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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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    Provide pictures of 5 Celebrity Crushes...

    Oh 30 Day Challenge...I thought you'd never ask :) Plus there was no picture limit stipulation so...

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  • 04/24/11--09:10: Flying fic rec
  • Before I go to bed I gotta post a link for this fic I just read...

    It's got HILARIOUS Tom and Mike and very adorable Jared and Jensen and a classic game of Truth or Dare.
    Shenanigans and hotness ensue..

    The One With The Closet NC17 - Tom/Mike Jared/Jensen and an unfortunate couch

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  • 04/25/11--09:51: Repost Frontierland Picspam
  • Thanks to [info]big_heart_june  for letting me know the pics were not showing up - I have fixed the issue I hope HERE

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    it's a little late I know but dammit I am gonna finish this meme!

    Post a picture of someone you fancy...

    Well... I'd give you three guesses but msot of you would only need one.

    And that's Sam Winchester right there. I kinda, maybe...alright a HELLUVA lot fancy him. Shame he's too young
    for me and fictional and already has a soul mate. I live vicariously through Dean. Some days I even live vicariously
    through Sam - because none should ever have to choose between two such awesome brothers.

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    The world ends tomorrow how do you spend your time...

    So I'm assuming I have 24 hours here. So this time tomorrow night the world is ending what would I do.

    Hmmmm...you know what I would want to be somewhere beautiful, so I would find a place in my homestate - there's plenty of them and take my guy and my puppies and go and watch the sun come up.

    I'd bid my parents adieu, tell them I love them and thank them for everything they gave me and then urge them to go find their own final 24 hour path. I'd make sure that nothing but my favourite foods passed my lips and I'd make love with my guy on a secluded beach somewhere with a fantastic view of the ocean.

    I'd find somse dolphins and swim with them and I'd play all my favourite songs out loud and sing with them at the top of my voice. I'd post a farewell message on the internet - not that it matters to anyone but just because this online world has brought me so much joy. I'd definitely get drunk and possibly high - although if that made me sleepy I'd probably wait till the last hour for that one. I'd find a casino and blow all my money on the Red and if I won everyone in the place would have drinks on me.

    I'd like to drive a Lamborghini or if that's hard to get hold of then a Ferrari, or a Porsche or a Corvette and drive it really fast out on the open road. Then I'd get on the fastest Ducatti money could buy and teach myself in one easy lesson how to ride a motorbike.

    I'd make a home video of my most loved and cherished people and puppies in the world and include a final monologue by me and then find the deepest darkest cave in my state and bury the camera in case civilisation ever returns.

    When the sun goes down I'd like to be near water, either on a yacht or a beach or in a place that has the best views of the ocean at night. Mr Redteekal and the puppies would be with me, never out of reach and we'd just sit and talk and make wild speculations about the future of this planet and what if any afterlife we imagine. What would happen if we stole a superfast jet and just flew it as fast and as high as we could. On a big screen nearby as we looked over the ocean we'd have a constant slideshow running of all the wonders and amazing places and people of our planet. The human race - just a flash in the pan in the big scheme of the cosmos' lifespan - we may have fucked up but there was so much good and we could never be accused of being dull.
    So as my blood is delightfully sedated by alcohol or wacky baccy (or both) I'd hug my family and make my peace with the universe at large. So long and thanks for all the fish.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    What do I want to be when I am older...

    Well. I always ask my kids this - with a grin in my eyes, "So guys...what do you think I should be when I grow up?"
    There's always this slight pause and stare response like they're trying to figure out if I just said what they thought they heard. I always raise my eyebrows and say 'What? You didn't think I was always going to be a teacher did you?"

    Ahhh I amuse myself.
    Three things I want to be when I grow up....
    (and in NO order of priority)

    1. Published author (either novels or TV/Film Screenplays/Scripts)
    2. Professional Agility Instructor/Manager of Training Facilities
    3. Animal Handler/Wrangler/Trainer on TV and Film sets

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    A TV Show You Are Addicted to...

    Well. This is a total mystery I am sure. ;-)

    It seems whilst there are shows I love to watch every week - for the last few years or so there has been one show that not only do I have to catch every new episode as soon as Australian-ly possible but that I can rewatch over and over and over again.
    Smallville you were this show...sadly no more. I can wait for you. Supernatural on the other hand....well let's just say the only waiting I do for this show is always ENFORCED and always AGAINST MY WILL!

    Symptoms of my addiction:

    *I can recite three paragraph stories verbatim that I have made up that allow me to recall the exact name and number of every single episode in the first three seasons. Cuurrently working on four and five. Seriously - I have sat there in long assed boring work meetings and composed fairly bizarre monlogues that contain the names of each episode. Example: Here's line one from Season 1 - The Pilot shot the Wendigo Dead in the Water so the Phantom Traveller drank a Bloody Mary and watched as the Skin of the Hookman was eaten by Bugs.

    *Post a screen cap and I can pretty much tell immediately the Season, Episode and Scene and what is about to happen 9and also what happened in the previous three scenes).

    *I tend to have a new found respect for keeping significant amounts of salt in the house.

    *I like to use random phrases from the show that only hard core fans would recognise.

    *My sister has so far made me a Supernatural calendar and a tee shirt with the Impala on it.

    *I am attending my first conventions this year and next.

    *The majority of new found music on my playlists has come about either directly through the show or via the many fanvids or fanfics I have watched and read.

    *I am reading Vonnegut.

    *I believe Cardio is important for more reasons than just your health. You need to be able to run fast when required.

    *I am no longer adverse to the idea of training in firearms. Not that I will ever have one but I don't want to be a baby who whines.

    *I think a more than rudimentary understanding of Latin is probably a good thing.

    *When not required to be online for immediate tasks or work enforced contemplations my mind is often engaged in reflection on the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester and how they would respond in certain situations and consideration of all their flaws and qualities.

    *When given the choice between engaging in customary human socialisation rituals or staying in and watching my show - show ALWAYS wins. I make exceptions for immediate family and extremely close friends (all of which I can count on one hand).

    *I am very fond of sharing my show with others who either have A: Not seen the light or B: Have seen the light but would prefer to watch said light on our wall sized screen in HD (this second group is my favourite because it allows me to rewatch my show endlessly for the legitimate purpose of letting others catch up on what they haven't seen yet)

    *I have pillows made from Alpaca wool. Make of that what you will.

    Now before this regresses any further I will just stop here and say that these are but a few. But I'm sure you all see my point. *vbg*

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    Places I've Lived...

    Johannesburg, South Africa 0 to 6 months
    Kent, United Kingdom 6 months - 18 months of age
    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 18 months - 2 years old
    Perth, Western Australia 2 years old onwards...

    Do holidays count?
    If they do...and they should because technically I lived in these places for several days...

    Cologne, Germany
    Houston, Texas
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    San Diego, California
    San Francisco, California
    Berlin, Germany
    Munich, Germany
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Paris, France
    Loire Valley, France
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Bang Kok, Thailand
    Swedish Lappland, Sweden
    Venice, Italy
    Rome, Italy
    Sidcup, United Kingdom
    London, United Kingdom
    Bremen, Germany
    Dongara, Western Australia
    Broome, Western Australia
    Adelaide, South Australia
    Melbourne, Victoria
    Canberra, Australia
    Rottnest Island, Western Australia

    And in three days I can add Somerset, United Kingdom to that list!

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    Aaaaand I am up to date with this one...

    okay so this day is:

    Concerts you have attended...

    Sting (a number of times)
    The Police (once)
    Pearl Jam
    Pink ( a couple times now)
    Bon Jovi
    Guns N Roses
    John Farnham (yeah yeah I was 13 okay...shuddup)
    Oh the Amnesty Internation Bercy Stadium in Paris - where we saw Robert Plant, Tracy Chapman, Youssou N'Dour, Sting, Peter Gabriel and RADIOHEAD!!!
    Ben Harper
    Black Eyed Peas
    Sarah McLachlan
    Jay Z
    Richard Marx  (you can still shuddup)
    Scissor Sisters

    Hmmm I feel like there is probably more ... but that's all I can think of off the top of my head... I do have a concert wishlist though - part of my bucket list I guess is to see these artists before I kick it....some I will have to try and see AFTER I kick it of course. ;-)

    Dire Straits (or even just Mark Knopfler seriously...someone should get on that)
    The Cure
    Eric Clapton
    Jimmi Hendrix
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd
    Poets of the Fall
    K's Choice
    Matt Nathanson
    Greg Laswell
    Big and Rich
    Jack Johnson
    Joshua Radin
    Fort Minor
    Depeche Mode

    Just a few there *vbg*

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    Turn ons and turn offs...

    So the old turn ons and turns offs type question eh?
    Let's see...

    Turn Ons include (but are not limited to)...

    Intelligent and Sharp Minds
    An open face with a mouth naturally built for smiling
    Taller guys than me
    Fit bodies
    A sense of humour
    Realistic optimism
    Strong, wide shoulders
    Certain types of porn (both written and visual)
    Strong Moral Compass...obviously with morals that align with mine
    A love of food and music
    A curious mind that always wants to know more...
    Smooth looking soft to touch skin
    Restrained yet still visible masculinity
    Confident femininity
    A love of your own body
    A love of animals

    Turns Offs include (but are not limited to)...

    Dull, passive, inert minds
    Mouths that turn down, or whose natural look is negative..
    Unwarranted arrogance
    Weakness of character
    People who are never happy but never change their life to make themselves happy
    Those who would hold permanent grudges
    Those who don't appreciate how lucky they are
    Hairy bodies
    Visible lack of love for their own body
    A dislike of dogs

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Hoping I'm not too late with this....I've been out of the country, recovering from UK related jetlag and hosting a gal from Seattle, Washington in the past month so quite bluntly I've not had time to scratch my arse let alone realise I've missed a birthday!

    Anyways....without further ado here is my happy birthday post to June (aka [info]big_heart_june ) complete with illustrations...

    First of all there's....

    Dean....he's looking a little distressed he may have missed your birthday....

    Then there is...

    Sam, he can't quite believe Dean could do such a thing and now he's all sad....but he's also...

    A little pissy about it and hence the slight over tones of epic Sam bitch-face.

    Meanwhile Jared is all...

    "I'm getting June a present THIS big!"

    And Jensen is already plotting away....his present is totally gonna upstage Jared's. What could it be? ;-)

    In the end they coudn't decide which to give first - so they're giving it together.

    They promised me...just this once...

    They'd make out for you....so I took a picture *vbg* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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  • 06/20/11--03:07: A Post of Many Things...
    Okay so there has been SOOOOOOOOOO much going on in my life right now I just have not had the wherewithal to put it all together in a post....I didn't get to post during my time in the UK purely because that was a non-stop 11 days of immersing myself and then subsequently gloriously and shamelessly rolling myself all around in what I now dub MY AGILITY NIRVANA.

    Seriously the World Agility Open Championships? They rocked my world. I had the BEST time and before I'd even got on the plane to come back I was plotting and scheming and planning ways of returning to the next one - to be held in Belgium in May next year.

    Then I came back and there was like a Smallville FINAL FINALE EVER OF ALL TIME to watch and then I landed just in time for the Supernatural S6 finale to just about be going to air and then straight after that there was like two cons back to back and then a little break and Nashville con just over a week ago and my flist looked like it had gone nuclear and I had so much pretty and squee and series finale reactions to catch up on and try and not miss.

    Then one of my favourite American handlers/trainers all round awesome instructors came out to lil old Perth Western Australia (all the very long way from Washington State) and I had like FIVE days of my own little microcosm of Agility Nirvana as she stayed with me and I drove her eveywhere and let her see the sights in between all the agility training, lessons and seminars. Daisy Peel is 33 has been on the US World Team three times in a row now, was a High School Chemistry teacher, lives in Washington State and has an awesome approach to life. www.daisypeel.com

    Then reality sets in as I have to get back to work (although truth be told I have had it easy pretty much with at least three weeks off out of this term and we are already heading into week 8 with only two more after that till holidays!) and of course the SPN BigBang posts start rolling out and I'd really much rather stay home in jammies and curl up with some excellent Sam and Dean reading in between doing all the training I want to do with the puppies and for myself but sadly I have not recently come into millions and so hiho hiho it's off to work I go.

    Especially if I want to start saving for next year's plans. Of course work chooses now to decide that major restructuring and models for middle school next year should be discussed and talked about it and endlessly PMI'd all over the place and quite frankly I am having a hard time getting my head into any other space other than - I AM NOT EVEN HERE NEXT YEAR! \o/ How long till holidays? What Big Bang fic shall I read next? What am I training next in Agility? and What are my plans for next year?
    So my LIFE UPDATED list is as follows:
    1. WAO was fantastic - I got to borrow a super little sable coloured Border Collie from Wales named Noonoo and she was excellent and we finished in 8th spot out of 22 (everyone else of course running their own dogs so I thought that was not too shabby at all) I had 10 runs and we ran clear in 3, and only eliminated in 3 the rest all finishing with 1 or 2 faults. With the difficulty of the courses and even the top handlers purely making their mission NOT to get eliminated I figured we did quite well given Noonoo and I had all of five days to get to know each other and run with each other before we had to compete. There is a reason why good agility dog and handler teams usually start out with the pup at age 8 weeks and training!

    2. Smallville Finale - just what I expected and even a bit better than that! It was interesting I watched it with a non SV viewer and my hubby who watched with me till about Season 7 then gave up. Seeing it from their point of view it made me crack up at some of the cheese in there but being a long time watcher and fan I was expecting it so I just reveled in it. Sure I was a little regretful that the series had got to the point where the cheese (dialogue and some of the fx) was almost par for the course but at the same time I was super psyched to see the final evolution of Clark Kent from his first bumbling approach to Lana Lang to the very smooth and carefully cultivated dashing superhero artfully walking the line between mild mannered reporter and quietly confident, self assured in his own sex appeal otherworldly Superman who saves the world - as much as he can.

    3. Supernatural Finale - I have to say these last two episodes had me glued to the screen and I was mightily impressed by the writing, the direction and the performances. Jared, once again knocked it out of the park and I was entranced by his performance. I have to say (and I am kind of sad I feel this way but there's no point in brushing these things under the rug - it is what it is and trying to convince yourself you've just not watched it enough times is not the way to go about it) I was disappointed greatly in the last ten seconds. For two reasons I guess - one is I truly felt the Sam's Wall being broken down storyline should have taken first priority right up until the end - instead it left off with a fizzle instead of a bang and also because once again Dean was given what I felt was a decidedly OOC line to play. As stubborn assed as he is and as emphatic in his declarations of wrong and betrayal I really don't think his reaction at the end was Dean-like at all, I'm still musing on that though. As to Castiel? Well it was inevitable really - I like to consider what the outcome would have been if Dean had just taken a few moments to sit the distressed angel down and have a heart to heart about all the implications and possible courses of action to take, let him know that he was still like a brother to Dean.  Maybe a few more rewatches will lend me some more insight. But all in all my reaction over the two episodes was exceedingly impressed with what I was watching. I truly don't understand how anyone cannot be hooked by this show. It's got freaking claws like you wouldn't believe.

    I leave this here...as a memorial to Robo!Sam because his demise, whilst inevitable, also regretful because whilst he may have been soulless he was definitely at one with the hotness. Plus we all know two Sams are infiinitely better than one :)
    4.So....after playing in the Supernatural fandom for a few years now, watching the con vids and reading the reports and thinking I'd kinda be terrfied of ever going to one of them - I am now going to 3 in the course of about six months. LOL. This is so me. I'm very much an ALL or nothing kinda gal. First one is the October one in Toronto - hubby and I taking a two week holiday to New York and in the middle dropping into Toronto. Then the next one - only recently decided on - is the Jus In Bello Con 3 in Rome April next year :-O. Figured I'm heading to the UK in April anyway in prep for the WAO 2012 why not Rome instead a little earlier?? AND AND AND... I'm bringing [info]netlynn with me!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Well when I say "bringing" I mean she and I are meeting up in Rome. I am just tickled pink about the whole thing and normally I don't even DO pink. That line from Wendigo when Dean says "Oh sweetheart I don't do shorts"..? That's like me and PINK. Although when you do catch me saying I love Pink - I am talking about the singer Alecia Moore NOTHING even remotely pink.


    So much stuff to rec it is INSANE... but here it goes.

    1)GAME OF THRONES people.

    You need to be all over that. It is epic and it is vast and it is like art on film - 10 episodes nearly 1 hour each so it's like a mini movie every week (finale is tonight) and it has the budget of millions and it is gripping and tense and superbly cast. There are Knights and Kings and Queens and Lords and Ladies and Princes and Princesses and all kinds of sexual orientations and epic battles and fine swordsmanship and GIRLS WHO KICK ASS!!! And snipey, snivelling, horrible, reprehensible characters who you feel quite savage towards and heroes and WOLVES and wonderful characters that you cheer for and there are SUPERNATURAL beings and I am going to be so sad when I watch the finale and have to wait another year. So of course I have now ordered via Amazon George RR Martin's Game of Thrones series and will be reading those 4 hefty tomes over the hiatus period in order to keep my thirst slaked :)

    2) SPN Big Bang is indeed that BIG and BANGING!!! So far I have read and enjoyed the following fics:

    [info]destina 's WINTER http://destina.livejournal.com/588715.html (the Sam and Dean childhoods flashbacks some of the best Winchester kid!fic I've read)

    [info]runedgirl 's THE OUTLAW DEAN WINCHESTER http://runedgirl.livejournal.com/50019.html

    [info]aggybird 's UNICORN HUNTERS http://aggybird.livejournal.com/123516.html (the humour in this is just perfect - I love fics that make me grin from the imagery of the words)

    [info]balefully 's EVERY WOLF'S HOWL [info]balefully http://balefully.livejournal.com/652692.html#cutid1

    [info]cherie_morte 's A LIST OF TYPO'S MADE BY GOD http://infatuated-ink.livejournal.com/60451.html (warning this one is hurty - much angst - which I must admit I don't normally like for long lengths but the writing here is just so compelling I just knew it would be worth it)

    [info]britomart_is 's LIKE THE LUGGAGE OF SOME DEPARTED TRAVELLER http://britomart-is.livejournal.com/180851.html  (I was pretty damn impressed with this - it has several long chapters without Sam in it and normally I wouldn't be patient with that for very long but again the writing was just so....addictive, I couldn't look away plus the Jess? SHE IS KICK ASS excellent)

    I have about another 5 on my tabs to get to...so there will probably be more recs forthcoming.

    Movie wise lately we've done Super 8 (if you loved ET, Stand By Me, The Goonies or any of those 60's, 70's early 80's small town America classics you will love this movie - it's like a Spielberg, Lucas, Hughes, Reitman fanboy convention) and really enjoyed that. Hangover 2 - it's as good as the first one so it had me laughing (and cringing) hard and the latest Pirates movies - which is kind of going through the motions but is pretty never the less with some great one liners throughout. Depp as Sparrow will always be entertaning to watch for me.

    Another movie that I have been mainlining as part of my English classes right now is The Truman Show. Can you believe that movie is over 13 years old by now?? I find the whole story concept still incredibly fascinating and whilst I hold no torch for Carrey I have to say he did a magnificient job in this one, Weir directed him perfectly and it was superbly shot. It's fun to blow the kids minds in class - they were all very concerned that this Truman Show actually existed and that a corporation had actually managed to do that to a human being. When I explained it to them they were then blown away by the whole TV Show in a Movie pretending to be a Documentary about a TV Show. The questions like what is real and what is fake as well as Who has the power in The Truman Show? are ones that have sparked some very interesting discussions. Most of them were firm though that Truman should be suing the asses off the networks and the creators for all the millions he is owed from unwittingly being a on TV Show.

    So NEW YORK NEW YORK!!! Mr. Redteekal and I are about 14 weeks away from flying off to NY for two weeks - we have on our TO DO list - the MOMA, a broadway performance or two (one definitely being Wicked), a baseball game if possible, a basketball game if possible, Chinatown, Empire State Building, the Museums in Central Park, Coney Island plus we plan on doing Niagara Falls when in Toronoto for four days. Any seasoned NY travelling flisties out there got any recommendations for the big apple then??

    And how does one acquire a 4 day pass to Comic-con 2012 when one is not actually attending  ComicCon 2011? Surely some of you are in the know on these sorts of things...

    Oh and book recs...

    Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
    The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman
    The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanna Collins
    Anything and all by Malcolm Gladwell
    Stiff by Mary Roach (The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers - more uplifting and humourous than you might think!)

    Righto must go, Game of Thrones finale beckons along with home made burgers that put Burger King AND Mickey D's to shame. Nomnomnom.

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    I'm just putting this here....via breatheslowly.tumblr.com

    and in case my beautiful and very busy flist missed my last post (explaining my MIA of late and various Recs of tv and fic - GLORIOUS BB fic) it's here Also the following pic is relevant to that post....

    via sams-soul.tumblr.com

    So as I sit here in the TV room typing this entry up on my brand spanking new iPad2 (yay Birthday present!) I ponder such things as the devilishly handsome Eric and if he is connected as he could be, technologically speaking. He graced my screen tonight with such glamour and presence I couldn't help thinking that I had missed him this past True Blood hiatus and was very grateful he would be there for the next long months whilst I not so patiently wait for the return of Supernatural and Game of Thrones and Dexter.

    I will announce this here....I have not been a fan of Apple in the past. I conceded the iPod had many uses and so did allow myself that one indulgence into the Apple realm. But the Apple Ipad2 has definitely flipped the switch. This one arrived Friday and so far I have used it each day for no less that four hours at least. It is lighter, faster, far more ergonomically friendly than my laptop and makes a fantastic HD video camera combined with the zillion other things it does.

    I have a Toshiba laptop and a HTC Desire phone plus a desktop PC. They all work efficiently and meet my expectations. So nothing Apple there. Why go for an iPad? Well the laptop stays on my staff room office desk NOW, desktop stays at home...the phone is great but small for the classroom environment and the laptop got scuttled by a clumsy 8th grader the other day, hit the floor in the classroom on its corner, damage, luckily, only external but enough to make me wonder if a netbook or tablet would be easier to lug back and forth to where I teach. I looked into the other tablets - none of them were as light or streamlined as the iPad, nor less expensive, nor came with all the same features. So what the hell? I had a birthday coming up so that's what I asked for. So far I am pretty damn impressed. There is some serious substance behind all the shiny and the glitz and the slick marketing of this product. I used it today in the classroom and it projects beautifully onto the big screen. With the right cables and adapters there really is little I cannot do via the iPad that I could do via the laptop with much less weight and cumbersome size. So if any of you are considering the iPad I'd say go for it  - it makes reading fanfic, pdfs and ebooks a BREEZE. Instant playback of HD video - PERFECT. I'm looking at any of you involved in sports there. The app selection is ridiculously huge. I shall have fun in that place :) Okay Apple - I may be, just might be, fangirling you a little and not even reluctantly anymore ;)

    Oh ONE more thing before I go.... Matt Nathanson's latest album Modern Love came out last week - this is like baskin robbins ice cream for the auditory senses - it's not often that I'll find an album that I like 80% of the songs on - this one is is one of like FIVE in my life it's awesome and streaming at www.mattnathanson.com go listen to the love.

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    I only wish there was video footage of this interview. Yeah it is long and I didn't cut but I'm posting it from my iPad and A: I haven't worked out out how to do a cut using iPad and B: this interview is soooooo entertaining everyone on my flist should read it - EVEN if this is not your fandom or if it used to be.

    This was found on my tumblr by way of superlynatural.tumblr.com

    Jared VS. Jensen

    Spot the differences in these two during my sit down interview with them as they prepare to leave the Supernatural set and Canada to spend the holidays with their families (and apparently each other), taking questions head on and doing some lightning round interviews for good measure!

    They didn’t know each other before the series, but thanks to Supernatural Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles not only became colleagues but also close and (what their own words describe as simply) best friends.

    These two Texas natives now vacation together with their new wives, got married almost literally together, as planned and apart from all that they seem closer than the Winchesters. (Actual brothers on the show if you’re not keeping up.)

    When I sat down and talked with these two tv-brothers and real life best friends, I asked them to make some hard choices so we can finally decide who we like best!

    Interviewer: Alright. First question. Tough guy or Softy?

    Jared: Which one of us?
    Interviewer: Both.
    Jared: Well, because of our characters in Supernatural, Dean is the macho man, Sam is more of a softy usually, people often expect me to be the gentle one of the two of us.
    Jensen: That’s not just suspected, it’s also true.
    Jared: Yeah I admit, I can be a pretty big softy.
    Jensen: Did you or did you not cry at Toy Story 3?
    Jared: Yes, but at least I’m man enough to admit it. You still believe in that old fashioned ‘men don’t cry’ principle.
    Jensen: Those old values are worth upholding.
    Jared: You know something else he does? He gets over things real easily. It’s so insane that it’s almost pathetic. I once watched in amazement how he was scolded by a producer like, he literally ripped him a new ass and then Jensen just simply smiled at him and said: ‘Are you done? Let’s go get a beer now. You obviously need to cool off.’ I am much more of a thinker and really have to take things in and deal with what is said to me.
    Jensen: But on the other hand you can be like that too. You are modest and relaxed and also avoid fights. You’re very sarcastic and can make almost anything funny and into a joke. It can be a serious life or death situation and Jared will still have everyone in the room in stitches. And you’re one of those guys who wants to be left alone to do his own thing at times. So I guess you’re not that much of a softy.
    Jared: Thank you?
    Jensen: Any time.

    Interviewer: In real life: Friendship or Brothers??

    Jensen: That’s almost impossible to explain. Nine months a year we’re stuck with each other literally twenty four hours a day seven days a week because we’re working on the show. Even doing stuff for ourselves in between isn’t possible. We’re constantly together. And even when we’re not actually working together during that nine months, or the other three months out of the year for that matter, we always find ourselves choosing to hang out and be together.
    Jared: We even lived with each other!
    Jensen: We did.
    Jared: We were in each other’s weddings!
    Jensen: We were.
    Jared: And when we leave Canada for break we’re combining our family’s to do Christmas together in Texas this year!
    Jensen: We will. But what I’m saying is, if you compare our relationship with Dean and Sam’s relationship on the show, there is a huge difference. Jared never drives me up the wall.
    Jared: I wouldn’t say never.
    Jensen: Not like, you’re actually driving me up the wall. We can talk to each other about and doing anything with each other and I guess that’s pretty unique for two guys our age especially when we never really get into it.
    Jared: Yeah. And whenever we’ve fought it’s been for each other! Like, I’ll do or say something and he will to and the other one might not like it but in the end we’re doing it to help or protect them or something and it’s never against him.
    Jensen: I think we do have that loyalty and I can honestly say you know, I’d trust my life with this guy and I guess in relevance to Dean for Sam, I would jump in front of a bullet for him any day and never think twice.
    Jared: And the best part about Jensen and my relationship is it’s gonna be that way when we’re on the show and not. I mean, unfortunately for him he’s stuck with me for life now and that’s important. But look, brothers and sisters for that matter sometimes fight. Or worse; they can’t get along at all. Between Jensen and me there have never been any issues and I think that’s rather special.
    Jensen: We’re best friends, period. He’s my best friend for life. I don’t think it’s that remarkable, but it’s definitely special.

    Interviewer: Optimist or pessimist?

    Jensen: I’m very much an optimist and usually try to see the good in other people. I’m open-minded, but not necessarily an extravert. I’m known as someone who works hard, is realistic and doesn’t like complications. I prefer to keep away from the red carpet world of Hollywood and avoid the paparazzi. I’d much rather focus on whats real to me and my career.
    Jared: Yeah, I recognize myself in that. I have nothing to add! I’m as optimistic as both Winchester brothers put together!
    Jensen: Dude, isn’t that a bit too much?
    Jared: Dude, no.

    Interviewer: Vain or nonchalant?

    Jared: You go first!
    Jensen: Oh right, thanks, again. I used to be a model. Because of that I’m trained to care about the way I look. Or better put; to be aware of what I look like to other people. I love good suits once in a while and, yes, my hair needs to be cool before I leave the house. That’s it. I’m not the kind of person that goes to a beauty salon or anything. And I don’t get like, five hundred dollar haircuts. I just like to be me and me is a Texas boy. I like being clean cut and I’m not really into tattoos or piercings or crap like that. I guess some people think of that as being a preppy boy or whatever but.
    Jared: Jensen thinks he’s a cowboy.
    Jensen: I’m not going out and buying a ranch or anything.
    Jared: You still think you’re a cowboy at heart though.
    Jensen: I guess.
    Jared: For me like, when it comes to clothes I’m not that vain, really. I wear what I like and usually that’s whatever I find in the morning when I look around my bedroom. Like today: I’m wearing a beany because of an incredibly bad hairday that I don’t feel like fixing and I’m not wearing anything special, am I?
    Jensen: Just flannel like you and Sam always are.
    Jared: Yeah. Cause your clothes are always so stylish.
    Jensen: They are.
    Jared: But I do make a big deal about my body. My biggest fear is to become really fat.
    Jensen: Cause there’s so many fat 7’5 people in the world. He whines so much and just by virtue of his height alone he never has to worry about any of that like the rest of us do. And he proves it too. He eats like it’s the last supper every meal.
    Jared: It could always be the last supper, you never know!
    Jensen: We actually specially stock our house for when Jared visits. And when we lived together I didn’t even bother doing the grocery shopping because what I eat in five or six meals Jared eats in a snack.
    Jared: I didn’t know that’s why you never went grocery shopping! I just thought you thought I was better at it!
    Jensen: At grocery shopping?
    Jared: Yeah!
    Jensen: Anyways, I remember he once had a scene where he had to dig in the graveyard without a shirt on. Man, I laughed so hard. He was whining about the scene for weeks and he’d been working out a lot. To be fair, it was with good results. But the moment we were taping the scene we were only on like the first or second take and he wanted to start digging. But he was goofing around and he ripped his pants. And the best part was that the camera was right behind him filming us messing around! I think I laid on the ground laughing for at least a half an hour. And even after that, we had to call cut because neither of us could pull it together enough to be serious and film the scene. And he just made it worse when he dully said: “Damn, did I train that hard just to rip out of my pants?!”
    Jared: You couldn’t look me in the eyes and take me seriously for weeks after that.
    Jensen: Oh, I still can’t! I never have.
    Jared: I’m really thinking hard about an embarrassing story to tell about you right now, but I can’t think of any that wouldn’t get me in so much trouble that you’d never speak to me again.
    Jensen: Those stories don’t exist.
    Jared: You know what’s gross though? I’ve always wanted to say this to you. You often eat with your mouth stuffed and try to talk at the same time and it’s disgusting. Also, that your pants hang halfway off your ass most of the time isn’t flattering considering I’ve never heard your hip-hop album before and it definitely doesn’t fall under ‘vanity’…

    Interviewer: Level-headed or superstitious?

    Jensen: I wouldn’t call myself superstitious, but I do suspect there’s more between heaven and earth. Even hell. I’m open for spiritual experiences, although I haven’t needed any salt yet to ward off evil spirits from my home.
    Jared: I firmly believe that things happen for a reason. That may sound melodramatic, but I don’t believe coincidence exists. And I also believe we’re not the only living creatures in this universe. And we both totally sleep with salt guns under our beds. He lies.

    Interviewer: Nerds or ladykillers?

    Jensen: Nerd! The word alone is funny.
    Jared: Also nerd! Although, people used to say I looked like Matt Damon, nowadays, sometimes people say I look like Brad Pitt.
    Jensen: Right. Keep telling yourself that. I’ve never heard anyone refer to you as either of those much more talented actors.
    Jared: But it is a bit of a tough choice. Who says about himself that he’s a nerd? Or a ladykiller? If that’s the case, you should take your pee to the doctor immediately.
    Jensen: Of course we notice the hardcore group of female fans who follow us. It’s extremely flattering, but not something that we concern ourselves with. Just as we don’t wonder which one of us is the most popular. In the first place, the success of Supernatural lies in the story. We know that all of these women and fans are in love with Dean and Sam and not Jensen and Jared. That doesn’t take away the fact that Jared’s uglier than me and can’t act as well, of course. He can’t help it.
    Jared: When he starts to make these kind of comments, I usually pull out the candy and start crying.
    Jensen: Do you have any?
    Jared: No! I just bought a big bag and Misha stole it!
    Jensen: Jerk.
    Jared: Tell me about it. Hold on, I’ll text him.
    Jensen: To answer this question seriously: of course we realize Supernatural gets shown all over the world. And it would be weird if there wasn’t one woman between all of those viewers who didn’t like one of us. But we don’t have time to concern ourselves with that. We work sixteen hour days for months on end. You’re not going to look at how your image is doing in the remaining few hours.
    Jared: You’re not?
    Jensen: No.
    Jared: Well I am. Working sixteen hour days does sound a bit nerdy, by the way.

    Interviewer: After Supernatural: TV or Movie career?

    Jared: They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it would be a luxury to be able to combine them. Working on a tv-series is like a steady job: you’re working on one spot and you’re guaranteed you have work and a paycheck. In addition to that, I experience it as an extra luxury to be allowed to play in a series with my best friend. We agreed together that Supernatural comes first over any films or anything we get offered, just like Jensen and I sat down and agreed back in season two that we would get paid equally every single episode no matter who had more screen time. But it should be possible to film a movie next to that. Like how Jensen was in My Bloody Valentine and I was in Friday the 13th. But again, until Supernatural ends, we always make those decisions together and in accordance to what we think is best for the show and our rolls on it as well as our families and time spent outside of the show.
    Jensen: Those movies just happened to fit exactly in our working schedule, and it was incredibly fun to do! Look, we don’t begrudge each other these kinds of projects. Even though we call each other often to tell how relaxed and luxurious we actually have it on the set of Supernatural. And yeah, sometimes we also tell each other that we’ll hopefully be able to work together again soon.
    Jared: In other words: soon you might also be able to book us as a duo!
    Jensen: Yeah. When the show ends we’ll just keep doing stuff together.
    Jared: We’ll be like, this generations Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.
    Jensen: It’ll be great. We can go on tour as the Smothers Brothers.

    Interviewer: Lightning round questions. You guys ready?

    Jared: Bring it on!
    Jensen Booya!

    Interviewer: Nickname?

    Jensen: Yousy
    Jared: Sasquatch
    Jensen: Beavis
    Jared: Butthead. Wait, are we doing this for each other or ourselves?
    Jensen Keep going!
    Jared Okay! Umm ‘hey, freakishly tall guy, can you move?’
    Jensen ‘Hey, I didn’t know you were like a normal-dude, height. On tv you totally look like a tiny man, guy .. can you move?’
    Jared: The better Dean.
    Jensen: Okay. I think we should be finished with this now.

    Interviewer: Favorite City?

    Jensen: Los Angeles.
    Jared: Really?
    Jensen: Well, for work.
    Jared: Dallas.
    Jensen: You’re a d*ck.

    Interviewer: Hair color?

    Jensen: I think I’m naturally like a dark blondeish.
    Jared: Okay Ken. Brown.

    Interviewer: The other persons best qualities?

    Jared: Great ass!
    Jensen: Gorgeous laugh and smile!
    Jared: Umm Jensen’s a great friend, a great guy, a good listener and he’s ungodly faithful.
    Jensen: Okay. I guess I have to say good traits about you then, huh? Umm he’s funny, caring and content with who he is.

    Interviewer: The other persons worst qualities?

    Jensen: Oh God, here we go.
    Jared: He is such a control freak! And a neat freak. And you have no idea how quickly those can become the two most annoying traits on the planet.
    Jensen: When he farts, you can smell it on other planets! And he farts a lot.

    Interviewer: Your own best qualities?

    Jensen: Oh, I’m gorgeous!
    Jared: I’m so pretty!

    Interviewer: Your own worst qualities?

    Jensen: I don’t think I tend to take a crtiscism very well.
    Jared: Really? I’m surprised you think that. I think I can be really impatient. And I like to worry.
    Jensen: Yeah. He’d never survive as a Winchester. You get a paper cut and he thinks you’re dying.

    Interviewer: Favorite food?

    Jensen: Penne with bolognese.
    Jared: That’s disgusting. Cheeseburger with mustard sauce and lots of lettuce and tomato.
    Jensen: That’ disgusting.
    Jared: No it’s not. It’s good. You’re disgusting.
    Jensen: Who puts lots of mustard on a cheeseburger?
    Jared: Jared does.

    Interviewer: Favorite book?

    Jensen: Lullaby.
    Jared: The Great Gatsby.
    Jensen: You’re such a girl.

    Interviewer: Favorite movie?

    Jensen: 3:10 to Yuma. Or Gran Torino
    Jared: He’s really in love with Clint Eastwood. He thinks they’re going to fall in love and get married someday.
    Jensen: He’s the best!
    Jared: Good Will Hunting.

    Interviewer: Favorite music?

    Jensen: Garth Brooks. Best concert of my life. My dad, brother and I went. Never forget it. I own every single one of that guys albums. Umm I love the king of pop, r.i.p. Marc Broussard, Marty Robbins, Stevie Ray Vaughan.
    Jared: And country.
    Jensen: Yes, country.
    Jared: I like country, but Jensen loves country.
    Jensen: Yeah.
    Jared: There nothing like being woken up in your trailer at four o’clock in the morning to Taylor Swift blasting from the trailer next to yours.
    Jensen: Whatever.
    Jared: What? You love Taylor Swift!
    Jensen: I know I do.
    Jared: You seriously just admitted that in public. And here I was calling you a manly-man earlier.
    Jensen: She’s a good little songwriter!
    Jared: Umm I’ve really been getting back into Pearl Jam lately. I’ve been on an everything Pearl Jam kick.
    Jensen: Yeah. Cause there’s nothing like waking up to ‘Jeremy’ blasting from the trailer next to yours at four o’clock in the morning for the like, thousandth time.
    Jared: Hey! Jeremy is a good, complicated, emotional song! It helps me get in Sams head.
    Jensen: And it helps Dean get closer with a gun.
    Jared: But no, I like country. And I actually think I like classic rock more than he does. I’m more of the Dean in the music world and Jensen listens to .. Taylor Swift.
    Jensen: Let it go, man.
    Jared: Even Sam would never admit it if he listened to Taylor Swift.
    Jensen: Sam has no soul!
    Jared: Dude, trust me, it doesn’t matter.

    Interviewer: Last question – What’s your main ambition for yourselves and each other?

    Jensen: I just want to be as good of an actor and as good to my fans as I can possibly be, keep my private and family life private, put up with this one over here and umm actually, I would like to play in a western someday. I’ve always thought that would be kind of cool.
    Jared: Yeah. I want to explore everything I possibly can in the area of television and film. And when that pays off, I want to be very thankful and appreciative of that and never let any of it get up in my head.
    Jensen: You won’t. I’ll keep you grounded. You get c*cky with me and I’ll take you out.
    Jared: I know. So I’ll always have that to fall back and rely on. And you know what I’ve always wanted to do! Be in like, a video game! I don’t think I’ll ever be famous enough to get to play like, myself in one and have them actually make an animated little person of me, but I want to at least do like a voice or something.
    Jensen: You can play me in the video game.
    Jared: Cause you’ll get famous enough and I won’t?
    Jensen: Of course. I already am.
    Jared: My ambitions for him is that I want him to become a better person and stop picking on the taller man.
    Jensen: The taller man?
    Jared: It’s just not smart when you look at the food chain of life, man.
    Jensen: You sound like an extenze commercial. Like you’re the ‘larger’ man.
    Jared: Well if you want to put it that way ..

    0 0

    * Lay around in bed till 10am
    * Took the puppies for a run in the cold, grey rainy day
    * Refreshed Tumblr a LOT and grinned stupidly at the Misha and Jared antics of the NJ con
    * Dropped an entry off for an agility trial
    * Went to the local shopping centre, purchased latest Empire mag, ate Canadian Classic pizza with a Boost Juice Green Tea Mango Mantra Smoothie (that was breakfast and lunch in one)
    * Checked PO Box picked up Amazon order (box set of George RR Martin Game of Thrones books plus two copies of Born To Run)
    * Went to Physio appt, my back and left calf muscle love me again
    * Booked car in to fix oil leak, booked Doctor’s Appointment for what they refer to as a “Women’s Health Check”, for some reason pap smear is just too darn blunt. Whatever. Either way it’s awkward and unpleasant and I hate having them, but I have already postponed too long. *sigh* Woe is me and my first world problems.
    * Rest of evening, drink hot tea, have some toast, watch new True Blood and simultaneously scan LJ, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter whilst reading Spn BB Fics, Chuck Palahnuik’s Choke and playing three different WWF games and Word Solitaire all on my IPad from the comfort of our TV Lounge from a leather sofa chair you could literally sleep in.

    So productive day is productive... :)

    My life folks….I am very, very blessed. Or have good karma. Or just lucky. Anyway you look at it though…I’m damn fortunate and grateful for it. Hope my flist is feeling blessed too... ♥ ♥ ♥ to you all.

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    Testing testing....is this thing working?

    LJ I did miss you! I am really glad you're working again. Now a while back i think I posted from this new birthday present of mine. Wondering if I could actually post to my journal and be able to do all the things I wanted to do. So I have now downloaded the Livejournal app (and you know when people say smugly There's an app for that? They are not kidding, there are literally apps for EVERYTHING) and am having a play on here with it.

    In order to make this post as visually appealing as possible I will post some of my latest fav pics off tumblr, that's the place where you just go Oh I'm just gonna check my tumblr dash and three hours later you're still there.

    Here have some gorgeous Jared Padalecki. I hope. If this works.

    Posted via LiveJournal app for iPad.

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    Colour me suitably impressed. So now of course I can post MOAR of my favourite things.


    Like this latest Jared vid from [info]ash48

    Go on and watch and grin like an idiot...I've recced this on my twitter and my tumblr AND I made two friends at work watch it because even if you do not love this guy as much as me you cannot help but smile as such epic hot dorkiness.

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    Ummm excuse me.....WHAT? ALL THE WORDS ARE GONE.....

    Source: HERE

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    Does it get any better than that? Well probably yes. I mean if I was on holiday in the US sharing birthday celebrations in person with Miss Net aka [info]netlynn then why yes it would definitely be better but hey...we all need something to aspire to right?



    Here I feel the need to provide you with visual birthday sustanence to help you through spending a Friday at work (personally I feel everyone with a birthday should be granted a three day weekend!)....

    Err...not sure how that one got in here...Misha and Jared have a very special relationship clearly

    Ooooh that one is TOTALLY the entire ethos I base my existence around.


    Posted via LiveJournal app for iPad.

    Ahem....FLYBY EDIT AND UPDATE OF THIS POST: Me being the overly excited and somewhat ballistically enthusiastic person that I am has just realised Net's birthday is TOMORROW not today...as in Saturday not Friday. But no matter I hereby currently deem this post to be relevant for Saturday as well!!! There. All sorted. I can go to work happy now. See? It doesn't take much. I keep telling my students this as well.

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  • 09/11/11--19:15: Thanks!
  • Most remiss of me....I wanted to say thanks to [info]sweets31 for the lovely flower gift on my profile - you made me smile and this your wish for me to have a happy day came true!

    Thank you muchly!!    <3

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