, not styled to all hell...and that hand. That's like the visual representation of all that power thrumming through him. 

    And to finish it all off perfectly. Crows. So much to love about this piece of work. Think it's going on my desktop right NOW.

    0 0

    About to head down to rego for VanCon thought I would just place my tweets from today's location tour here, Russ told us lots of great stuff and I want to share it here but I'm gonna elaborate and post pictures later - places we saw The Watchmen backlot set WAS AWESOME! Plus the church where Castiel destroyed the Priest and also the lake he walked straight into and dsiappeared in, we got to the crossroads as well and also where Harvelles was built and various gas stations, we also got to see the forest used in the New Jersey devil episode and used in a number of other episodes. MORE TO COME!!

    "crissangel is a douchebag got thru as a title because he actually had to prove he wasn't a douchebag to get it stopped."

    "holy fucking traffic" "we're blowing off the strip club I mean interpretive dance studio" "we're not going to a strip club but an establishment of interpretive dance with extra structural poles"

    guy bee may do a drive by visit to Con on Sunday.
    "whendo Australians actually get drunk?" "Creation does not endorse booze on the bus, I lovecreation, long livecreation."

    "its always the same, after lunch you fuckers never listen to a word I say" poor

    "Jim's a fucker" I don't believe a word of it.

    Spn fandom u never disappoint. 2 fans jumped out of yellowcab yesterday with shovels&tried digging under fence to the lot

    "there's no sleeping on the bus" and previous less modern bus tours "All BladdersBreakLoose1&2"

    Purgatory visited the trees looked way 2 cheery. "you've paid 2 look at fukin trees & pavement"

    "we are on a bus, we're on a bus, we're are on a muthafukun bus"

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    VAN CON and the first panel was Kim Rhodes. I felt the time went WAY too fast! She coulda been up there for lots more.
    But anyway she set the tone with her own introduction here:

    "Those of you that know me will have probably read my blog, for those of you who don't know me I tried to masturbate in a Prius on the freeway. It didn't go well. There, now you know me."

    I was busy snapping pictures most of the panel (practicing with a different lens, trying to avoid out loud expletives about the shite lighting) and a few of which came out not too bad but at the same time I was able to take in what she was saying and ergo just about fall about laughing. This gal is funny and talented, a consumate performer who is just full of energy (and caffeine) and who is as genuine and warm as what I expected her to be. Oh and SMOKING HOT. Holy crap, seriously - the woman wears 43 like it's 25 and makes it look effortless. Yet still has massive hang ups about her thighs. *rolls eyes shakes head* Yeah. Her thighs looked perfectly damn fine to me.

    She told many little stories - but the best two for me (shockingly enough included Jared - I know right? It's astounding) the first one being a question about her favourite off set moment - she described the following:

    "I imagined coming onto this show that for a lot of women there is definitely an experience of developing somewhat of a little crush on the boys (Jared and Jensen she adorably clarified) and I came to work with this full intention of trying to make it clear that I was not going to be one of those female guest stars, that that was nothing Jared had to worry about. But I wasn't sure how to get that across. I mean I couldn't just walk up stick a hand out and say 'Hi, I'm Kim and I don't want to fuck you.' That's just a little bit uncouth. So I really didn't know how to convey this. Anyway I was in the make up trailer, this massive long thing and Jared is in there too right up the other end and I'm getting all done up and I'm just talking away and I mention that I am 42. I'm 43 now but 42 back then. And Jared was like 'Whh...wai...what....hang on what was that?' I repeated "I'm 42.' And he just sits there in his chair and give me this long look and then says 'Good for you!' And that was it. After that it was all hooker and oedipal jokes and we were fine."

    And the second story is one about being onset and what was, for Kim at the time, a common response for her when things were not going the way she wanted in terms of her lines/scenes etc. She opens with:

    "I don't know if any of you are familiar with children, but anyway I have one. At the time a 4 and a half year old and she was really into watching Finding Nemo, over and over and over again. Anyway there's this character I really related to and that's the starfish that's stuck to the tank and remember she's getting knocked on the glass and she's peeling off backwards going 'Find your happy place, find your happy place' So anyway I did that one time in front of Jared when something had gone wrong and he's 'What are you doing?' And I try to tell him by going 'I'm being Allison Janney' Blank look. 'Oh you know the starfish, in that movie, she's all stuck to the...and then she's all (sees she's still lost him completely)...Nemo? Oh. Anyway. I find it amusing.' So then later on in another scene, another day we're doing a scene together and it's his coverage and I stuff something up and there's Jared doing his impression 'Find your happy place find your happy place'" Complete with all the actions of arms flailing out behind him and collapsing backwards."

    Her favourite place in the world is New Zealand. She doesn't let her 4 year old watch Disney because Disney doesn't give kids credit for how smart they are and that her real Mom voice for her child is quite different to the one she used on Sam.

    So that's just a brief highlight of my favourite moments...and now I gotta head down for Julian Richins aka Mr Death!
    Back with more soon!

    0 0

    Names for the new boy band formed by Steve Carlson, Jensen and Jared. They got a spot of pedalling in today and Steve C being the attention whore he is had to tweet all about that, I approve mightily because it looks like it got Jared tweeting pics too!






    Jared deciding to post a naked pic after attention whore Steve got him to tweet that if fans got Steve C to over 11K followers that he'd post a naked picture. Of course Jared, of course. Stop enabling Steve...


    So get to see him and Jackles tomorrow. Should be damn good. Got some great shots today of multiple panels, have had a thoroughly good time so far, including Richard Speight, who, okay I have spoken to a couple times now, but still I walk up and he's like "Hi Simone." Hmmmm. I'm just gonna say he's extraordinarily good at remembering stuff and not think too much more into what that says at all. All in all having a ball, there's a couple of "fans" attending who need a bit of a slap from the reality stick that is 'uhhh no we have not paid good money to see you on stage being obnoxious and acting all entitled' but the majority are indeed good people. So I may or may not post pics from Kim, Mark S, Mark P, Speight and Matt Cohen and then Jim and Misha later on tonight. We'll see how the cocktail party goes. I will definitely upload them and do some reports at some point.

    Definite highlight from today though was getting to spend a good couple hours wth John Marcynuk - Production designer and art director for the show for nearly 7 and a half years now. Walking tour through New Westminster which was fantastic and I did think of Ash48 and her epic hotel posts on the Superwiki because he was a full bottle on those and was very impressed the fans pay so much attention to what are seemingly the smallest details. We saw heaps of houses they've used in the show and I'm not going to try and list them here now - I will do a report on that one later with pictures.

    0 0

    Misha's son West (who I personally feel was sent to this planet to completely fuck Misha up in that Children Are Sent To Try You kind of fashion with much amusement for the rest of us) has taken to terrorising the local Vancouver Geese. They might be shifting their migration forward. I couldn't resist tweeting some of my photos from the panel and this is what resulted.

    Misha's face after he googled how extremely fatal the consumption of Goose shit is because when he uses that "NO! Don't do that!" fatherly authoritarian tone (as West goes to stick Goose shit in his mouth) his son does the exact opposite with much machiavellian like glee on his face.

    #Overheardatvancon Misha descriptors: "Fluffy" - via Speight. I'm going with "a touch of disconcerting with a side of impish". Exhibit A above.

    See this started out kinda sweet and warm (heart, cockles kind of warming right?) when they were asked who on the cast they'd most like to get closer too.

    But then..

    Misha always has to take it to that extra step - where Jim steps away and starts looking a little disturbed.

    As is common at these things the topic of pole dancing is discussed and Jim is imagining Jared's skills.

    Okay gotta run now...Breakfast with the boys and then busy, busy!

    0 0

    Breakfast was brilliant. I'm not feeling up to being overly eloquent and articulate (Concoma has set in) so here's some highlights I remember:

    1. Jared broke his mic immediately.
    2. Jensen used his Dom voice on several occasions "Don't TOUCH YOUR MIC"
    3. Jensen fixed Jared's mic for him.
    4. In all fairness to Jared the mic did seem a little dodgy and I totally believed him when it stopped working all together and he threw his hands up yelling "That wasn't me! I didn't touch it!"
    5. Jensen's boat NOT called The Captain and Danneel - mainly cos that would be weird if they sold it. He very smoothly avoided the whole - what did you name it question. Smart boy that one.
    6. Clif got hugged by someone at a table behind me - didn't care, I was taking photos of the boys.
    7. Jared gave permission for fan to do whatever she wanted with Clif if she had his permission.
    8. Jensen "Looks like you've got a date Clif"
    9. Jared asked the usual - who is a first con timer, who is from Canada, who is from Vancouver etc etc
    10. Someone talked about being over in Canada - getting married? Wedding? Bachelorette party? *shrugs* (Again not something I was paying attention to)
    11. Jensen was not very happy when he saw how much screentime he had in the episode he had to direct - found that dificult to keep up with time wise/work load wise.
    12. Jared's been having a slack time of it and we should write in for more Sam! Less Dean. Wait a minute. Jensen realises that's a double edged sword - he wants Dean to have plenty of screen time but doesn't actually want to do the extra hours.
    13. Episode 4 of Season 8  is going to be quite a different style and fairly new to the show - Jared doesn't wanna say Ghostfaceresque but it is. Jensen said he felt it was reflective of the recent movie Chronicle in style.
    14. They asked about the Location Tour, who went on that. Jared admitted that he'd be pretty lousy as that tour guide since he kind of recognises and knows general places they film - areas, suburbs etc but he'd have no idea how they got there.
    15. Jensen said when they drive to to the locations they are usually either, running lines, studying or sleeping. Jared said sometimes all three.
    16. Someone asked if either of them had been to Mississippi? Jared promptly started reciting the How to Spell Mississippi song. And then a brief survey done of the room of the States who was from where which then instigated Jared to launch into (using his fingers to count of course) the Alphabet States of America song which I have to say, was impressive. I don't think everyone can do that! Jensen looked impressed judging by his face, and he was egging Jared on.
    17. Jared, showing off by now, also said he could name all the Provinces and Territories of Canada.
    18. Jensen has said the script they are on now (Episode 5) is one he really likes, his favourite so far this season.
    19. Jensen does golfing, boating etc on his time off Jared is doing baby stuff, dealing with pooping, peeing, crying and up chuck (and then he goes home to Thomas) ;)
    20. They talked about Karaoke a little and how they've heard about the songs the guys were singing.
    21. Jensen was bored so popped the lid on his water bottle, he gave grief to Jared at one point saying it doesn't matter where they go out Jared is always destroying stuff or fiddling with stuff - he never can keep his hands still so coasters, napkins etc all bear the brunt of it. Jensen said he has to stop himself from just slapping his hand when they're out in public.
    22. At one point Jensen goes and grabs Jared some napkins to keep his hands busy and off the mic. Jared promptly creates a special snowflake which somehow involves a conversation about Canada and Snow and Manisnowba. Drapes snowflake over his face - looks like slightly less menacing Jason.

    0 0
  • 08/28/12--11:39: Van Con J2 Panel Post #1
  • There's gotta be Youtube vids all over the place of this panel - so I'm not gonna write heaps about it, just do my highlights thing and also I gotta say - I was impressed with the questions. There were a couple there that were skating the edge on ludicrous and banal but the guys managed to pull them back. Loved how they completely deflated the barely veiled loaded Dean/Cas question - What would happen if Cas was a woman for a day? (Really? You stood in line who knows how long, paid what is really a ridiculously large amount of money to use your one question on that?) The boys are like "It wouldn't make any difference, nothing would change" Yes well worth the effort there wasn't it? *SNORTS*
    But for the most part the guys were really enjoying the questions and a number of them generated great discussions. It is quite surprising how significant to the success of a panel the questions are for me. GO FANDOM! I had my reservations after a couple of panels (Dick and Matt plus Jim and Misha) but all was good in the end! I spent the whole panel taking photos (using my Nikon 3200 and Tim's 70 - 200 lens at F2.8. That lens is damn heavy but you know I didn't even notice till after I got back to the room and suddenly felt like my left shoulder blade muscle had been rolled over by a truck) and so didn't get my questions in but I have the VIP Pass for Dallas and a Jared meet and greet there so I figure I'll get those done then. It's too hard in a Panel to do both photos and get your question in. I'm a do one or the other type of girl.

    Right so this post contains my personally liked photos of J2. I'm not happy with the clarity - seriously they sucked for blur but this is where my inexperience comes in. I couldn't zoom out enough to get a wide enough focal point to get them both in frame and clear (well it happened maybe TWICE out of a gazillion) as I was on Row A. Yes you do get to see everything PERFECTLY but I would also say it was probably a little too close (in fact people were commenting this was the closest they had ever seen Row A to the stage in all the Creations Cons) for the best photography position.  So the following 8 photos have a couple that came out clear but the rest have some blur somewhere in them. I didn't cull them purely because I loved the guys faces in them. When they are happy, laughing, cracking up and I snap it it's just too hard at my beginner like phase here for me to hit delete. I will no doubt be more ruthess as I go on but for now, these are still keepers for me.








    Love the way Jared is looking at Jensen here, they certainly did seem in sync for much of the panel.

    Some highlights:
    1. There's a lot of Canadian pride in the making of the show since the crew is primarily Canadian of course but that said the likelihood they will ever see the Winchesters in full on serge RCMP Mountie uniforms is according to Jensen - never! Although Wardrobe department girls were they and they were all for it.
    2. Jensen got his mic taken away by Jared after his second faux pas comment to a girl dressed as Pie. His first comment was "Yum" which earned him a look and a shake of the head, the second comment after she answered Cherry to the what kind of pie was "Oh I bet you are." At which point Jared took his mic and Jensen looked suitably mortified that that had even left his mouth.
    3. They decided that in French Mistake the real Jared and Jensen had been hurled into Sam and Dean's world which then led to the real J's freaking out and screaming "Where's my wardrobe?? Look at my make up!! I want my trailer!"
    4. Jensen's face is like sandpaper and he uses it to sand down the decking on the back porch.
    5. They like filming in Steveston but NOT Bordertown. And the Chilliwack people should just Chill out. They've been here so much more than the US that they are practically Canadian already.

    Post with individual pics of the boys coming soon!

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    0 0

    We're in an RV Park in Salmon Arm right now - about 500kms outside of Vancouver. The power has cut off once and the Wifi speed is not anything resembling speedy but what can you do? We're heading into Glacier National Park tomorrow, hopefully the weather is good and photography friendly ;)

    Have some Jensen shots - the first batch of about 60 ;)


    Trying to decode a fan question here.

    Then Jared makes his brain hurt. Again.

    Congratulations on your face Jensen, you must be very pleased.

    0 0

    I'm pretty pleased with the number of photos I've ended up with after culling. I'm probably still going to cull some more but it will still be more than I've ever kept before. Here are the first batch of 10 Jared pics. I had a play with some filters and colouring on a few of these, others I barely touched.

    0 0

    As opposed to the Wifi (HAHA!! more like WiNever) at the Hinton/Jasper KOA Campgrounds. Which is via a satellite. Which maybe passes over us for three seconds out of 24 hours. I don't know - I'm making shit up to illustrate my point but you get my point right?

    Anyhoo - have played with some photos instead.
    Here have funny, mortified, emotional Jensen.

    This was moment was PURE gold.

    Context: Fan girl wearing a cut out circle round her waist that looks very much like pie.

    Jensen: What is this? Are you selling party favours or cigarettes or something?

    Fan: I’m Pie.

    Pause as Jensen and Jared just contemplate her outfit. The girl looked hot, ridiculous but hot.

    Jensen: YUMM!

    Jared looks at Jensen with a compete WTF DUDE?? expression. Jensen looks mildly shamefaced. Question continues, I forget the details because it ends like this:

    Jensen: What kind of pie are you?

    Fan: Cherry.

    Jensen (after a beat): Yeah. You are.

    Jared promptly takes his mic off him whilst Jensen looks absolutely mortified with himself. See above pics. He’s got to be thinking WHAT AM I DOING?

    PS If you haven't found this vid on youtube yet you're missing out. Trust me. It's AWESOME. Someone link it to me PLEEEAASEEE! (Cos I'm on shitty wifi remember??)

    Of course the flashes are going when he gives us this huge smile. Tell you what though - this grin goes a long way when you're trying to get out of your PostConCrashBlues Funk. Hits every time I swear. And then is completely remedied by looking at photos like this.

    Jensen’s face when he realises his best friend Jared has just raised $8K for the “Wounded Warrior Project”. Sometimes we get very brief glimpses of an emotionally open Jensen.

    One of my favourite Jensen photos from this Con. This was his face as he anticipated answering for Jared the question - What role do you regret taking?

    Jared’s response: I’ll Devour you if you even think of answering this question for me.

    Jensen: I’ll bet you’ll Devour me, in a New York Minute.

    Oh BOYS!

    And then someone left a comment on my Tumblr about Jared basically showing us all his penchant for the brand Saxx Underwear. Which promptly spawned this post by me:


    Because supporting your package is important.

    An anonymous tumblr comment brought this on - there will be no apologies.
    They said basically that it's special underwear for guys with particularly specific equipment size needs.
    OMG what am I even posting??? I blame fandom. ALWAYS.

    0 0

    My headings for posts are confusing me. Have some more photos. I now want to take professional PS3 lessons. And practice more people photography.

    Okay I'll rephrase. Practice more Supernatural people photography.

    And also I want you all to know Season 8 has now become quite possibly the MOST ANTICIPATED SEASON EVER for me. And that's all I'm going to say on that. If you know me at all and where my passions lie when not busy with Supernatural then you'll figure that out quick (assuming you have seen or read about this teeny tiny probably insignificant little spoiler that has ALL THE FEELINGS for me). ha I love my "and that's all I'm going to say on that" as if. my mum always did say I suffer from verbal diarrhea at times.

    Did I mention on the location tour when we were at the site of the Crossroads scene that the area was suddenly over run with dog walkers and their pack? I actually ignored Russ Hamilton for a good ten minutes at that point. Just saying. I MISS MY PUPPIES!

    Moving on. Jared Panel Photos, including one where he maybe doing an artistic impression of a fish. I don't even know.

    This is one I have posted before but I prefer this edit.

    So I don't truly believe you could pin down this guy's eye colour. If someone asked me I'd say Mercurial.

    0 0

    HA! Not really. But seriously he knows how to work it. Had Jared back pedalling, repeating several times that "but you weren't even there! You were overseas dude! Come on!" TEEHEE! I just know Jared's gonna figure out a way to get him a schwag bag now.

    Jared showing us what all was in his 30th Birthday Schwag Bag which was given out to all the friends and family at his birthday party in Austin. The moment Jared said this Jensen was as follows:

    And then:

    Followed by:

    And then the full on pouting started:

    And still pouting:

    Oh he's a manipulator this one. Knows exactly what buttons to push with Jared too I bet! ;)

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