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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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    I'm putting this here because every time I go into big_heart_june's journal I get distracted by it and cannot stop chuckling away and grinning stupidly at it. I'm hoping by putting it here I'll lessen the distraction factor and get over it. Jared's lack of subtlety just gets me every time and then Jensen's barely there eyes rolling and his slow head turn, he knows what's going on he's just using those non-verbal behaviour management skills we get taught as first year teachers - it's called 'the look'. The 'Oh yes I'm watching you' tactic however Jared LOVES this look ;) So of course does not deter him at all.

    OH BOYS!!

    Right-ee-oh then, moving along people. Nothing to see here ;) I have travel blogs to write, travel destinations to research, baseball tickets to find and an episode reaction to compose.

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    BUT YOU GUYS!!!!!!! I have a new addition to add to my obsessions dedicated worthwhile hobbies...

    And they look like this:

    Seriously...I rode this mutha....TWICE!! And it was AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!

    So now my passionate interests list goes like this:
    1. My Border Collies
    2. Agility
    3. Supernatural & it's fandom

    Of course Mr Redteekal is all up there too...he's a given isn't he?

    Anyway that one up there is called The Hulk. But I also rode this one:

    Called the Rip Ride ROCK It - and yep did that one twice as well.

    And we did the Harry Potter Coaster twice...and then there were all those ones in the Disney parks we did.
    I LOVE the outdoors coasters but I tell ya the indoor coasters are also a complete BUZZ!! Shooting out across the coaster tracks at top speeds into black nothingness? The sensation is surreal and quite unearthly and I like very much how all these feelings are attained without the use of illicit substances. I've decided the longer the list of warnings at the start and the taller the minimum height requirement is the more thrilling the ride ;)

    We have decided before we fly home January 3rd to do the top 3 Roller Coaster parks in USA - Busch Gardens in Tampa FL, Cedar Point in Ohio (see there is a reason to go to Ohio too!) and then the day before we fly out of LAX we're gonna do Six Flags Magic Mountain. These sorts of coasters just do not exist on Australian soil. We almost put them down as a reason for our Visa extension application - WHY DO YOU NEED TO STAY LONGER THAN THE PERMITTED 6 MONTHS? Because we want to ride ALL the RollerCoasters!!!

    And of course during all this discussion of rollercoasters in my mind I am picturing Sam and Dean at a RollerCoaster park and Dean, who has survived Purgatory and Hell, deciding that he really does not need to ride The Hulk thankyou very much and Sam giving him absolute shit for it right up until Dean shoves him into the Krusty The Clown coaster and then all bets are off. Dean at DisneyWorld. Gah...the possibilities are endless and so richly coloured...

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    Seriously all my shows are just trying to kill me with the amount of HOLY CRAP WHAT THE OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SEE THAT????? awesomeness right now. By the way all spoilers CUT EXCEPT for Supernatural (and Arrow but not really spoilery there anyway) are cut. Because if you're on my flist you should have watched by now. Somehow. ;-)

    I need to summarise:

    This one goes without saying right? I liked 8x02 even more than 8x01. In fact there was very little to pick on in this one...yes,yes I know which moments would have had people going WTF? Why the opening scene? Was it really necessary seeing that safety deposit box scene? Both Sam & Dean's complete okayness with Tiger Mommy's soul deal. The final seconds of the Purgatory scene. The whole 'the tablet is right there Dean GRAB IT!  just before Crowley re-meats up, the why on earth would Crowley offer his soul when he'd know perfectly well he doesn't have one, why wasn't there more Sam? LOL....questions questions yadda yada blah blah *hand waves* WHATEVER

    I loved all the following:
    Dean caving to to go check on Tiger Mom.
    Tiger Mom's complete kick ass reaction to all that happens.
    Sam rattling off a reverse exorcism like it's a simple nursery rhyme. Dean being impressed.
    Dean's smirking respect of said Tiger Mom.
    The delightful naivete of the guys pooling their resources for an auction that starts off with 3 tonnes of Dwarven gold.
    Sam's hair.
    Crowley's use of Moose AND Squirrel.
    THOR'S Hammer and all things Samathor.
    Dean in Purgatory and his Cas hug.
    Benny's protectiveness.
    Benny in all scenes really.
    Oh Dean's delightfully adorable 'nads protection gesture as he walks through the machine!
    The whole Auction scene was just beautifully lit and set...so pretty.
    Sam's hair.

    ANYWAY I AM LOVING IT!! Next week's looks a little less comedy and more OMG WTF intense so yeah...can't wait for it!! And the good thing??? No the super amazing stupendously good thing?? I'll be watching it with netlynn in her HOME!! Oh yeah. Watching shows with my buddy who is a total fangirl JUST like me...well maybe not quite as impassioned as me but she's coming along ;)

    So moving on:


    I'm impressed! Carl is now a young Winchester in the making...his Dad Rick is now a very ruthless, efficient leader *coughRicktatorcough* Lori is still just as whiny and really needs to get some advice from that Bella Swan chick on the whole Expertise in Giving Birth To Evil Mommy Ripping Demon Spawn schtick, can't believe Beth and Shortstop can even think about sex covered in all that zombie gunk and hello Daryl/Carol thing....interesting. I like it. Completely unrealistic but that fits brilliantly. AND HERSCHEL!!!!! Holy crap I knew that was a bad idea walking that close to a Walker!!

    And then there's:

    This was just adrenaline pumping heartrate raising ridiculously intense television!

    I have NO IDEA how they're gonna resolve the whole Deb knowing about Dexter's dark passenger now. And this Louis guy is seriously gonna come to a very very bad end. And I love how Deb is trying to fix her brother. Oh poor Deb. That's not gonna work. Also Dexter you're getting sloppy - what happened to my neat monster??? Also where's Harrison? Dexter is like this totally part time parent when he feels like it! Also La Guerta is gonna be annoying this season and I like it. And Bautista's loser partner Quinn? That guy needs to stop with the drugs cos he has got the look of a user lately. It's all WONDERFULLY intense and engaging. Looking forward to each and every episode so far!

    But there's still more!!:

    They chuck Clare straight into Iraq!?!?! WTF?? The woman is mentally unstable...of course we shall put her in a high stress situation. And please - you can send a text from like the top action room where all the missions are played to Iraq and not get traced??? Surely that's gonna bite him on the ass at some point? It's all very exciting though I'll give them that. Plus the whole teenage daughter situation is very interesting. As is the whole Muslim running for Congress or whatever it is...apparently you'd be unelectable if you happened to be a Muslim. Interesting. They're not all fundamentalists right? I find it all VERY intriguing! I don't really like any of the characters except for the teenage girl right now...so it's telling that I am this engaged when I don't like anyone.

    Of course the fun doesn't stop there...

    Oh wait...that one's missing the letters...here:

    This was actually less corny and cheesy than I was bracing myself for...as a result I was refreshingly entertained in between going all nostalgic for the ex Smallville sets utilised...

    It started strong, Stephen Amell can actually act, plus Katie Cassidy BONUS and the ridiculous notion that eye shadow and a hoodie is all he needs. Mind you with abs like that and some pretty impressive feats of physicality some of which are still to be elaborated on...what did happen to you on that Island Ollie? I can overlook elements of predictability and enjoy the ride I think.

    I have also not missed Revolution yet but whilst I thought the first episode started strong I was a little deflated by the second one...thrilled with the third although that might be mostly to do with Mark Pellegrino...;-) And the 4th was just MEH. The Charlie chick is annoying as hell and is reminding me too much of Lori from Walking Dead or maybe I just lump all annoying female characters into the one mould which is terrible of me I know but they're everywhere - Morgana, Lori, Charlie, Becky, Certain Season Starbuck, Tara Season 1 & 2 SOA, Deb in certain episodes, pretty much anyone Dex hooked up with, Prescott in CM oh there's a few. But there are plenty of males that fit that as well lest my flist feel I'm being especially gender harsh!

    Oh oh and this new one...episode 1 very good...episoe 2 as expected not as good...but good enough to continue watching!

    And I have yet to catch up on:

    Sons of Anarchy

    Breaking Bad


    White Collar

    And MadMen and new Merlin and Person of Interest- watched the Pilot. It looks good. This is all the hotel time in between the roadtripping round the South and Middle and East Coast of America :) We love continuous wifi signals and flatscreens in our rooms. Just saying. Priorities I have them!

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    it most possibly...more than likely...actually definitely involved this...

    This is Simone for the last 8 years...So will you ever get a boy dog again? Nope. Not me. Not ever. Cypher is my last boy.

    HA!!! I have to tell you all this was most definitely NOT WHAT I HAD PLANNED!

    He's seven weeks old and it will be another 10 weeks till I get to hug him. He is the only puppy my 3 year old Savvy will ever have. He's been nicknamed Fos at the breeder's because he had to be Fostered by another Mum due to complications with Savvy's pregnancy. Apparently he happily responds already to Fos, Fossy, Fossil...Fosfurous!! Yes like Phosphorous! We can change it if we want but for some reason, and I don't even know...that nickname is growing on me. I wanted to call him Sammy but we can't cos we have a Savvy!

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  • 10/25/12--05:41: 8x04 Bitten Episode Reaction


    There’s One in EVERY Season

    So I’m okay with this episode - once you do over 150 episodes there’s no way you’re getting away with a 23 episode season without having one sucktastic one. And with 8.04 Bitten we are done! YAY!! Bring on NEXT WEEK!

    This Sums Up Why I Didn’t Like It

    1. I now no longer have any idea which Monsters Sam and Dean are gonna give a-get-out-of-bloody-death-free card to. This is no longer a grey area it’s a monochromatic swirl of hazy silvers, greys, light blacks and murky charcoals.

    In hindsight this is probably a very deliberate move and I *know* why they're doing this to me but I'm associating this unchartered, never to be mapped again territory with the whole skepticism I have on the explaining why Sam ever looked for Dean thing - and nope, I'm never NOT gonna like/accept/be satisfied with that move either :) I guess I'm a fan who takes solace in constants when it comes to the boys and so far this season there's not a lot of solace to be had!! Damn you Carver - still love my show though ;)

    2. You need a stronger story (relying on recurring characters that we have connection with - hello Charlie? Jody Mills? Frank if he’s still around?) if you are gonna pull off a SamAndDeanLite episode like this. A slight modification to werewolf lore is not gonna cut it.

    3. Didn’t feel a thing for the teenagers and I can’t even say it was the acting. I think that was okay - not great but adequate but their dialogue/rushed romance/teen angst/bullying issues didn’t engage me at all.

    And that’s it.

    I did like THREE things about it -

    1. The work place romance observations.

    2. The music.

    3. The fact that Jensen and Jared managed to score probably some unusually decent time off whilst still getting paid 150K each for this episode. GO BOYS!!


    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Ok I’m gonna slide this in there just before I wax poetic about the Friday panels day 1 of ChiCon because I truly think there is a little unnecessary tone of condescension almost…or more like judgmental trend going on in fandom right now with regards to 8x04 reactions.


    You know what if you loved it GREAT! That is fantastic and I am very happy for you. In fact I’m a little envious because it would obviously be more preferable to be in awe and completely in love with the episode than not.  I am glad that the fandom is divided into such polar opposites with this and that we have people who absolutely love it.


    But fandom needs to can the negativity towards those who didn’t like it. I’m not changing my mind on that one. I’ve watched it twice and still not feeling a whole lot of love for it. I don’t hate it but then I have never hated a whole entire episode before.


    The hand cam perspective has been done before in numerous genres including in Supernatural in Ghostfacers. And I don’t mind that it got used again – Chronicle showed me that it does work and can be enjoyed and I definitely had no issues with it and felt that the hand cam aspect was as usual done very competently. It wasn’t Sam and Dean character love that blinded me in this episode. I can very much enjoy Sam and Dean Lite episodes and have done so in previous seasons.


    I just thought the story and character development was poor. The acting was adequate, the production values were, as usual with this high caliber show, impeccable. I’m sorry it did Serge’s head in with the lighting but it was very well shot. I did not connect with the characters and thought the story devices/major plot were not strong enough to carry off the absence of the main characters. That’s all. I’m not being a whiny-butthurt-all-I-ever-wanna-see-is-Sam-and-Dean-MOTW-type-stories fan. Despite what the lovers of this episode may try to accuse me of.  The story did not grab me enough and the characters did not make me invest in their outcomes enough to give a crap about what happened to them. And I’m not used to that in my show so yeah, I’m gonna talk about it. Got my hubby to watch and his unfettered average viewer response was – "It wasn’t bad, it was an okay MOTW episode." Which is pretty much my response minus the I expect more though from my show.


    And on that note I’d also like to point out that James Patrick Stuart is a huge fan of the show and has been watching Season 8 closely and was also very VERY luke warm towards this episode. He wasn’t impressed by Carver’s choices on this but by the same token he does believe he’s definitely set some very intriguing and engaging story arcs up for the season and he definitely wants to see where it goes.

    So moving onto Chicago Con's Friday Panels

    Kim Rhodes - 5 out of 5 stars
    Rachel Miner - 3 out of 5 stars
    Gabriel Tigerman - 4 out of 5 stars
    James Patrick Stuart - 5 out of 5 stars

    You know Rachel could totally be a 4 but sadly for her she was suffering quite badly from a head cold/type of flu thing and I do think this probably effected that whole PIZAZZ factor of her panel. Also combined with it being her first time at a US Creation Spn Con and her being quite a young actress I think this probably wasn't her at her best :) But she's a very lovely person, as nice as nice can be and I really wish her well in her career just not on my show ;) LOL! Honestly her Meg portrayal has grated on me and always will because unlike Gen who I feel did a good job with the new Ruby (took me a while to warm up to it but she got me in the end) I have never felt any kind of sympathy for this Meg - she's not doing a bad job I'm sure it's just not an acting style that connects with me.


    Kim was her usual bouncy awesome self, tinged with a few nerves at the beginning you could see her visibly getting more comfortable and relaxed and still ever more excitable as the panel went on, she spoke of many things....motherhood (my question), skill she would most like to have in real life that she has acquired as an actress (shotgun handling), Richard Speight giving her all of 3 days to get a Halloween costume organised, using her Mom voice, her favourite scenes, her favourite music, her clumsiness, her issues with the bucket of cleaning fluid in the scenes in Slash Fiction, Jensen's mouth etc etc Very entertaining, full of laughs, frequent curse words, having to write excuses because her blog has now been blacklisted as porn on several work/government type computers, she likes to talk orgasms and advice there's not much she can do about that. I gave her a book in the autographs - it's called Unsaid and yes it's about animals so of course she started to well up there and then! OMG! Did not wanna make her cry right then! Sheesh! I did tell her it would make her cry though but that it was a good cry - cathartic and all. I think she and I are very much on the same level of empathy when it comes to our animals.

    Gabriel Tigerman was adorably funny and very entertaining as well...even though I have head pretty much all his stories before by now it's great being a part of the group that is hearing them for the first time. We had the Roadtrip story, he spoke of his fanboy love for Michael C Hall, his complete obsession with The Walking Dead - but death to you if you spoil him for he has only just finished S2. He was delighted to be informed about Matt Cohen's recent propensity to dress up as a transgendered cowgirl and was outraged that Matt had not informed him of such photos out there, he spoke of Hard Crime and how it might be a while before we see the fruits of that as they actually are waiting on a guy who worked on Avatar to help with the post production of it...he's filmed a Hallmark Christmas movie called Naughty or Nice and it felt like a Supernatural get together as Danneel Ackles is in it, along with a few other ex Spn guest stars and it was directed by the guy who directed Ten Inch Here, he spoke of Horse sized Ducks being terrifying but that he would rather just kill one of those rather than hundreds of tiny evil ducks - but that a Horse Sized Duck would be an excellent Patronus for someone.  All in all it was good times.


    James Patrick Stuart has been in the business of acting and showbiz since he was 11 years old. The man is a veteran and looks very well indeed for it. This was only his 2nd con he'd ever been invited to in the US in 32 years he said. His first one I think was for a little show he was in at age 11 called Galactica 1980 and he attended a Con for that show so Supernatural was the first con he'd done in the US since. He came on and you could tell this was a guy with a propensity for oratory on much the same level of competency as Mark Sheppard. In fact he spoke of Mark very early on saying how he has great respect for him and spoke highly of him and yet he doesn't have a crush on him despite Sheppard's assertions to the contrary! He spoke o his first meeting with Mark, his work on All my Children, a movie he's very proud of that he's just finished called American Gandhi, his voice over work, his charaterisation of Dick Roman, his two kids, his upbringing, his political preferences, his thoughts on the show and many many other things often interpsersed with his impressions of people he has met and respected and gained a lot from as well as his Penguins of Madagascar voices. He does British accents perfectly and is quite the ham. I found him to be articulate, animated, engaging to listen to and I would LOVE to see him on stage with Mark S and Richard S. I asked a couple of questions - one about his entrance songs (both his and Dick Romans) and he put his Dick Roman teeth back in and played a couple things off his phone which I actually have no idea what songs they were so I'm hoping to sound hound them if the video quality is good enough on YouTube (not that I vidded I just photoed) also which cast members he'd like with him to win at a Quiz night - Mark S, Misha and realising he'd painted himself into a corner with the Js he went with Jim Beaver LOL! He's a great panellist and I hope he gets invited to future Cons - he doesn't pull his punches and is intrigued with the explosion of social networking (speaks of how it hurts sometimes to see instantaneous sometimes highly critical feedback of your work on Twitter!) and is an all round charismatic, pretty handsome guy (way more handsome than Dick Roman! he's also a huge fan of the Dick jokes).


    Eta: Thanks to the comments below - I just clarified the Con debuts of JPS and Rachel to the USA.

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  • 10/29/12--20:51: ChiCon Pics
  • I'll do a write up soon - figured the eye candy would be appreciated first.









    I was on the far side of Jensen in both the breakfast and the panel so my pics of him didn't turn out quite as good as I liked.

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  • 11/01/12--07:56: I HAVE HALLOWEEN COOKIES!
  • Thank you so much to netlynn secretlytodream and vinylreckoning! You all are very sweet! Just for that I feel the urge to post MORE photos...it's getting tricky juggling being a first time tourist in Chicago with GISHWHES and keeping up with my photo posts from the Chicago Con. But HERE!

    This here is Jared demonstrating how Jensen names his four chest hairs - the first one he calls "Misha" apparently (this is according to Jared of course)

    What follows is a few of my favs from the panel of the both of them:

    Jensen: "Did you just LAUGH when he said I was turning 35? SERIOUSLY??"

    I'm sure Jensen is just listening to Jared here. Yep I'm sure that's what is going on.

    Jared does get all excited for two things during panels: 1. When the question is for him not Jensen or 2. When Jensen has to field a possibly embarrassing question. I cannot remember which this scenario was.

    Uh oh. Busted. Yeah I'm taking photos of your face Jensen - I'm not apologising. It's your face that should be apologising for being so stupidly, ridiculously, excessively photogenic.



    Okay back to my regularly scheduled programming. Museum of Science and Industry today, followed by Navy Pier and perhaps Chinatown. Oh and some restaurant called The Girl and The Goat. Sounds interesting.

    As an aside: Anyone else have pain in the ass issues with loading pictures to LJ? Doesn't seem to matter if I use the upload or the URL option every single one of these photos I'm posting takes me like 3 goes each time just for it to go through on LJ. I'll upload and click Insert into Post and nothing happens. I literally have to X out of it click ok to cancel and start all over again for a picture to actually show in the post. Same with URL's I paste in. Just thought I'd ask since it is getting to be a huge drag.

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  • 11/02/12--07:54: 8x05 Blood Brother
  • Mmmmmmm.....Me likey. Yeah I'd be more coherent but there this...

    Good gravy this man is just stunning.

    This is pretty damn close to the level of pretty when you meet him face to face.

    Anyhoo...more thoughts on episode after a gazillion other things I'm sposed to be doing. I'll just leave this here for now. You all deserve to be just as distracted by me.

    0 0

    FOR katwoman76

    I link this here for two reasons:

    1. It popped up on my Google alerts today and straight underneath was your name. See here and I quote:

    Jared Padalecki Shirtless Workout HD - YouTube
    NJCon 2012 - Jared Padalecki& Misha Collinsby kat76woman2,690 views; Sexy Shirtless Chris ...Jared Padalecki Interview -- 'Supernatural' Season 8by ...

    and 2. Of course with a heading like that I was never NOT gonna click and whilst it was probably the most rewarding 1 minute and 41 seconds of today what I found MOST amusing was the next vid it automatically started playing was GAYNASTY Episode 2 HD.
    Make of that what you will. I did and it was VERY entertaining IN MY MIND.

    So after all that here's the vid, nothing new of course but I just love it when slo mo is used soooo damn effectively.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
    0 0

    From the distinct lack of LJ updates anyone would think I have gone AWOL in this great and vast land consisting of many States with unusual borders. But no...I have been here in the online world but I have been Instagramming, Twittering, Facebooking, Wordpressing, Tumblring, Emailing, Leaving Mammoth Commenting Epistles (sorry ash48 I just couldn't help myself and I swear I wasn't scolding!), Reading my Flist and everything else APART from actual LiveJournaling.

    But we have also been out there - yonder in the travelling Australians in America type world:
    Currently residing at the Rodeway Inn (aka Wasn't this a Supernatural Motel Location?) in
    - Niagara Falls NY
    Before that:
    - Niagara Falls, ONtario Canada

    Before that:
    - Hershey Pennsylvania

    Before that:
    - Washington DC

    Before that:
    - Elyria OH

    No neat instagram here. We did go to the Cracker Barrel. Does that count?

    Before that:
    - Barnett/Chicago IL

    Stayed with the very lovely and brilliant conversationalist serenography who's not around much anymore but still very much a fangirl at heart...I know - WE TALKED and it was perfect, also great meeting her husband and her son. Hope to some day repay the generosity they showed us when they make their epic trip down under. ;-)

    You see a pattern here right...we have been roadtripping ALL over the show. And thankfully I can now recall that I did at least post a couple times, maybe three about the Chicago con, but then we were there for another 6 days after that and it was GREAT and there were MOAR photos. But first let me share some of my favourite pretties from the ChiCon taken by my most fav BNF photographers wolfpup2000 and elsiecat



    Please note - carpet burn very visible on chin. Said to be earned whilst trying to save Misha from
    Jared during 'fight training' session in Toronto hotel room. They have both since mentioned that
    Misha didn't actually know the rules including the 'Tap out' signal and so when Jared was 'showing the
    pin the arm behind the back move with opponent lying face down on the floor' there was an audible cracking sound
    from Misha's elbow joint and Misha informed us that they hope to have his arm return to full range of motion any day now.
    It's good to know they really are just gigantic, much better looking teenage boys at heart.


    Can I just say LJ is still a complete and utter demon spawn hormone of a cow to me when it comes to uploading pics...
    I click INSERT Photo...I choose (stupidly probably) BROWSE...I select my pics...and hit UPLOAD. Nothing happens. It NEVER happens on the first try. I X out. I click INSERT PIC...I hit Browse and this time when I select it starts uploading photos. BUT don't get too excited because then it stops halfway through and I get a banal little box saying Common Error. Like I'm not even fancy enough to be more important than just COMMON. So Repeat the process AGAIN. This time all pics uploaded (I never do more than 4 at once and that's rare) and I see them all there in their neat little thumbnail boxes with the ADD TO POST button MOCKING me from the bottom right corner. I click, laughing maniacally knowing full well NOTHING will happen. But I have to go through this the first time...nothing happens. I X out - am I sure I want to cancel without Saving? WHAT EVEN? Repeat all of the above steps with tedious and sigh wrenching frustration. And VOILA I have a picture INSERTED into a post. Why don't I just upload them somewhere else and use the URLs you say? WELL...because the same BLOODY thing happens...which is to say NOTHING until on my third attempt it goes Oooh look - she's trying to put a photo in...oh we can do that. Now. THERE IS NO RHYME OR REASON TO THIS MADNESS. So now we have come to the crux of my clearly not so subconscious aversion to posting in LJ right now. I want to post pretty pictures DAMMIT.

    I shall keep slogging away...because BOYS okay...they just shall not be put in a corner.






    Oh there's so many more I want to share, but in the interests of me not plotting to storm the LJ admin building (it's in Russia I could take it you know!!) and demanding better service before my photo uploading head implodes I am going to go and email someone. Or something. This is a paid account FFS I shouldn't be staying away from it because loading photos is a right PITA.

    Oh and one last little thing....looks like Jus In Bello 4 in Rome is definitely a goer for me and my fantabulous sister next year - darling girl won us both a Prophet Pass each and of course me being completely...what's the word...not insouciant...RIDICULOUS? Has just scored a couple of extra meet and greets with J & J. Seems one M&G per con is not enough. Ack! What even? *handwaves* I know I KNOW. I promise to report back ever so faithfully and listen to any and all suggestions for questions.

    Wait I lied. I have seen the following and approve YOU ALL to go see them: Lincoln, SkyFall, Cloud Atlas and Argo. Go my lovelies...escape from reality for a little while and be mesmerised by this magic stuff we call movie making.

    I am currently reading The Fountainhead. Picturing Jared as Howard Roark of course. Early days yet so it's all going swimmingly well. In between voting the hell out of the Bille Celeb Charity Challenge thingy - I fear we shan't overcome that blonde and probably adorable if I cared to know, Dianna Aragon or whatever - but we MUST ENDEAVOUR!! (We can always win NEXT month but I'll cry knowing fandom got behind Misha non stop and then Jensen non stop and we shall not have a three month victory dance with the trifecta of having Jared win this month)  And then get onto Facebook and get the PCA App running so that you can vote incessantly for Show, Fan Following and Jared Padalecki.

    And for what it's worth - The Samsung Galaxy S3 is my very newest and bestest technological friend ever. Just saying. And the blue goes with my jeans so well.

    Next stop...BOSTON!! Hurrah! I think I'll drop into Harvard and see how the clever people live.

    0 0

    A while ago now I bid on a fandom charity auction and won meltingconfetti who was proofpudding at the time :) My request was a J2 vid (having fallen head over heels in love with her In Your Arms J2 vid with HelloGoodbye) done to the Matt Nathanson song: Faster.

    Today that video was finished and delivered! And I heart it so hard I can't stop grinning at it. ENJOY!


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  • 11/30/12--18:10: A Post for Posterity
  • I am feeling like I need to make a post here to mark several milestones, happenings, momentous occasions etc etc.
    Things to do with fandom, movies, television, music, travel, travel blogs, puppies and what an actual real live cold winter is.

    Firstly what a tumultuous time this has been of recent weeks for fandom. There was GISHWHES (spearheaded by a Misha Collins himself) a mad 6 or 7 days of over 15,000 people around the world in teams of 15 running round their home locations getting all kinds of items done. My team was most very excellent and it was great fun even though I was participating out of a suitcase.

    Not long after that there was news of plans for another adventure, a Christmas one that Misha had come up with - a live screening broadcast online of Stonehenge Apocalypse. Misha was going to get the rights, hire a studio and get online during a viewing of it and chat with fans who signed up. There were various levels of participation involved based on the rego cost you wanted - it started at around 8 bucks I think. In short, due to some overly vocal, very visible, douchebag responses from the minority sectors of fandom Misha cancelled it a few days after rego opened. There were some very glum friends in fandom. And we haven't had a tweet from him since.

    Then to add to the woes there was some backlash from a fan account of a wine tasting party held at the Padalecki's. The fan was perfectly nice, just wanting to share his fortunate circumstances with people he knew would get a kick out of it and due to his probably very surface and face value recount of exchanges he had with Gen there was a new wave Gen hate on Tumblr. *sigh*

    Link for recount is HERE and yes - Jared was dancing on his own table at his own party.


    Followed up with the general butthurt whining over the PCA's (firstly putting the Js against each other) and a very spur of the moment Jensen idea related via his BIL on Twitter that if he won he would make sure he named the person who voted for him the most in his acceptance speech. Of course there's a whole bunch of whining about "but he's against Jared, what's he doing?" Blah blah blah butthurt cry cry cry.

    So I know a number of us 'moderates' when it comes to these sorts of things were feeling a little disappointed, a bit despondent and more than a little fed up with some pretty poor conduct/online behaviour from some very minority sectors of our most splendiferous fandom. Add to that I was holding my breath that the fandom could pull their shit together enough to get Jared over the line (like they had for Jensen and Misha in the previous two months) on the BillE Celebrity Charity Challenge for his charity A Dog's Life.

    BUT THEY DID!! Less than 5 days to go and we were over 10 thousand votes behind the first place person. With just under 2 days to go I woke up to the news that we had pulled in front! I don't know what happened (I do know I got my hubby to start voting and I harrassed all my IRL friends about it on email and on FB to sign up) but I was pretty damn pleased. Probably inordinately pleased. I knew he would win in December but I just saw this whole dropping the ball on Jared thing as almost a symbol for the lack of apprection that does exist in fandom for Jared. It's as clear as day - every single Con? Jensen's Photo ops and M&G sell out before Jared's. That's all I need to know right there. So achieving this win? THREE MONTHS IN A ROW? FREAKING AWESOME! So happy to see that happen and certainly reinvogorated a fresh wave of fondness for our fandom.

    25 THOUSAND EUROS for Dog's Life - a rescue/shelter facility for dogs. TWO THUMBS UP and very much I LIKE!
    Also Jared will be tweeting a photo soon as he did promise if we got his charity over the line that he'd do so.

    SO - a ray of sunshine! And the PCA's will be a no brainer for us. There will be 3 Glass Vaginas heading to the Supernatural home of that I have no doubt. The number of fans who have voted INTO THE THOUSANDS already is not insignificant. One person is up to over 65 thousand votes already and voting doesn't close till January! I've put a measly 2000 votes down.

    A great response to meltingconfetti's J2 video I commissioned via my charity auction win and we both wowed over the fact that my first love affair with her vids started nearly over FIVE years ago now with this vid RIGHT HERE:
    Password is: j2

    Go watch if you haven't seen it and go watch even if you have - it's just one of those vids that gets under your skin in the most delightfully tingly way. I audio ripped this vid years ago and even now have it on at least one playlist that I listen to each day. I can't say how many times I've watched it and now it's like this beautifully nostalgic look back at the guys' friendship and how their lives intertwined.

    Saw Wreck It Ralph yesterday, a fun kids flick but with some pretty good humour in it. Didn't leave either of us bored anyway. We also caught a couple of bluray Star Trek:TNG season 2 episodes up on the big screen at a one off screening. Tell you what the Bluray treatment is sweet - I would like to order all seasons of Due South on bluray please.

    One other momentous occasion (for me anyway) is that my TRAVEL blog is finally up to date! We are currently in Cape Cod, Maine and all my entries are up right up until yesterday when we left Portland! YAY!!! Think that's happened once in the last 5 months of travel. So please feel free to peruse and catch up on my wanderings..sherunswithdogs.wordpress.com....I even found a LEGIT Big Foot

    I prefer the Sasquatch that's in our fandom to be honest ;) He's less hairy, less stationary and on the whole much more easier on the eyes. Speaking of...Wednesday's episode was absolute ♥ ♥ ♥ and my god however those flashbacks have me going all squinty eyed over writing my eyes end up WIDE OPEN looking at these sorts of scenes...

    I loved what this episode was hinting rather anvilly at throughout the whole thing with these flashbacks. I don't mind Amelia at all...I'm not over the moon about her but I think she's holding her own. Not sure what the fairly consistent hate I see on twitter is borne out of but whatever. SAM IS SO DAMN PRETTY WITH HER. I'm going to have to cap the hell out of these flashbacks I think. Also THE CAT!!!

    One more vid rec!
    Of my PUPPY!! His name is Colt! I hope this turns up in the post okay and that the link works, let me know if it doesn't. His official name is Winpara Weapon Of Choice
    Can't wait to get home to meet him! But first Christmas in NYC and NYE in Las Vegas!

    Reading Material Right Now that I Am Loving:

    The Fountainhead Ayn Rand (has anyone written a J2 around this? I find the thought fascinating!)
    Moranthology by Caitlin Moran
    (I gave missyjack her first book after cackling myself silly reading it - How To Be A Woman)
    The New New Rules by Bill Maher
    The Other Side of Desire by Daniel Bergner

    That is all...and now a question for you oh vivacious flist - what is your favourite song RIGHT NOW?

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  • 12/06/12--16:18: Citizen Fang 8x09
  • 809bros

    Sam gave Martin a chance. Sent him to keep an eye on Benny. Sam never looked too closely at his motivations for keeping a close check on the vamp. Sam’s supposedly actively seeking a way to get out of the hunting life. Keeping tabs on a potential hunt seems a little contradictory. Sam knows why. Dean is using Benny to keep that blade sharp. That knife he keeps slicing Sam open with – how Benny’s the only person in his life who has never let him down, how Benny’s the only guy he could ever count on. Sam had that conversation with Dean. Told him to get over it, move on or he will. Dean said fine, he’ll move on. It was total bullshit obviously. Dean’s as pissed about Sam not looking for him, if not more, as he was when Sam chose Ruby over him.  Which is almost ironic when all Sam can see is the same dark road for Dean and Benny as he went down for Ruby. At least Lucifer rising is probably not on the cards for the Dean and Benny relationship.

    But this was fine. Dean has no issues with it. He knows he would be doing the same were he in Sam’s shoes. He’s willing to check out if Benny has gone bad.

    Sam gave Dean two hours to sort this out. Prior to this I’d like to note Sam paid no attention whatsoever to Martin’s protestations that it was definitely Benny and he needs to be taken out. Sam’s eyes were on Dean the whole time before he announced the two hours grace.  He says ‘Sometimes it’s not easy to see things for what they are” He’s been there with Ruby, he’s giving Dean this.

    Dean found out the vamp doing the killing is Desmond. Instead of coming back and telling Sam and Martin about this Vamp Desmond and asking the guys to come and help him take this vamp out – to come and SEE for themselves what was going on, see Benny with his great grand daughter – he insists that it’s not Benny and yeah you’re gonna have to go on trust.  No! No you don’t Dean! You say “No we’re not going on trust we’re going on evidence! Sam come with me and see this Desmond guy at work” And then to add to that idiot move of not selling it like that he adds salt to the wound and says that Benny is the only one who has never let him down. That cuts Sam – you can see it “Well good on you Dean – it must feel great knowing you’ve finally found someone you can trust after all these years” – and when it cuts Sam it also sets his resolve against Benny.  Sam says no. But the conversation continues – they’re conversing there’s still an agreement that can be reached.

    Then Martin cold cocks Dean from behind. Sam does nothing. Apart from some harsh words about who is making the calls on this job.  At this point I may have said something like well that’s just bullshit, what does that mean? Is Sam that pissed with Dean’s constant digs re his untrustworthiness, re his unreliability, that pissed with the bond Dean has formed with Benny he’s willing to let an unhinged hunter just knock his brother out? Carver really wants to make this nasty doesn’t he? Blow #1: Dean’s choice of communicating the problem Blow #2: Sam failing to stop Martin or immediately take action to take Martin out of the equation.

    So long story short – Dean and Benny take out Desmond. Martin and Sam go looking for Benny but of course there’s the SOS text from “Amelia” so Sam rushes off. Martin all of a sudden becomes cold calculating white version of Gordon and the suddenly slightly kooky, a little unhinged but supposedly good guy becomes this arguably homicidal dipshit willing to put a human at risk to catch a Vamp. We no likey Martin anymore. So that whole scene turns out the only way it could.

    Even though doing so now makes the Dean and Benny situation even more of a sticky pickle for Dean to get Sam to see things the way they are. But you know I’ve been harping on at these boys for years BE HONEST TO YOUR BROTHER…and this is the one time Dean, shouldn’t have lied so much, as said “I need to talk to you face to face for this” right after Sam asked if there were any casualties. You’ve just pulled the rug out from under your brother, ripped open a very loosely applied scab over his heart – left raw after Don turning up and taking the person who basically was his life raft after the meltdown of his world imploding once again. We know Amelia is not and was not ever going to be a permanent Sam fixture. But she did give our bereft Winchester a safe port for a while. Sam is still hurting from that relationship ending, he’s pissed at himself for falling for his brother’s rather sneaky, devious but “nice move”, he’s pissed at his brother for not even realizing how hurtful that ‘nice move’ was and now he’s angry cos brother just told him that Martin, the human hunter, had it coming and that Benny the Vampire brother is BFF’s with, is responsible.  That’s like piling napalm on top of the atomic explosion really.  An extra helping of sewage waste on top the steaming pile of shit he’s already dealing with. But it’s okay. Thanks to Dean pulling that nice move Amelia has now turned up in Sam’s current timeline at the bar. My mind has gone with – as much as Amelia has done her dash I believe I’m glad she’s turned up because now Sam will be able to cool off for a little while and maybe that glimpse we saw of angry, not listening, not communicating Sam (reminiscent of the anger Sam’s feeling in 4.21 When The Levee Breaks when he and Dean have that horrible, no good, heart breaking fight) will fade and we’ll have a couple of boys doing their best to avoid taking those paths they’ve taken in the past that have worked out so horribly badly for them.

    Dean resents Amelia hugely. But he’s Dean so he’s all I don’t give a shit at all about this girl Sam hooked up with. Dean likes to think Amelia doesn’t even rate on his person of interest radar. Likes to think that Sam just had a fling, clearly brought on by physical needs, he’s been known to seek therapy burying himself in female (or multiples of when he was soulless) company and this was just one of his ways of dealing with Dean being gone. Dean doesn’t actually have an inkling of what Amelia means to Sam because all Dean sees right now is that she’s the one who stopped his little brother from looking for him. Not intentionally maybe but still it is what it is. Hence his lack of hesitation in pulling the cell phone move on Sam.

    There are some irrefutable facts this far into the season:

    #1: Dean is definitely NOT moving on when it comes to Sam not looking for him.

    #2:  Sam has no real understanding of what Benny means to Dean.

    #3: Dean has no real understanding of what Amelia means to Sam.

    #4: Carver likes the brothers in very serious, dramatic angsty conflict with each other.

    #5: Supernatural has a record of going into mid season hiatus upping the brother angst levels.

    #6: Final and most happy fact for me: The heavier the conflict the greater the reunion/reconciliation.

    I loved the story, kept me guessing, had me calling bullshit, had me feeling reluctantly proud of Dean’s sneakiness because that clearly also indicates exactly how lethal and efficient a hunter he believes his brother to be, which you know, brother pride. I hated seeing the boys not communicating, at loggerheads, being stubborn ass idjits but that was exactly what I expected for a mid season finale. Had me hurting massively for Sammy - but I've reconciled this now, show only gives us enough glimpses of happy, bromance moments, zen peaceful Sam, contented Dean to keep us coming back for more. It's a very carefully cultivated addiction on the writers' parts. Also – Don turned out to be an uncomplicated nice guy. And finally those flashbacks – less glowy and even MORE Sam pretty. Never gonna hate flashbacks with such a pretty Sam in them. I can be shallow like that.


    Not my favourite out of the nine episodes so far – I don’t think I will ever call an episode with the brothers at such odds my favourite – but definitely in my PLUS column. 

    I think in terms of my favourite to least favourite this is my order:

    What’s Up Tiger Mommy?

    Hunteri Heroici

    Citizen Fang

    Southern Comfort

    Blood Brother

    A Little Slice of Kevin

    We Need to Talk About Kevin



    I love you boys. Please come back on January 16th and make everything rainbow slinkies and favourite pie and gold class seating tickets to the Hobbit bought by Dean for Sam. And give us our goddamn angst free brother love filled hug. Aspirations for 2013 - you gotta have them.

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  • 12/06/12--20:03: Oh and furthermore ...
  • Anyone else notice a plethora of "furthermores" attached to everyone's original 8x09 reactions posts on LJ? I have. I love it ;)

    Yes it was an utterly dickish move on Dean's part to do the cell phone Amelia thing, one of the LOWEST moves in terms of Sam's perspective. If there's a ranking though I don't think Dean would rank this as one of his worst at all (Dean would probably equate quitting on his brother in Point of No Return, probably in Metamorphosis when he declares something he would wanna hunt if he wasn't his brother, probably the time he told Sam if he walks out that door he better not come back - in Dean's eyes those are the deal breaker low moves.) See the Amulet and this? Dean's just not on the same emotional wavelength as Sam on these things, he's not wired that way and it is part of why the brothers are so different to each other, he's incapable right now of seeing exactly what Amelia was to Sam.

    The cliff hanger for me was not Amelia walking in on Sam. To be honest I have not given a lot of significance to the Sam/Amelia relationship beyond a vague sense of gratefulness that he was messed up and she threw him a lifesaver to cling to. I've never really had any kind of vested interest in her side anyways (although I was always fond of someone who looks after dogs). So I wasn't disappointed in the cliff hanger because for me it was definitely the brothers' relationship hanging in the balance. Again.

    And I can see how this is too much for some fans who have been there for the whole time. I rewatched and I looked for MORE. As in more distance, more hatred, more lack of communication over and above what we have seen in past seasons when they've been in conflict. I'm not seeing it. Maybe because I was expecting it? Maybe because I knew no mid season finale ever has the boys reconciling and showing the brotherly love we KNOW is there? At the same time I'm wondering how you just rush over conflict these two had at the start of S8. I was pretty sure Sam telling Dean to move on or he will and Dean's seeming acquiescence was not a resolution, pretty sure Sam's tolerance of Dean's asshole comments re someone to trust is beyond used up, pretty sure Sam has not come clean about why he really didn't look for Dean. SO MANY issues. But I agree in that it needs to get sorted. I've enjoyed the episodes the best this season where the conflict was sidelined by all the other action and teamwork solving cases. Nostalgia, I have it :) And those episodes are going to happen again. But they won't be the same - there won't be a Sam who puts Car Pine Trees on a Christmas tree to give Dean a Christmas, there won't be a Dean who let's his brother sleep in as long he wants, there won't be a Sam who brings Dean coffee in the morning. We may have a Sam who gets Dean that giant slinkie, or a Dean who gets Sam his Salad Shakes and we will see the brothers hunting things, saving lives, and making sure they have each others' back. That's why I'm sticking with them to the very end.

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  • 12/14/12--21:46: I teach but not for this...
  • raaarkind

    Words seem trite, patronising and inconsequential. But walking down
    the road tonight on our way back from downtown Boston I was struck so
    hard by the immense feeling of sadness that came over me at the loss of
    life today.  A man walked into an Elementary school and shot up a room
    of 5 to 10 year olds, and the teachers who tried to save them. Twenty
    children are dead. The gunman’s mother, a kindergarten teacher at the
    school, found dead in her home.  Words seem so profoundly inadequate but
    I only have words. And I felt the need to write them down.

    I wished in that moment that humans were hardwired/programmed/evolved
    to follow one immutable law, one irrevocable law only. Be kind to each
    other. Like Asimov’s Law of Robotics in i robot  the first one being: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Let’s just swap the word robot out for human. Would that we could right?

    Both sides of the gun control argument are so emotive and volatile
    and so vehement in their beliefs, there seem to be so many invested
    groups in the gun control issue. You have those who are passionate gun
    owners, NRA members, gun lobbyists and completely responsible gun
    owners, there are those who are stridently anti-gun, anti-NRA and
    passionately against the current gun laws, there are those who are for
    guns but even more for gun law reform.

    Using highly emotive and incendiary words in your speeches and your
    articles and your editorials is not going to change the minds of those
    already made up. Referring to the gun lobby as the child killing lobby
    is only going to receive the applause of those who already despise the
    gun lobby (unproductive) and the vitriolic response from those who are
    pro-guns (also unproductive and some might say, inflammatory). Referring
    to the gun control lobby as unconstitutional, anti-American, knee jerk
    over reactionary, extreme civil libertarians who have no grasp on
    reality is not going to have any productive outcomes. Trotting out that
    worn out, tired and no longer relevant ‘Guns don’t kill people. People
    do’ does not hold the strength it did back when these shootings were
    rare and unheard of. None of these things will get a rational debate
    progressing. Perhaps I assume too much. I would like to imagine that
    those who are responsible gun owners/users would like to sit down and
    talk about how they can help lessen the number of shooting massacres in
    the US.  I would like to imagine that those who are anti-gun and
    passionately against the NRA would like to sit down and talk about what
    can be done in productive discussion with responsible gun-owners/users. I
    would like to think that money is not a part of this equation. I would
    like to think a lot of things as it turns out.

    People can still own guns and not have multiple mass shootings happen
    in a year. Many countries have proven this is possible. America is not
    many countries. The United States will always look inwards for their
    solutions to their social issues. The rest of the world can only sit,
    watch and present the approaches they have implemented for US
    consideration. They can also hope, as I do, that productive, progressive
    gun law reform can take place. Americans should not have to wonder when
    they go to the movies, or to the mall, or when they send their kids off
    to school if this is going to be one of those days or moments that ends
    in tragedy. It’s reached the point now where the words ‘I never thought it could happen here, to me, my family, my friends
    are no longer heard in the stories of survivors, families of victims
    because it’s no longer true. For the sake of my many present and future
    American friends, I hope the Administration, congress and the lobbyists
    can work together to staunch this flow of devastating violence.

    One last thing,

    Be kind to each other. Why can’t we just be kind to each other?

    0 0

    that I have shared on twitter and may have to share on facebook yet. It's turned up twice in my social network timelines.

    So in case you were ever wondering: this is how you piss Simone right off and initiate pretty much instantaneous defriending.

    Post this. Especially now (or around any such tragic events).

    I have full respect for the rights of anyone to their beliefs in whatever faith, religion or spiritual tenet they would like
    to follow. But DO NOT try and inflict me with your opinion that this whole tragedy would not have happened had "God" been taught in schools. That offends me to the core. And it is not something that someone who genuinely follows any kind of Christian set of values would post so soon and so close to the tragic and raw fall out of just such an event. Just saying. I'm pretty open minded and have noticed that I've reached an age where I'm less about dismissing out of hand opinions I don't agree with and more about trying to understand things from alternate points of views. So there's not much that elicits such reactions from me, but this is one. Just for your information :)

    And furthermore....

    Sometimes I envy those who have faith in God. I think such a faith must be very reassuring and comforting especially in times of bleakness. But what I don't understand is how God can be absent from anywhere you are if you believe in Him/Her. You can pray to Him/Her whenever you choose, you can think on God and contemplate God whenever you like. I guarantee you God was in Sandy Hook Elementary in the hearts of many people, young and and old, that day. And now I see in my social network timelines more and more people turning to the banning of prayer, banning of religion, the lack of overt Christian rituals and traditions as an explanation for what happened. We have failed this young man by not leading him to God's love and so he has darkness in his heart, this darkness caused him to commit such atrocities. I'm pretty floored by such sentiments I must admit. But mostly I just feel a profound depth of weary sadness. Sometimes the inner workings of such human minds feel so utterly alien to me that I wonder if I am just wearing some sort of meat suit and that underneath I'm actually some sort of being from an entirely different universe far far away. Fortunately I have found other beings who share my mind so at least I know I am no E.T.

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  • 12/19/12--18:05: Article 0
  • teacher

    Via @garretdillahunt (from various TV Shows, right now Raising Hope) from his brother (a teacher) on twitter.


    0 0

    Hope you all are having a very peaceful, relaxing, excessive food and drink consumption day, days, evenings...etc and enjoying EVERYTHING that makes this holiday great!

    T and I checked out THE Tree tonight....the one in Rockefeller Square. It was cold and PRETTY!

    All I Want For Christmas...
    is to know where I can buy this Team USA gear. I just wanted to get ONE item before we fly home as I did love the Team USA gear. That’sall. Santa doesn’t even have to bring it to me. He just has to leave me anote saying “Check this website out - it will hook you up. PS Thanks for the Jack Daniels.”


    I'm gonna be brazen and not use a cut...because these two are stupidly adorable. Like ridiculously incredibly stupidly adorable. I need to know that she really hates it when he insists on finishing the Times crossword whilst taking his morning constitutional and that he goes batshit whenever she does that obsessive rearranging thing of his carefully loaded dishwasher job. Come on. I'm clutching at straws. It's just cannot be this perfect.

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  • 01/06/13--00:01: TWO ZERO ONE THREE!!
  • I AM HOOOOOOOOOMMMMMEEEEEE!!! Really Philip Phillips himself should be sitting right here serenading me with his most excellent song. I have travelled far and wide, seen and done many great things but the comfort and contentment of home can never be usurped.

    Here is my first post of 2013 and I have to say it is really good to be home, I loved every single moment of the last 6 months but you know, there's nothing quite like your own bed, your own house and being surrounded by the furkids who we have both missed more than we ever had contemplated.

    But here be my first vid rec - found via growyourwings journal. This is a thing of pure beauty. This matches meltingconfetti's, ash48's, deirdre_c's and secretlytodream's vidding prowess! It's just one very well made and labour intensive J2 vid primarily using Con footage and photos. I feel like thrusting this video in the face of anyone who goes: But WHY do you go to Cons? Please watch at 720 quality.

    So far I have rejoined my Gym, unpacked 5 suitcases, puppy proofed the house for young Mr Colt who had his first night away from the kennels last night (and he was PERFECT which was an absolute pleasure because I don't think after travelling half way round the world, jumping forward in time 14 hours and skipping an entire nights sleep I have ever wanted those 7 hours of sleep so much - and he didn't make a peep all night!), gone through 6 months of mail, done two loads of laundry, picked up more puppy supplies and I am about to attack the wardrobe reprioritisation! Puppy has already had about three training sessions and an hour long walk this morning before the heat smacked into us.

    Oh and in the midst of our travelling using airport wifis I managed to complete all my 2012 EPIC SIX MONTH ROADTRIP BLOG posts! They can all be seen here: http://sherunswithdogs.wordpress.com complete with NYE in Las Vegas, Christmas in NYC and our last trip excitement - Magic Mountain Valencia California.

    I want to say a HUGE THANKYOU! to big_heart_june as when I opened all the mail up this morning I had the loveliest card and a couple of very special Spn little gifts. Thankyou bb you are indeed the most perfect LJ friend ever!

    My list of things to do could be at 230 right now but I've decided for 2013 - keep TO DO LISTS TO 10 TASKS! That way they do seem more achievable.

    And now I am off to cross some more off...one that is super important though is to arrange our next Spn viewing day with ash48 and zebra363 - can't wait to catch up with my fellow fangirls! :)

    I'm going to keep a record of my book reading this year.
    I have completed so far in 2013 - The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (and subsequently now want to read and study EVERYTHING about that author and also get onto Atlas Shrugged. I just LOVE her writing style. Makes me want to go back to Uni and study her)
    and The New NEW Rules by Bill Maher, quite a contrast in genres I must say (the first one took a month and a half to finish, the second one got done in a 5 hour plane ride), Maher's was very amusing and filled with quite frightening facts of knowledge I didn't know. I have watched Religulous and whilst I get where he's coming from and agree with much of what he says I do find his style fairly sledgehammery much like Michael Moore. I enjoy them both but just wish for a little more refinery in their approach.

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