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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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    In my ongoing bid to get to the San Diego Comic Con this year I have now completed step 1: Member ID

    To purchase any kind of badge for this event (1 Day or 4 Day) you need a member ID now. Those who attended previously can already have one I believe from sign ups last year. Those of you who don't and may consider going (even if you don't know yet) I'd click the link and get your Member ID organised.


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    I am all aflutter with how proud I am of the cast and crew of Supernatural and this fandom. You are great, you are awesome you shall be held on high amongst the annals of time as The Greatest Fandom There Ever Was.

    Supernatural has won the People's Choice Awards for BEST TV DRAMA and BEST SCI-FI/FANTASY. That's two awards right there AND they beat The Good Wife and House and a number of other shows.

    But did CBS actually send the cast an invite to attend? Uhhhhh NO THEY DID NOT! Didn't even give the video (HERE) of the guys accepting their awards any airtime.

    I have vented expressed my reaction on their feedback page as such:

    I would like to know the reasons why the cast of Supernatural were not invited to accept the BEST TV DRAMA award o the BEST SCI/FI and FANTASY award at the PCA's tonight?

    I find it highly galling that a show with such an avid following, a clearly very dedicated fan base and such high appeal currently in it's 7th season fails to receive the appropriate air time it is due on what is the PEOPLE's Choice Awards (as opposed to say the CBS' Approved Shows Awards).

    You disappoint me CBS.


    If you would like to vent express with similar questions feel free - the page you want is right HERE. In the meantime go read Kim Rhodes blog today - her entry is OUTSTANDING. http://rhodeside.vuxe.com

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    I can't help it I just have to point out....

    Jared and some dude named Shane West...who is a bad ass on some other CW show...YEAH JARED WINS THIS PHOTO!
    No wonder Shane is looking so grumpy....Jared's smile is not even at full wattage, it's like he's not even trying
    and he still wins. Sucks to be you Shane.

    Jared and Ed Westwick....pffft if I was Ed I'd be like I'll just move my chair a little further away here so maybe
    I don't get hidden by your gravitational orbit of smoking hot attractiveness. Yeah nice try Ed, NOT working.

    I'm looking and looking...but all I see is Jared. Seriously Jensen is about the only one in Jared's orbit that will
    ever drag my eyes off him. Oh and Tom Welling....even Jared may possibly be slightly shaded by Tom Welling
    you know, if Tom EVER BLOODY SHOWS HIS FACE AGAIN. I feel sad for the other CW 'badasses' having to sit
    in the midst of such giant hotness. But that's okay - Jared's kind, he doesn't mind sharing his appeal - they can be cool
    by association - he'll let them, he's generous like that.

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    So 7.12 Time After Time (I just always get the urge to sing when I write, see, hear that phrase - If you're lost you can look and you will find me TIME AFTER TIME!!! Totally a karaoke song but I digress)

    As Ezra would say "Is she full of AWE?" I would happily reply - "Indeed I am ma'am, who is much like Bobby Singer only female and 68 years earlier, because my show is awesome and fills me full of the awe."

    So in other words I loved the way the cast and crew did this episode. It was bloody brilliant to put a not too finer point on it. I have no idea how they get such production value out of one episode's budget but according to one of the producers - the next four episodes are gonna be making cuts. HA! I think he was joking. Pretty sure he was.  I don't really care though - I'd still sit and watch Sam and Dean talking in one room for DAYS ONE END if that's what it means.

    Anyhoo Tumblr exploded with all the pretty of that episode;

    I'm so fond of this gif as Dean works out what year he's in - Dean does maths like I do maths except he doesn't have a helpful friend/work colleague who loves to give me background elevator music soundtrack whenever I try to do maths in my head - that shit is not helpful I'm telling ya now.

    Then there's Dean of course - dressed 1940's style:

    And Sheriff Jody Mills! She's totally got it going on in her very cute yet practical bootleg jeans and very nicely fitted brown leather jacket. I bet Sam thinks he could totally be up for all that if she was interested. Hmmmm. We need Sam/Jody fic STAT! Or even better Sam/Jody/Dean fic IMMEDIATELY! *makes grabby hands*

    So much to love in this episode....
    Dean's face when he gets to be the computer guru for once thanks to Frank's help, and Sam's all "You need to show me that trick." I love this very, VERY rare big brother gets to show little brother something new that can help them moment - I mean we hardly get that at all any more and if we do it's when Dean's all pissed and scared for his brother who doesn't have all the information he needs (such as Vetalas hunting in PAIRS). So this moment was sweet and comedic. I LIKE.

    The Paper-Rock-Scissors moment. I had like an instant of "WTF - they don't share the room? HELLO???" before I was all distracted by the adorable smirk on Sam's face as he figured out which way his brother was gonna go. And THEN someone, 9091 from Tumblr in fact, posted this internal dialogue from that scene right here and I was SO TRUFAX!!!!

    SPN 7x12: Rock Paper Scissors (Internal Dialogue)
    • Sam: I want the good bedroom. Time for rock-paper-scissors. (goes into position)
    • Dean: Oh, he wants to rock-paper-scissors me because he thinks he knows what I'll play. Well, Sammy, time for a little wake up call. Today (he dramatically goes into position) is the day I pull the rug out from under you.
    • Sam: He -- what is he DOING? He looks like he thinks he already won!
    • Dean: I've already won. Hellooo non-rancid bedroom!
    • Sam: Okay, so he's not going to play scissors.
    • Dean: He's gonna be so pissed.
    • Sam: If he's not going to play scissors, what's he going to play?
    • Dean: I'm gonna play rock.
    • Sam: He's going to play rock. (smirks)
    • Dean: What kind of pansy plays paper anyway? You can kill something with scissors or a rock.
    • Sam: He'd only play one that can kill something.
    • Dean: You can't kill something with paper.
    • Sam: You can't kill something with paper.
    • Dean: Maybe if you lit the paper on fire and threw it at him. But they don't call it rock-burning paper-scissors, so rock it is.
    • Sam: (throws paper)

    Indeed Dean - what kind of pansy indeed???? Only your gigantic brained little brother who can read you like a freaking BOOK, the book could be closed and Sammy will always know which way you're gonna go ;-)

    Dean's face when he realises he is working with Eliot Ness. He's like a kid in a candy store WITH PIE! I love how many homages and shout outs to movies this episode does. Terminator with the red lights, Back to The Future (more than one!) The Untouchables...just full of all the AWE!

    Anyway I loved it and can't wait to read episode related fic. In other news I have started a blog. Not sure why I have separated it from my LJ here but probably because I like to keep this journal for just my fandom related friends, people who understand my obsession dedication to my shows and characters. So if you wanna have a look - I'm not going to keep it strictly to real life stuff, indeed fandom has already bled into my second post, but it's just my ramblings for the moment. It is HERE.

    There there's this here what I found on tumblr:

    Now I is no gif expert but isn't that STUNNING?

    Oh and because I MISS her...

    And because I cannot possibly do a post without a picture of Jared or Sam here is my conclusion:

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  • 01/18/12--02:12: Argentina sounds nice....
  • You know a VISA application is overly complicated and extremely anal retentive thorough (to the point of needing your own personal visa application assistant, multiple browser tabs, an entire file dedicated just to handle the paperwork for said Visa, image software, plus a new encryption program to keep required logins and passwords to be able to even book the required in person appointment online) when you are seriously considering a week in Argentina just so you can skip the hassle and go with the ETSA Visa Waiver system which is for the less than 90 day visitors to the US. Apparently when you want to spend just over 6 months in the US (as a tourist!) you must have a Masters degree in interpreting the spanish inquisition which is the very long online DS-160 Non-Immigrant Visa Application.

    Don't even get me started on the documentation I need to bring in to the appointment here in Perth at the US consulate. There I was, foolishly hoping I could sit down this afternoon and get this all knocked out by the evening but after clicking on umpteenth Open In New Tab (aka so you can figure out how to answer the questions on the tab you opened 8 tabs ago) I have decidedly placed this all in the too hard basket and am now currently perusing the flight options to Argentina. Canada, Mexico and surrounding islands don't count apparently as having left American soil. I think I would take umbrage at this if I was say of Mexican heritage. But I digress....hmmm perhaps Peru?

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    They're all like, quick! Give em a wall to sit on! Maybe it won't be so obvious!
    SNORT!!! Yeah nice try.
    credit : @wendy_d on twitter

    Posted via LiveJournal app for iPad.

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  • 01/20/12--07:56: Uhm...so this happened.
  • I may have written fic. It's gen and it's Sam and Dean and it's all come about from my massive concerns about Sam's head and the fact that I really think he should be doing his utmost to avoid any and all future blows to the head. That boy has just taken too many hits to the skull.  It's pretty short. Probably has errors. Feel free to point them out. I've never done this before, as in posted fic, I guess I should be following a fic posting protocol here. Whatever. It's 1074 words. Should there be any warnings? I HAVE NO IDEA. Maybe for head wound?

    Dips and Ridges

    The night Dean realised that Sam’s hair was actually practical after all these years of having it flopping in front of his stupid face was the night Dean decided Sam’s predisposition to taking all the head hits whenever they had a fight had to change. Why was it the guy with the most fragile melon was the one always getting knocked out cold, beaten over the head or just simply using his head to stop nasty flying objects?

    Dean ran his fingers up the back of Sam’s skull, gently feeling for the source of the wound bleeding freely. Locating it by feel was easy enough especially backed up with the slight hiss from Sam as he sat on the toilet seat under the glare of the one naked bulb that still worked in this bathroom. Seeing it through that thick mop of hair was another matter entirely.

    It would need stitches, Dean didn’t even have to see it to know, the blood was flowing a little too easily for just a butterfly tape. He got Sam to press a fresh wash cloth against it and moved back out to their room to rifle through his duffle.

    Sam, more than a little worn from tonight’s exertions, was using the wall to prop himself up in his sitting position by the time Dean got back. His eyes were halfway to closed and Dean figured it was probably a good thing if he was a little out of it right now. No such luck for Dean though, the buzz of the hair clippers roused Sam pretty quick, an in built automatic reaction brought on by  a lifetime of heckling, teasing and taunting from his big brother about what he would do to his hair one night. He shot Dean a sharp look, eyeing the clippers in his hand.

    “It’s gotta be stitched Sammy and there is no way I’m doing that with this mop hanging in the way. Don’t worry I promise not to give you a mohawk.” Dean tilts his head and looks at Sam’s hair like he’s actually visualising how a mohawk would look on him. Sam just glares and makes an effort to resist the inevitable.

    “It’s not that deep…I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Dean is not oblivious to the slight shifting of his upper body, his head moving a little further away from the hand with the clippers. Rolling his eyes with some impatience now, Dean simply steps in and around to his brother’s back.

    “It’s just hair Sam. It’ll grow back I promise. Your cro-magnon dome always did grow your hair out freakishly fast.”

    Dean places the palm of his left hand on the back of his brother’s skull and gently tilts his head forward and to the side so that the wound area is in the best light. He figures he really doesn’t want Sam feeling any more self conscious than he has to these days - what with his only partially successful Lucifer coping mechanisms - so he decides to shave his scalp from the bottom up around the wound area.

    He’s concentrating on clipping as close to the wound as possible and around it so he doesn’t initially notice the irregularities under the fingertips of his free hand until he goes to shift his hand slightly to tilt Sam the way he needs. The pads of his fingers brush over his skull through the long strands of hair and he feels the way they dip and go over ridges. He finishes the job, pleased to see that he just needs to get Sam to hold his hair back but that the wound is easily visible for stitching now and his hair is long enough that once the wound is cleaned and stitched his hair will mostly fall over the shaved patch. He lets the clippers clatter into the bathroom sink but doesn’t lift his palm from Sam’s head. Sam makes a questioning noise but Dean just goes back to examining his skull.

    Using both hands Dean’s fingers deftly part Sam’s hair and he’s a little taken aback by the scarring he sees. There are long lines and crisscrosses of skin the colour of white scar tissue, in fact that’s a dent right there that no human skulls usually carry. And the scars are not just there on the rounded part of his head, Dean finds a stripe at the side of his skull just above his ears and another one lower back in the opposite corner to his current wound.

    “Damn how’d you get to always be the one getting hit in the head Sammy? Jesus. Your dome looks like it’s been a canvas for some tortured plastic surgeon.”

    Sam, more relaxed now that he realises his brother is not going to test the short back and sides look on him, just shrugs tiredly, offers a mumbled reply about something to do with being taller than all the other targets and slumps back to the wall, cloth pressed once again to the wound.

    Dean gets the whiskey and the stitch up kit and gets to work. All of a sudden he’s kind of ridiculously grateful for Sam’s stupid hair. He needs all the coverage he can get and luckily his thick mop can hide all those scar lines where the hair follicles don’t seem to grow anymore. Dean imagines that he’d look like a tortured Chernobyl victim if that was his head carrying all those scars given his usual choice of hair style which he’d always insisted beat Sam’s stupid floppy hair hands down in terms of looks and what the chicks dig. Of course this only serves to neon light his guilt once more about not being there to save Sam from ever having to wear those scars in the first place so he makes a vow to himself, sealed with a swig of whiskey, he’s never gonna mention Sam’s now decidedly unstupid floppy hair again. His conviction is so emphatic he’ll even make sure he gets that fancy girly smelling Salon Professional shampoo Sam seems to like so much next time they do a supply run.  He puts the bottle down and helps Sam get into bed. He looks at him, sprawled on his stomach already out like a light and decides he’s all for keeping those long floppy strands as shiny and healthy as possible from now on in. He’s just not telling Sam about it.

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  • 01/25/12--23:41: AUSTRALIA DAY!
  • Happy Australia Day to those who celebrate it! Here have an Australian related image:

    For those on the list wondering why those of us down under are having a national day of rest, relaxation and general imbibing of alcoholic beverages here's the original reason why Jan 26th became recognised:

    "That was the day in 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip, commander of the First Fleet of eleven convict ships from Great Britain and the first governor of New South Wales, arrived at Sydney Cove." Taken from: www.australiaday.org.au

    Me? I'm grateful for the public holiday don't get me wrong and usually I like any excuse to socialise, to sit back and enjoy our lovely weather (which actually right now is just stupidly hot so I'm glad for the air con) and I am extremely happy to call myself Australian and feel very lucky to be able to live in such a free and plentiful country but by the same token I always think there's something a little wrong with celebrating what was pretty much an invasion of a country and a destruction of another culture and way of life. My high school friend Kate (now an Editor for a state newspaper) expresses it much better here in her editorial:
    Advance Australia 'Fair'

    My parents were essentially boat people albeit of the 'legal' kind and I will always be grateful for the opportunities they have afforded me because of their decision to immigrate but I'm not naive enough to believe that our occupation here is not without it's problems for the indigenous people who first owned and who still own this land. It's a complex and seemingly endless problem which is certainly not unique to Australia.

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    Here's the link:

    They're gonna make this last as long as possible!!

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    The J's bodyguard Clif just tweeted this:

    bodyguard4JandJ Clif Kosterman
    2am and still working sucks big time

    My instant somewhat ascerbic sarcastic reaction - yeah standing around looking menacing, glaring at the paps and body blocking camera shots whilst waiting on two of the finest (on so many levels) gentlemen in the history of television industry just has to be SOOOOOOO HARD!!!! LOL!!

    That's my brain for today folks.. it has clearly avoided the plane of high order thinking altogether.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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  • 02/11/12--02:59: My reaction to 7.14...
  • Made even better by the sharing of it with [info]ash48 and [info]zebra363 - thanks ladies for a totally enjoyable Saturday arvo!

    Ahhhh Show - what a pick me up! <3 <3 <3 <3

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    I am currently stuck at home waiting for the Telstra (Australian telecommunications company) man to come and do some sort of problem testing, solving, whatever as they can only attend between the hours of 8am and 12 noon and you better be home otherwise they'll have to reschedule and then you'll be waiting another month to figure out why your broadband speed has dropped to a pathetically low 1.9 when it used to be 5.9. In the meantime you better not miss them. They have an hour before their deadline!

    So here have an update...

    This show here:

    SUPER ADDICTIVE!!! We started about two or three weeks ago and we are now up to Season 3 episode 10. It's pretty damn intense I must say and Walter is just amazingly well acted by John Noble and I'm really kind of chuffed as both Anna Torv and John Noble are Australian made. That's a rare moment for me I must say - Aussie actors I actually feel can hold their own! What I have noticed about the Aussie acting scene is that they are either incredibly talented and amazing - Hugo Weaving, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pierce, Cate Blanchett or just so bland that they need acting coaching whilst on set (ie Sam Worthington). I've never really been that enthused about Josh Jackson but he has grown on me heaps (okay I'll admit to Jared Padalecki totally selling me on him once he mentioned they were good mates and that he found Fringe one of the shows he likes to watch) and I am pretty much all aboard the Peter/Olivia ship. But the biggest selling factor on this show? The lead female actress is totally kick ass AND awesome AND just so goddamn competent and independent and I can't even think of more than three shows where the female leads haven't at one time or other pissed me off to the max with their over the top, hormonally driven, completely exaggerated inconsistently irrational behaviours (I'm looking at you BBC Sherlock Irene Adler, all of House's females, a couple on Criminal Minds and most of Dexter - except for Deb Morgan - somehow she pulls it off and is still awesome). I'm loving Olivia Dunham - she is BUCKING that trend. Hmmm maybe I should try The Good Wife next. In the meantime I'm gonna find and read that book Peter gave Olivia. Pretty sure it's IMPORTANT. Anyone else on my flist Fringe addicts??

    Also coming up in the not too distant 66 sleeps away future is ROME!!!!

    So yes 66 more sleeps till Rome, meeting with [info]netlynn and spending a brilliant week sightseeing
    before the Jus In Bello Con #3 - where I'll be meeting with J2, Jim Beaver aka Bobby Singer, Richard Speight aka Gabriel, Brock Kelly aka young Dean "I's a HEEEEROO" Winchester, Mark Pellegrino aka Lucifer, and Sebastian aka Balthazar. So much awesome in such a small space of time pretty sure it's gonna take the top shelf industrial strength sleeping pills or copious amounts of alcohol to get me to sleep over that weekend. I'm warning ya now Nanette!! LOL! I'm just a little excited.

    As if that wasn't enough....flouncing out of Rome to land in London on May the 1st. Why? Well I do happen to have family over there I haven't seen in YEARS but that's a minor detail....the big detail is that I'm heading over with the Australian World Agility Open Championship team to compete in Belgium at the WAO May 18th through to 20th. I've been offered a dog to run who is just a little champion! Her name is Pip and I am so eternally grateful to the owner who is entrusting me with her care to take her to a whole 'nother country and run her in this fabulous event!! Here is a video of Pip running (warning turn the sound down, there is a very excited dog yelping in the background wanting to join the fun - she is not being beaten I promise ;-)...):

    Pip is young, only 3 and a half years old but has already made it into the highest class in the UK (Grade 7) bearing in mind they have to WIN out of their classes there and given the competition is pretty fierce (150 dogs in one class) that's pretty impressive on such a youngster! I cannot wait to grab my little hire car and drive on up to Derby to spend a couple weeks with her, getting to know her, train with her and even get to run her in a proper trial before the big WAO event. I am then hitching a ride with the very generous couple who lent me Noonoo to run last year - and we will be travelling with caravan in tow across the Euro Tunnel to Belgium!

    On the way back home after the WAO I meet my sister (flying in from Singapore) and we're doing the AHBL Cons in Sydney and Melbourne on the 26th and 27th of May. I will finally fly home on the Monday the 28th of May to my very much missed better half and my three puppies. Two of which I will be training like mad between the 29th of May and June 11th when we all hop a plane to Sydney to compete in the five day Australian National Agility titles held at the major new equestrian complex over there. Australian Nationals go from June 13th through to the 17th - we'll be flying back home on the 18th. I will definitely be having a day of rest and then running round like a mad thing making sure everything is ready to go in the next ten days for my epic USA trip landing in LAX on July 1st. Holding out for the online badge sale of SDCC tickets!!

    Phew. It all sounds incredibly exciting writing it out like this but also potentially EXHAUSTING. But I don't mind the fun kind of exhausted. Exhausted for all the right reasons!

    As of right now I am just trying to keep my fitness and the dogs fitness up to par, going to the gym a few times a week, having personal training sessions, walking the dogs for an hour each day, training them, swimming them twice a week and just being active in general. In between the constant LJ, FB-ing, Twitter browsing, blog reading....I haven't even touched Tumblr for DAYS which is a good thing cos the dogs are already of the firm belief I spend too long on this thing. And am now trying to keep a blog going: sherunswithdogs.wordpress.com inspired by none other than Kim Rhode's (Sheriff Jody Mills off Spn) blog - Rhodeside Attractions which is, I'm pretty sure, a therapy mandated method for dealing with her life (much like Watson's blog I imagine).

    Anyway the post there today is AWESOME. You must all go read it and get a laugh out of it. She is completely frank (to be honest sometimes to the point of Whoaa starting to feel a little uncomfortable here) and very blunt and will definitely generate a smile. Check this post out entitled Pride, Prejudice and a Tampon.

    In other entertainment musings - whilst we are currently mainlining Fringe we still hang out for The Big Bang Theory, House, Criminal Minds, Community, Raising Hope....oh oh and I LOVED the reference in last week's Spn to Breaking Bad - another VERY awesome TV show. Dean? Your TV tastes are DA BOMB. I'm still gonna ask Jensen that question though, about Dr Sexy - "So Jensen, Dean says in Changing Channels that he swears that ONE of the things that makes Dr Sexy so sexy is the fact that he wears cowboy boots. Do you think you could elaborate on what else Dean finds so sexy about Dr Sexy and what it is that makes Dean so clearly fangirl Dr Sexy sooo much?" These are the important questions. I'm askin' them. ;-)

    What else Flist should I be asking the boys of Supernatural? I need some thought provoking questions. Not the questions that generate the WTF Jensen expressions or the adorably embarrassed looking at his feet covering well Jared expressions.

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  • 02/14/12--21:03: SPANKS!!!!!!
  • Or in English THANKS! To those who left me some hearts on my profile page :)
    Not that we even note Valentine's Day around here...so many gory horror stories denote the day for me now that I'm just as likely to say OOOooooo good time to watch Jensen in My Bloody Valentine (3D Movie and the Supernatural Season 5? Episode) Any excuse to watch Dean first request in a beseeching tone "Hey Sam? Be my valentine?" and then go on to implore once Sam has done his patented eye roll and Dude response "Have a heart Sam!"

    Here's the CW efforts at Dean and Sam Winchester Valentine Cards - pretty lame, I bet fandom has done much better...

    Here have some of my fav [info]wolfpup2000 images from the latest con instead:

    I could go on.....but I'd likely never stop. Gonna have to wait till Sunday night for new show this week...competing down in Albany all weekend. Ack! So torn....love my sport AND love my show. If only someone could just zap it wirelessly into my laptop whilst I'm down there I'd be all good!

    It's interesting how the acronym for Personal Trainers is PT. Personal Torturers fits so well. You could slip in an F as well, ostensibly to imply fitness but I much prefer Personal Fucking Torture. It's all for a very good reason. I must remind myself of this on the 5th circuit of boxing and ladder work drills. In other news I found out this week that if you have a minimum of three orgasms a week you live longer. I'm not going to question the science - makes sense to me.

    0 0

    Spent a very nice, warm, sunny weekend in Albany - drove down about four hours south of Perth on Friday, checked into a motel and spent Saturday and Sunday amongst friends, puppies and my favourite sport of agility. Drove back Sunday afternoon (no way could I hang another night knowing there was a Supernatural episode waiting for me! Plus I had a 7.30am Monday morning Personal Torture Training session waiting for me).

    I was also seen in the *gaspshockhorror* SHOWRING in Albany. Yes that bizarre and almost cult like obsessive world of dog showing - I bathed up the young one (Savvy - the two year old) on Friday, took her to her breeder for a bit of a trim (Border Collies don't need much but their feet should look neat and they shouldn't be sporting any dreadlocks behind the ears) and off to the show we went. I'm very much an outside observer in this world - I believe that there is a need for the pedigree dog breeders and the showring is one of the results of such a need but it is all just sooooo subjective. Especially if you have a judge who doesn't really know your breed that well (which is most judges - we have very few breed specialist judges). Savvy had competition and basically came 2nd out of three. Most people watching said she definitely moved much nicer than the winning girl but I'm thinking the judge liked a heavier coat, a stronger head and more substance all over and Savvy is what you would call a light to moderate girl. I was happy with her and she was happy to gait around a ring looking pretty and get paid in hot dogs for her efforts! But we both much preferred our fun in the agility rings I must say!!!

    I took my new Nikon 5100 down to have a play with it and got a few shots of some of the dogs who were competing on the Saturday. No action shots just some head studies and a few cute candids as I was really liking the blue expanse of the Albany sky.

    This is Frank's Jag. She's a registered as a Working Border Collie - but she doesn't look like one. And she's not sure about this photographer lady.

    Nope I still don't trust this one!! LOL!

    Okay fine I'll pose. You obviously can be trusted now!

    This is Rusty. He is a red and white Border Collie. I have imaginatively titled this photo:
    Red Dog on Blue Sky

    This is Sue's Fergus. He is a 50/50 Working Kelpie Border Collie cross.

    The wind plays havoc with his ears - he doesn't care though he just wants the damn ball.

    This is Monty a Jack Russell Terrier.

    Monty likes to convince people he never gets fed and that he is completely deprived and everyone should feel sorry for him.

    He is very very good at this position - clearly given his girth it pays off big time for him.
    It's the feed me now I'm salivating hugely look.

    This was the best I could get of my little one Spryte. It's really hard to get a profile shot of a dog who just likes to stare at her Mum the whole time. LOL!!! But I like the unusual framing of it. Plus Blue Sky.

    In TV show news I have some *flaily* reactions as follows:

    FRINGE - up to episode 3.19 - just watched the one called LSD!!! OMG WOW HOLY CRAP THAT WAS GOOD!!! ANIMATED LSD TRIPS WITH UPTIGHT FBI CAPTAINS FOR THE WIN!!!!! Plus I'm sailing happily away on that Peter/Olivia ship. First real het ship I've had since Clark/Lois and Clark/Lana!

    Supernatural - Repo Man - Hallucifer! He stole this episode, he elicits this fairly twisted response in me in that I am thoroughly entertained by him and yet horrified at the same time on Sam's behalf!! I knew there'd be a price to pay for Sam but I was suprisingly okay with that especially when I'd bet dollars to donuts that Sam would do exactly the same thing again if it meant he could save his brother.  Ahhh Sammy - think things are about to get hellacrazy for you bb! (I mean more than the usual level of hellacrazy for you guys) S'ok - big brother will hold save ya, he'll see you through.

    The Big Bang Theory - 5.17 The Rothman Disintegration...Seriously the funniest episode of the season for me. I literally HAD TEARS of laughter coming down my face in the scene between Sheldon and Kripke duelling in sports over a vacated office space. It was just one of those scenes where it just hit my giggle button so much. My other half was poking me asking me if I was alright my paroxysms of laughter were so bad. These are two scientists who have NO SPORTING SKILLS whatsoever. They make Charlie Brown look like an Olympian. And I find it it utterly hilarious.

    Okay that's it on the TV front - although we are still watching The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, House and Raising Hope. Oh and we're catching that new sitcom Two Broke Girls. Which has it's moments but is probably not going to avoid cancellation I think as I'm not so sure it's going to find it's feet quick enough. *shrugs* I take what I can get for light and fluffy no brainer comedic entertainment - helps offset the fairly large amount of angsty intensity tv we watch!

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    Found these via Jared Padafandom on Facebook.

    Ahhh boys and their dogs. Can never see enough pics of this....they both strike me as the most caring dog owners a puppy could have!

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    This post is related to Supernatural....

    Just came back from seeing This Means War. Had heard a few good things about it and then read that McG (who cut his directing chops on none other than the best bromance show on TV - ala Supernatural) was in charge of it so thought it would be worth a look.

    And now I need someone to write me a remix fic of this movie with Jared and Jensen as the CIA agents. STAT!! Also you can change the ending...that would be okay. Not gonna say anything here but those who have seen it will know what I mean ;-)

    The bromance between the two male leads in this movie did nothing BUT make me picture Jared and Jensen in their places. Jensen would play Tom Hardy's character and Jared would play Chris Pine's character and thus the movie would be infinitely BETTER all over. Not that it wasn't good. It was good - light and fluffy and a no brainer action flick surprisingly filled with some pretty funny lines and scenes.

    Have to say neither Chris nor Tom do anything much for me - though that said I find Tom an intriguing kind of person, he seems so androgynous at times, and this whole vibe of gentle lethalness he exudes fascinates me endlessly. I've watched him in a few interviews now and I can understand why the interviewers can be left feeling a little disconcerted or off balance by him. He's quite enigmatic and reserved whilst still being warm and welcoming and I'm not sure how he pulls that off. He's like puzzle wrapped in a box inside some Russian Dolls.

    Anyway off now to remix this movie in my head and insert Jared and Jensen. Could probably work with an AU Sam and Dean too....with extra remixing ;-)

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    You know how some people are just stupidly, RIDICULOUSLY attractive IRRESPECTIVE of their facial expressions? Like you just look at them and you think BUT WHY? HOW IS YOUR GENETIC MAKEUP SO IRREFUTABLY GOOD LOOKING THAT YOU COULD BE IN THE MIDST OF A BOUT OF CONSTIPATION AND STILL BE PHENOMENALLY ATTRACTIVE?

    Yes well. Hmph. Go see this post by Loki aka [info]secretlytodream - http://secretlytodream.livejournal.com/82426.html#cutid1
    and you will know EXACTLY to what I am referring.

    And then watch this. Because this is what Border Collies can do. With Guinness.
    Warning for British Humour.

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  • 03/03/12--20:51: SDCC 2012 We will be in you!

  • On Thursday the 12th of July and Sunday the 15th of July this year we have acquired badges! Good lord the process was a little stressful...completely hindered by the fact that the link they sent out in your emails being bad and us not figuring it out till 12 minutes in that we had to cut and paste it. Within 12 minutes 30,000 4 Day Badge passes were sold. I kid you not. When we got into the line the position number read 28,880. We were at the front of the line within 30 to 45 minutes. But by that time all the 4 day badges had sold (we were in position 21,110 by the time that announcement updated) and by the time we got to the front all the Friday and Saturday badges had sold and as we were purchasing my badges (only Thurs and Sun left) the Thurs sold out so Mr Redteekal and my other friend who is coming only got the Sunday badges. We are hoping like hell we can pick up the other single day badges in the resale events in the future.

    But at least we got A badge. There shall be a very good reason to be in San Diego come July :) Hotel was already booked AGES ago so that's one thing done! We were thinking that we might try and see what the Wizard Comic Cons have to offer as there seems to be a few of those around in the second half of the year. Anyone ever tried them?

    We're planning on landing in the US on the West Coast July 1st and finishing our 6 month holiday (after having taken in parts of Canada as well) in New York City.  There is much to plan and little time to do it in really as I leave for ROME and the JIB3 con in 48 DAYS \o/ and will be travelling to Rome, around the UK, into Belgium, back to Melbourne and Sydney for the AHBL3 con - then home to Perth for 11 days before grabbing the girls and flying to Sydney for a week for the Agility Nationals. SO pretty much 6 month trip must be planned/organised in the next month and a half. But I'm thinking - THESE ARE THE KINDS OF PROBLEMS/JOBS/SHIT THAT MUST BE DONE that I live for. The pay off shall be GREAT.

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  • 03/04/12--21:14: such drama queens lol!

  • From the recent Burbank con - posted via Jim Michaels Twitter. LOL!!!! Such crazy dorks. Love 'em.

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    Can't believe I'm new episode-less for ANOTHER Saturday. So I'm now doing a selective rewatch of certain episodes.
    One of which is 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight. I picked it because I just really have a great fondness for Death's epic entrance. I don't know how many times the character of Death has been immortalised on film or television footage and I can't say I can recall any portrayals of Death in all my TV and Film viewing history (I do love him in the novel Good Omens) but I wouldn't hesitate to venture that this scene here in this episode is the best introduction of the character of Death EVER!

    One thing I've noticed about this episode that just makes me laugh is my youngest dog Savvy's reaction to Death. The music started playing - the O'Death song? And she's looking intently at our big wall screen and then as soon as the car comes along she's standing up, still staring, hops off the couch still keeping her eyes on the screen and then as soon as Death emerges from the car she's OUTTA there! Savvy has decided Death is not to be trusted at all. And I thought maybe it was the car or the music (that low hum right?) but turns out whenever Julian Richings is on the screen she skedaddles! I love it. If I happen to speak to Julian one day I'll let him know that his performances in the show not only impact on humans but also canines.

    I have to upload some pics to illustrate my fondness and to distract me from Swan Song - why am I rewatching this???? This whole episode just makes me ache no end. Anyway screencaps from homeofthenutty.com

    Also one more observation. Fandom always speaks of Dean's crippling lack of self worth. What about Sam's crippling lack of self worth? I would go so far as to say that Sam at times (most of the time) feels just as unworthy as Dean when it comes to the value of his own life.

    Dean, more than once has wanted to turn his back on it and just give in to the inevitability of it all. He wanted to say yes to Michael, he wanted to quit hunting the Leviathans, he has seemed on a few occasions overwhelmed with the futility of it all, perfectly understandable really. Sam is usually the one to bring him back. Which is how it should be.

    But Sam to me seems to be more of a locked box/vault when it comes to his own self doubts, less transparent than Dean's self doubt which is plain to see and like an open book (Remember Famine? Dean being empty inside) and leaves him vulnerable in a way. Sam I think buries it most of the time, covers it with his relentless dedication to get the job done. He reveals it to Dean from time to time but other than that he definitely pushes that one down. He is much more matter of fact about it though than Dean. I get the feeling that Dean's Self Doubting armour could have chinks in it that can be worked on by friends and family but Sam's? Impenetrable. No chinks in that whatsoever. And I think this has allowed him to do the things he's done - when he killed demons with his mind etc. Perhaps in a way Sam has a functional lack of self worth going on. Dean's self doubt is crippling (and heroic at the same time) but Sam's self doubt has enabled him in his life, allowed him to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Once again it just seems to affirm how much these two complement each other. Here endeth my musings on a Friday night while I distract myself from the Stull cemetery scene.

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