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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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    Ok I've been avoiding all online communities like the plague for the last 24 hours purely in a bid to have my own reaction be completely non preempted and devoid of any or all possible influences from friends on LJ who often make me go...OH YEAH THAT'S WHAT IT ALL MEANS!

    So here I am reacting to what I just watched (after re watching final S6 episode The Man Who Knew Too Much and yeah Jared still totally whacked that one outta the park acting wise and this is like the 6th time I've seen it).

    701 The New Boss let me give you the Middle School treatment of Shares, Cares, Concerns and Compliments.

    I need to share that I found this episode very stressful, angst ridden, and gloriously mesmerizing at the same time. I mean I could not look away and yet I could literally feel my blood pressure rising with each scene.

    I cared GREATLY about Sam's plight, more so than Castiel's. I cared a lot when Dean didn't instantly run off to go find Sam. Not cool Dean so not cool. I care that Castiel had nothing but good intentions to be a better God. This is important. I care that Death likes pickle chips. This is not as important. I care that Dean is awesome at fixing cars and the impala is back together. I care that he is tired and a little maudlin and is taking pleasure in the little things now such as Asian animated porn. I care that Sam wants Dean to have something good and that something is Sam upright and doing okay.

    As mentioned already, I was highly concerned when Dean, the second he saw Cas was okay didn't just run off to find Sam. That did not feel right at all. I was momentarily concerned when Cas un-binded Death and all of a sudden there was NO leverage. Luckily Death being the uber cool character he is completely allayed that concern for me. I am massively concerned, and will continue to be, about Sam's utterly messed up psyche right now. I think for me this is what made this episode so stressful. Sam's storyline just does my head in. Sam Winchester is a good man, with puppy dog eyes and an earnest, heart felt compulsion to DO THE RIGHT THING he does not deserve this steaming pile of Hell dung being heaped on him right now. Fix it writers! Fix it NOW!

    What Godstiel was doing received loud applause from this corner of the sofa. I loved it and didn't care that show was being about as subtle as a battering ram, it must be nice to have a vehicle to share your views with millions of viewers.
    Second compliment Sam Winchester, just for being Sam and for never giving up and for being a stubborn ass who loves his brother more than his own life. For trying to give his brother just one good thing.
    Third compliment Death....how so awesome? Julian Richings will forever be the embodiment of Death for me no matter what story or tale I hear told. Here have an eclipse on me...but don't be late!
    Fourth compliment - Crowley has got to be the most charismatic king of Hell ever. So pleased he's still snarking and kicking.

    Ok that's it .... That's my instant reaction on one viewing definitely gonna sit and watch tomorrow again. Now the question is we will be in the air flying to NY when the next one airs....would 7.02 be played anywhere on any channel Saturday night? Cant wait to see the next one!

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  • 10/07/11--06:33: OH CANADA!! I am in you!
  • Ok super duper fly by quick post....

    It's Friday morning and I am in the lobby of the Sheraton Airport Hotel. An hour or so before I get my gold pass registration sorted out for the supernatural con. My first con and I am full of all the feelings - trepidation, nervousness, anticipation, curiosity and excitement. I am going to be fascinated by it all I'm sure!

    Matt Nathanson concert last night and it was FANTASTIC! Best 33 dollars I've ever spent on a concert. Met the guy himself afterwards and what a genuinely nice guy who really should get onto to his Australian distributor as you still can't buy Modern Love out there yet, so I picked up 3 copies last night.

    So far the Canadians have gone beyond the expectations of nice and friendly and polite. I have feelings of incredulousness when dealing with them which is probably more a sad commentary on what I'm used to than on any earth shattering surprising reveals. But so far I am loving Canada not even here 24 hours and I feel utterly welcomed. Ooooh look there's a Starbucks, must run now get my Starbucks fix.

    Will hopefully post more later. Oh and NEW YORK I am currently devising plans to be in you on a regular basis. That city is and will be a never-ending source of fascination for me. I loved it and am still looking forward to another four days there after Monday?

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    So I'm putting this under a cut...the reasons being whilst I feel my account here is balanced I have a feeling it might be misconstrued by others in a negative way. For me this is an overall positive experience recount and so much so I am planning on having more con experiences for sure. There will be photos coming soon...have just transferred nearly 400 pics from my SD card to my iPad so once I've gone through them and cleaned them up I shall post :)

    First convention experience in Toronto.

    I've always known that those who love the show of Supernatural were an amazing group of people and this convention has done nothing but confirm that belief. There are definitely two groups of fans though. Those that are more fascinated by the physical projections of the guys who play them, their off camera lives and (for me) seemingly trivial minutae about them and then there are those who are aware of and curious about all the different challenges, technical aspects, the on set, front of camera aspects, the ins and outs of the industry, how it impacts on the guys, their careers, the stories they tell, the characters they are protective of, the work that they do day in and day out and what their influences are in terms of the way they approach the job.

    It's fun to know little stories about them, pet peeves, their fanboy moments, their favorite foods and books etc but I really wish that this was the minority topic of conversation with them instead of the majority. I must admit the most frustrating aspect of the whole con for me was the crappy questions they got given during the incredibly short one hour panel. If I was only allowed to change one thing about this con that would be it, I'd be screening those questions like crazy.

    I'm not gonna give examples here of the most eye rolling ones where you see Jensen's face just go a little blank with what has to be disappointment and he instantly shuts up and lets Jared field it because Jared has no idea how not to be nice to people and will endeavor to make everyone feel like they're being taken seriously despite how inane the question is.

    But I will just say that this one hour is probably the most crucial experience in the day in terms of how Jensen and Jared will perceive how the day went and I got the impression that this hour would not have been a moment where the boys came off stage saying that was a brilliant experience. Telling Jared you know he's a bad writer as you've seen his tweets? When Jensen asks if this is a supernatural Toronto roast due to some of the comments they get? Outing yourself as a fan fiction writer prepared to write NC17 stuff if the boys want? Jensen's line? "That stuff does not exist for me" and yet you still continue to press them for it. Talking about car porn? Don't get me wrong there were a few good questions peppered in there but as a general rule they seemed pretty inane. And if you're wondering why I didn't get up and ask them anything by the time I got into the theatre the lines on both sides of the room to ask questions were ridiculously long they didn't even get through half of them and I wasn't about to give up my 6th row seat to stand up the back like a chump and not get my question in. Rome though...I'm gonna fix that.

    So that was really the only disappointing moment of the weekend and it's funny I feel more sorry for the boys than I do for the con attendees. I take solace in that they are making money off it. I sure do hope the private Q&A sessions were better for them. Apart from this though I felt the whole convention as an event was definitely worth coming to. Creation will have a few suggestions in their in box no doubt but in terms of did I get my money's worth? I would say yes. The panel guests were great - the only ones I missed (by choice) were Damon Runyon's and Clif Kosterman's - but all others I saw were very entertaining. And interesting and the question askers seemed to be injected with intelligence on these panels because the questions they asked were thought provoking and good discussion points and engaged the panelists into some interesting topics. The vendors could have been a bit more varied in terms of Supernatural merchandise, the organizers were great, a few could have worked on their patience levels but on the whole super helpful especially when a dumb ass Australian manages to lose ALL her tickets and paperwork seconds away from a Jensen photo op. All was resolved but that was a super stressful ten minutes I tell you. I'm kinda mortified it happened. But more details on that later.

    I got two single photo ops with them each and a duo. I'm very impressed with the photographer. Anyone who can get me to not instantly hate a photo of me and actually get me to be kind of pleased with it is pure genius. Seriously it's ridiculous how much I hate pictures of me usually. But these photos? Colour me stunned. I actually walked past my photo a few times, I think subconsciously I felt that looks too nice. But there they were. I'm grinning huge and with Jensen's you would never guess there had been tears less than three minutes beforehand. Lost everything you see. Kind of does that to you but also good at completely distracting me from the whole - Jensen Ackles has his arm around you moment - so I wasn't even the slightest bit nervous, it was just relief that I found everything. Jared wrapped his arm around me from behind - his was more of a whirlwind moment where I walked out and wondered if that had just happened. And the duo? Managed to let Jensen know, stupidly like it's even relevant, that I'd found my tickets again and not deliberately I still really avoided making too much eye contact with Jared or saying anything to him really. But they just put their arms around me and smiled and were the total professionals I expected. Everyone's photo was out by 8pm. The whole process was super efficient and professional. One of the best aspects of the weekend.

    I think for me one of the highlights though was meeting new people that within minutes felt I'd known them for years. Gwen and Becky from Nunavut, Morgan from New York, Annie from Toronto, Mellisa from somewhere in Ontario I think and others that I talked to a couple from Montreal, a guy from Oregon, a girl from London, Ontario and a girl named Sarah from England. These conversations are what made the convention for me. The stories and the characters on Supernatural are so well told and developed that they can instigate discussions between perfect strangers who become friends moments later. That is something special that not every fandom has. This common love so many people share for the show is what is unique and fascinating. It wouldn't work if supernatural was a main stream, massively popular show that pulls in 27 million viewers every episode and I'm so grateful that it doesn't because these conventions would not happen.

    Now I am looking forward to my next one in April next year in Rome. Already excited for it!

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  • 10/12/11--06:30: Toronto Con Picture Post #1
  • Where in Misha reveals his love for Bieber, I fall in love with the physical manifestation of one of the best characters on Supernatural, Jensen makes the surly face and Jared is just Jared.

    So I really wasn't surprised that Misha is now an out and proud Bieber lover...he just got in from a run and
    I bet Beiber was blasting on his iPod.

    Yes her sleek black lines are very alluring.

    Surly face Jensen...a common expression when gifted with a particularly inane question

    Jensen's impression of Jared on the treadmill at 7am

    Oh and this happened... And I am still stupidly grinning even now looking at this photo.

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    Finally watched 7.04 Defending Your Life. Have irrepressible urge to treat Dean to all the therapy in all the world. Also think Sam would make an excellent shrink for him. That boy has a baffling relentless optimism and I love it. And now to work...*glares at the jet lag* yes jet lag I am watching you...you just stay the hell away from me.

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    Oh Jared! Oh Jensen....may you never stop being Sam and Dean.
     This scene was cut apparently in tonight's episode.....NOT SPOILERY

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    I posted this on my tumblr dash today thought it should probably see my LJ.

    I see my dash is filled from time to time with angst over envisioning an actual first meeting encounter with Jensen Ackles. Ok well my dash is filled with 9091’s angst and then everyone cracking up at 9091’s higly entertaining vividly imagined possible outcomes of such a meeting. My dash has inspired me to articulate about my first meeting with Jensen this year on October 9th at Toronto con and to assist those concerned about their own overwhelming, possibly perceived as slightly psychotically irrational, reactions here’s a step by step on how to avoid said reactions.

    Step 1. Sit in the wrong row waiting for to be called for Photo Op with Jensen.

    Step 2. Whilst sitting in wrong row - take all convention related paperwork out and ensure you still have it on you.

    Step 3. Get moved by some Creation person who comes in and says you’re all sitting in the wrong row you need to move to the back (as in many, many rows away).

    Step 4. Chat with a lovely couple from Nova Scotia discussing how breaking down on the side of the road in Nova Scotia is problematic due to the fact that everyone is so nice they ALL pull over and start causing traffic congestion. Also discuss intently how Creation could be running things much better.

    Step 5. Get called out to line up outside photo op room…this line is moving super swiftly.

    Step 6. Get to door and discover all convention related paperwork including photo op ticket for Jensen, who is literally standing five meters away from me, has gone missing.

    Step 7. Get moved to the side by incredibly understanding Creation person who just wants to keep line moving.

    Step 8. Go through everything right there on the floor outside photo op room. Nope all my stuff and tickets are GONE.

    Step 9. Don’t panic….think rationally. Retrace steps…go back to where all the seats are. Check floors and rows, row by row.

    Step 10. Now panic. Still can’t find anything. Have a very internally compressed freak out. This is hard to do. Tears start to well.

    Step 11. Your internal freak out doesn’t appear to be so internal after all, to the point that a Creation person hurries up to you with a look on her face like she is about to witness her first live case of spontaneous combustion.

    Step 12. Creation person tries desperately to calm you down. I’m like I came all the way from fucking Australia, this is INSANE!!! WHY MEEEE??????????

    Step 13. Creation person gives up and goes and finds the man in charge. Man in charge comes hurrying up. Asks me if I have had my Jensen photo. All my replies were unsuitable for verbalising. I shake my head wondering if numbness in fingers and toes is a sign of imminent stroke.

    Step 14. He hurries me up on to the stage to the Podium and picks up my lanyard with ALL my tickets/paperwork in it and says is this yours? Relief seems too mundane a term for what I felt. Then he’s like You’re gonna miss your photo op cos he’s pretty much done. Ahhh relief - such a fleeting moment we had together.

    Step 15 RUN to photo op room. Holy crap Jensen is still there but there is NOONE there lined up waiting. Freak out takes a new direction - this photo is gonna be shit. There were tears and I am NOT a pretty crier. OMG I hate photos of me to begin with and NOW look…pretty sure waterworks are not listed in Photoshop enhancement tools.

    Step 16 Genuinely lovely Creation person tells me to take two deep breaths, she checks my cheeks for signs of tears, helps me gather my shit together. There is Jensen less than two meters away chatting with the photographer. Shooting the breeze. Not a care in the world. Bastard. Next thought- fuck he looks good. He needs to know why I do not.

    Step 17. Walk up to Jensen. Greets me with a smile Hey how you doin? I’m like You know, I just lost everything all my tickets. My next thought is WOW…why am I telling you this and holy shit your face is much leaner than I ever thought. In fact he is much leaner all over than I thought, he is not a big guy at all, tall and lean yes but he seems so much more solid looking in all his photos. He just flashes me an Oh no! and goes to put his arm around me and I look at the camera grinning like an idiot thinking wow I’m not even nervous.

    Step 18. I’m like aww shucks when done and give him a “Thanks!” Then within seconds of walking away it dawns on me…holy shit Jensen Ackles just had his arm around me, grinned at me and it was awesome. I wanna do that again. But without all the crying and losing shit.

    Thankfully photo is not too shit, Jensen is grinning big, possibly with a tinge of WTF is this chick on about…and I, miracle of miracles, do not actually look like I was crying less than 120 seconds before said photo. And I did realise that in the end all that shit did indeed curtail any possible freak out about the actual meeting itself. Perhaps I just exchanged my freak out type in the end. *sigh* Whatever. Bring on JIB 2012 I say. He is a very good looking man and he had a nice chat with me afterwards re his hopes for a script being written. He is indeed a man of substance and good phenotype. ;-)

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    pic via heysammy on tumblr.

    So once again I am left with ALL the feelings....was it perfect? No it wasn't but you know
    perfection is overrated. Far as I'm concerned the brilliant scenes in this one far outweighed the WTF scenes.

    #1 OH..HO HOHO! BOYS! putting the SUPERnatural into Natural Born Killers - Supernatural style. I LIKE! There will be no half assed psychopath killers on our show, no way they go the whole way.

    #2 ok my first WTF moment...boys you are wanted men you seriously are gonna just roll into a gas station like that? Surely Bobby could have organized you some more gas without you needing to stop???

    #3 New character! FRANK I'VE ONLY JUST MET YOU BUT YOU ARE AWESOME. PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN. I just love how having a tele porter was an actual realistic possibility. Awww Sammy so respectful...No sir. We don't. Dean's look of horror at the thought of his baby being benched. LOL! #2 on the Most Wanted boys....that's impressive, I'm impressed.

    #4 So the evil double mint twins hit the Manitoc Bank. Wait - that Sheriff dude....the one that meets the FBI guys. That's Mercury from Hammer of the Gods!!! I'm sure of it. Hmmmm how do I check on that. Seriously creepy as a God in Hammer of the Gods still creeping me out as a human Sheriff.

    #5 Bobby's face when Jody tells him to just let someone be nice to him for five minutes has got to be the same expression when Jim Beaver was reading the script and discovered that Bobby actually gets some lip time with a pretty lady. The entire time I have this nagging in back of my head though she's too nice, she's too strong and being female she's hit the jackpot for criteria for a female characters death warrant on our show. OMG \o/ YAY!!! It's the end of the episode and she's still alive Woohoo!!!!!

    #6 Swayze quotes and Air Supply lip synching? Oh Dean see what your guilt is doing to you? And by the way Jensen I bet you didn't even have to look at those lyrics, that lip synching is just way too perfect. The way he tries to hide his inability to resist feeling that rift LOL!!! Sam's utterly disconcerted expression and unsubtle sideways glances are HILARIOUS. If I was you Sam I'd be wondering if that's your real brother riding with you there. I do so hope no My Little Ponies were harmed in the making of this episode.

    #7 Ok Bobby I gotta ask.....the SECOND time you lopped his head off why on earth didn't you just keep hacking away? If chopping the head off slows them down what could chopping all the body up do???? Seriously dropped the ball there.

    #8 OMG that Diner scene with the boys bitching about the Winchesters - so good. So Dean equates burgers with sex eh? Leviathan sounds incredulous so perhaps Leviathans do have a sex drive. Stay with me on that. Awww you have to choose? Chuckles or Schizo???? What in the world have we become that we have to choose. "You can stay in the big one" Love that line. Ok WTF moment - don't even try to imply that our boys are so dumb as to walk down a street in broad daylight when they are the nations Most Wanted #2. That's just dumb and so is Dean not even recognizing the sound of his baby till it's well past him, he would have heard her coming round that corner easy.

    #9 Actually that video totally gave me a This is so what Jared would tweet Vibe. Best phone camera video ever. I love how Sam flicks his hair back and makes sure Dean is in the frame. They are such photogenic creatures.

    #10 oh finally....bout time Sam found out. So glad that's done with now. I prefer the angst of what I know is a temporary separation to the whole feeling stressful about them not talking properly. And jesus Sam could you be any more pretty when you're infuriatingly disappointed with your brother. Seriously such an incongruous scene - set him on a gorgeously lit perfectly colored background with 'sun' reflecting his eyes in such a stunning way when he's going through such emotional pain. Makes me feel ALL the feelings. Again. Oh show keep being so brilliant, can't wait for more.

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  • 11/02/11--15:27: Netlynn made me do it....
  • What Is Your Battle Cry?

    Yea, verily: Who is that, prowling along the mountains! It is Redteekal, hands clutching two hardened pitas! She cries apocalyptically:

    "I'm going to smash you into the stuff of nightmares!"

    Find out!
    Enter username:
    Are you a girl, or a guy ?

    created by beatings : powered by monkeys

    Now all my flist must join because I simply must know what your battle cries are. (Btw netlynn's was far superior to mine involving humping and danger zones. Colour me jealous, somehow I shall abide). ;-)

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    Seriously good vid...seriously good song.....seriously BRILLIANT SUBLIME subject matter.

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    See this house here?

    It has enough supernatural scary crap to keep Sam and Dean working for a whole season year.
    In fact Sam and Dean would no doubt want to go back to all the angels and demons and apocalypse crap within five
    minutes of checking this place out.

    This is

    And so far it makes all other supernatural television look like child's play. Except you don't want to talk about children, the children in this series make little girl Lilith look like a mildly sociopathic recalcitrant child. Seriously disturbing and creepy and yet fascinating like some horrific car crash taking place in stages in front of you that you can't look away from. Ryan Murphy (Glee mind) manages to completely schlock horror up a Becky into an utterly disconcerting young girl called Adelaide whose sing-song chant of You're gonna regret it in the first episode is never going to allow me to view people with Downs the same way ever again.

    I am itching for some writers in the Supernatural fandom to get the bite to write a crossover fic with this universe. Probably the domain of the darkest writers we have, it's fertile ground for incredibly dark, fragmented, messed up subject matter that spills into torture category the likes of which Alistair only wishes he could aspire to. I definitely see Sam in his most evil boy king persona (only seen in fic so far by the likes of rei-c and leonidasden) fitting right in here.

    On a lighter note, currently writing an essay on why Dean Winchester is an excellent role model for young teenage boys in terms of addressing issues of homophobia. Surprising right? I know I was too until I actually saw it happen in my classroom with my 9th grade boys who frequently use the homophobic vernacular in everyday conversations. This helps me overcome my little momentary hissy fit I threw at the last episode when Sam forgives his douchery way too easily. It also helps when I realize of course Sam is the one to be the 'bigger' man in this instance (thanks Ash48 ;) but still an apology for actually bald faced lying to your brother won't actually physically maim you Dean despite your belief to the contrary. I love you Dean and I know you are meant to exasperate the hell out of me so I shall abide...but you better keep up the trying hard to be nice schtick for a little while longer.

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    And then there's the pretty like this....

    Sam Winchester folks. How he thinks a coherent response is even possible whilst looking at that is beyond me.

    0 0

    I just KNEW last week was a set up. IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!  I was staying pretty spoiler free for this ep and there wasn't heaps of chatter out online about it and Jim Beaver was staying decidedly quiet and I was thinking today before we watched it, I could see the writing/producing staff all gathered round a table doing their smug sinister grinning at each other combined with the evil templing of fingers envisioning the complete fandom freak out/vitriolic reaction to last week's ep just so when this one screened? 7.09? The entire fandom would implode once again in the throes of giddy happiness at all the epic Winchester and Uncle Bobby moments. Why yes....I do believe this crew and team would TOTALLY manipulate us all like that. It's entirely plausible.

    Anyway I couldn't help myself I just had to do a picspammy response of glee to this episode...

    First there's this scene ... Dean's outraged and slightly nonplussed bafflement at Brandon's issues, Sam's amusement at his somewhat lame comeback...seriously Dean could have gone with "Yeah? Well....uh... So's your face." - it would have made more sense and Bobby's clear sense of impending doom about the state of their future lunch.

    Winchester boys unloading their clips into the big bad MOTW. Seriously boys shooting their guns...UNF!!! And I used to
    be so down on carrying weapons and being armed to the teeth before this show. I now find pretty boys shooting guns
    ridiculously hot. What have you done to me show????

    Sam's face when he realises (finally) there's something up with his brother and that he is making 
    greater than usual sex sounds whilst eating food he loves.

    Dean stoned is actually as amusing and even more prettier to look at than stoner!Cas. So therefore I had to cap
    him twice. I love that he got a break from his crap world even if it was totally drug induced. Hell I don't know why
    these boys don't have a permament supply of the stuff on hand - they need some decent stress relief.

    You be chill Dean, so chill. Chilled to the point where grey snotty looking goo is currently swirling round your belly
    and you still don't care. That's awesome. Dean? You're awesome.

    OH MY GOD could I love you anymore Sam??!?! Seriously Bobby even told you he loved you here. You know that
    bit where he says "You always were a deep son of a bitch." That was Bobby for I love you so much and am so proud
    of ya kid. *nods* Absolutely. You have Satan TV running non stop inside your melon (a melon that's been hit and cracked so many times I'm constantly worried about your head now)  and all you care about is if  your brother is okay. *sniffles* Sam, you are and always will be, one of my most favourite characters on TV and Film forever and ever, amen.

    Here's a first for me in this journal. I've always loved ya Bobby but not until this ep have I ever felt the urge to cap ya
    and stick ya in an episode response. That's because this speech right here? The one where you tell Dean he better not
    die before you and that he better get his shit together and find his reasons? BEST BOBBY SINGER LINES EVER!
    I love you Bobby...and you better not die on these boys because quite frankly they're in a place where they would
    probably off themselves just so they could give you a piece of their minds in the afterlife. You do not want two pissy
    loudly angry Winchesters boys haunting your ass. Trust me on this. You better live you old bastard.

    SEE DEAN????? See how much you really need to pull your shit together right now and stop with the whiny and
    petulant "FINE! Let the world off itself" bratty attitude. That attitude is for the rest of us mere mortals...and I so would
    have hit that point long before you did I am aware of this. But that's cos we are not a BIG DAMNED BAD ASS HERO
    like you. I'm happy to help any way I can. But the world saving is your job, always will be and Bobby is not attending
    your funeral and he actually loves you like a son and you better wake up and smell the empty whiskey bottles and hop to
    it son! On a side note I love his expression here, like he's a little shocked at how strongly Bobby feels about the whole thing.
    Just up until he pulls the gruff facade back on again and talks about getting him a condo of course. Don't wanna be feeling
    all those feelings a mite second longe rthan you have to right Dean? *nods smugly* We know. You are not fooling ANYONE.

    Anyway of course we now have to wait two weeks for the end of that cliffhanger. Grrrr. Oh well at elast I am distracting myself with a flying visit to Melbourne for some agility trials next weekend. Won't have time to sit around thinking "Woe is me and my lack of new episode" next Saturday - I'll be busy running around agility courses with lil Miss Spryte.

    But all I can say is: "SHOW????  HELLS YEAH!!!!"

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    And it is GOOD TO BE ALIVE!!!!
    So this just made me smile like an idiot this morning.....nothing fancy just good old fashioned grin provoking fun!

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  • 11/20/11--15:34: In other news...
  • There is epic stuff on the internet and I have joined up for the insanity that is Misha Collin's plot to rule the world GISHWHES - greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen and I only have to get up and go to work for the next four mondays before I can turn around and go...You know what? I'm not going to work today!!!! And I can say that for like - well over the next 52 Mondays because 2012? That bitch is MINE!! All mine to do what I want with.

    But this does not solve my issue of me wanting to get started on my scavenger hunt right now when I have to go to work. Hmmmmm....actually school children may be useful in acquiring some of the listed items. I must look into this.

    Also it's true - anyone even remotely involved in Supernatural and has a Twitter account is about to be cursing Misha and his overlord ways because seriously? He is the antichrist. But he's cute and amusing and incredibly intelligent with it all so we'll let him off that one.

    Also LOOK at this Shetland Sheepdog! His name is Cricket aka FLYING BALL OF FUR! Taken on the weekend at the trial by my friend Robyn. Whilst he is one of those small yappy type dogs (and OMG Eddie Izzard was brilliant live last Saturday night!)
    he is rather cute.

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    So this is my first bid to fix this...

    Posted via LiveJournal app for iPad.

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    Saw this on Tumblr today....new one for me....surely not for you?

    And then there is this one....

    Just go away Jensen with your crazy attractive eyes, full lips and pensive expression..

    Here let me find some goofball...

    And I just love this one....

    I hope to make it to SDCC 2012 ... really hope they do the panel again :)

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    Not that I'd ever condone this sort of anarchy of course but this post on tumblr totally made me grin the grin of an amused onlooker watching children be funny in their sandbox.


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  • 11/24/11--05:22: Is it bad...
  • That within three seconds of gazing at this gif I knew exactly what episode, what number and what season?

    Nah. I'm sure all that's a power for good.
    Oh Jensen....playing Dean....pretending to be Jensen. You make me smile.

    0 0
  • 11/28/11--15:46: Dear Self
  • Stop messing around on tumblr and get your
    fucking reports done. You are an affront to the productive balance of
    work, rest and play. Get your shit together now.

    No Love

    Your Future Virtuous-Feeling Self

    PS I need a variation on my icon above - instead of bed it should say WORK.

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