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All This Wandering Has Led Me to this Place - LiveJournal.com

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    Awwwww someone on facebook just linked me to this vid....make sure you watch in HD - it's just stunning and not a vidder I have come across before (I shall be looking into that). It is a rare vid that does justice so well to our show as a whole, the boys and how visually stunning the production values are. I must admit I teared up a little round the 1 minute 50 mark all of a sudden when it just kind of hit me - this show isn't gonna go forever and it probably will end within the next couple of years and OMG we are not gonna have any more! - then I sniffed, sucked it up and just revelled in what we do have, what is still to come and thanked the powers that be for bluray. And to whatever deity(ies) may have been responsible for producing a couple of fine young texas boys who have smiles that make you feel all gooey inside.

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    You know if you could literally harness the power of the Supernatural fandom juggernaut and contain it I believe we could solve all the world's energy source problems in one fell swoop.

    Jared tweeted that "It's a baby boy:)" (I'm thinking you go Gen! RESPECT!)

    Within minutes of that tweet #WelcomePadababy was trending....and oh look #PapaPadalecki is now trending in the number one spot on worldwide Twitter.

    Fandom you amaze me (and scare me, make me laugh, make me cry, make me think and then you make me wonder if therapy isn't warranted and then you just go back to astounding me into astonished glee so I figure fandom = most effective therapy yet)

    I don't think I've ever been this invested in a baby being born before - well, you know, apart from my own birth of course. I may have been pretty involved in that one. ;-)

    Oh and ETA: #UNCLEJENSEN is trending in second spot right under #PapaPadalecki

    Fandom? ILY

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  • 03/21/12--16:53: Is it a SIGN????
  • So if you're lying in bed because you're on holidays and you're scanning your iPad for latest FB, Twitter, Gmail, LJ updates and you decide you have to physically get yourself out of bed right now because OMG There's a SECOND Sneak Peek trailer for this week's Supernatural episode and you simply must watch it on your shiny MacBook Pro (and then roll around in the fact that Jared and Gen have named their baby boy THOMAS COLTON Padalecki because we all know he's secret best buds with Tom Welling and he's doing his best to inspire his bud to get back to work and also the best show in the world needs to be recognised by the name Colton and what a fantastically normal and strong sounding name for the boy) is that a sign?

    And if so...a sign of what? :) :) :)

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    Seriously this is why the career of personal assistant and/or travel agent exists isn't it?

    Planning and researching and booking and emailing and confirming and then booking again a 6 month long holiday in the US and Canada is actually quite complicated in case you were wondering.

    So many questions!

    Would you be better off hiring a car long term or short term and taking planes and trains?
    Is a long term RV rental a better idea fiscally speaking?

    When a motel is cheap is that because they are lax with the health regulations or is it just because of the tacky decor?

    How come Sam and Dean have never come down with a case of bed bugs? (Yes I've been reading a LOT of shitty reviews)

    Why can't rentals be dropped off in a different place and not be charged that ridiculous one way fee? Can't they just rent the vehicle out again from that location you just dropped it off at?

    Where can I go for a list of yearly events that you really should not miss when in the US for July through to Jan?

    Las Vegas? How many days? IS four enough?

    And is it really true - if you have an RV you can literally just camp ANYWHERE in the US so long as there's no signs saying otherwise?

    But is renting an RV going to win out in terms of less spending than motel accommodation when we don't even know where we're necessarily going to be on a particular date?

    Is "Let's just make our way from Las Vegas up to Vancouver between say this date and that date." too vague a statement?

    Is it irrational to want to drive from town to town in an Impala (I don't care even if it's a 2011 model) ?

    So many questions. I have 29 more days to get this organised. Before THIS happens:

    I need to find me the Obi-Wan of travel organisers....

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  • 03/27/12--00:33: :)
  • Do you think Jared was as happy as this Dad was to meet his son? My friend has a litter of Border Collies pups - they met their father today and we snapped this shot. Let the father/son bonding begin! Whose got the biggest smile here?...:) Couldn't resist....

    This Daddy here is called Torin - his son is still choosing his name.

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    Just click and buy - you know you want to. Hands up whose gonna join me being a groupie???

    ETA: just realised that international customers have to pay by paypal...btw and yes shipping is on top of the 10 bucks [info]ash48 :) And it's pretty much the same price as the shirt LOL! :/ I'm grabbing two anyway and shipping is 12 bucks.

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    Seriously I get on the computer and think right - I'll just check email, twitter, facebook and LJ then I am outta here. I'd love to check my Tumblr but oh my god Tumblr should be just renamed That Which Sucks Every Good Intention of Being Productive into a Giant Gaping Black Hole Vortex. So I have stayed away from Tumblr. It doesn't seem to be helping though.

    First of all there's this video that posted [info]big_heart_june about:

    Which does what I always pictured whenever this song comes up on my playlist that I'm walking/exercising to. I mean really - how can you just not think of these brothers when you hear this song. It's like Chris Martin was just watching every full on dramatic episode of the show when he wrote this. Tissue warning by the way!!

    Then there's this vid by [info]ash48:

    Which shows off sexy cellists and Winchester boys fighting too damn well and mad editing skills that make me swoon with the talent!

    Then of course there's the latest favourite version of Goyte's Somebody That I Used To Know courtesy of Mr I'm So Sexy I Could Give Tom Welling a Run For His Money Matt Bomer:

    I don't even watch Glee anymore - my lack of interest in that show won out in the end but I'm gonna be watching this episode for sure - no doubt ignoring any attempts at script writing and just watching the Bomer.

    Then there is [info]missyjack's post HERE on the Supernatural meme going round which pretty much is all my feelings about the show in a nutshell with a slight deviation on the Question 1 re the Sam or Dean girl....I totally insert the reality missy has used there but I do persist with a soft spot for Sam. But he is not the Sam I have a soft spot for without the Dean I have multiple other sorts of spots for so I again concur - neither brother has privilege over the other in this show. After all it is the epic love story of Sam AND Dean.

    Then there is the frequent emails in my inbox happening about the Jus In Bello con in Rome - Meet and Greet schedules, Convention schedules, concert schedules!!! I've needed a book to print out all the paperwork I need to take but that is kind of exciting printing all that out knowing that this time next week I'll be less than 24 hours away from flying to Rome, meeting [info]netlynn for the first time and meeting with Jensen and Jared and Misha and Jim and holy crap I'm excited!! I have ordered and got custom engraved this black leather bracelet here:

    I got it engraved in latin: est causa spei nunquam redono
    Which when translated is a Sam quote plus my own favourite by Churchill: There is reason for hope never give up.
    The plan is with a special silver paint fine tip pen to get the guys to sign on either side of the plate. I will have to challenge them with who has the best fine motor skills that morning.
    [info]netlynn is bringing me a copy of Jim's book to get signed and I am getting this signed by Misha:

    plus this:

    I'm hoping I can get Misha to write "Castiel was here" instead of his name on that one!

    And this is all before I even hit the UK, Wales and Belgium for the World Open Agility Championships then Sydney and Melbourne for AHBL3!! The World Agility Open Championships look very exciting and the dog I'm running is apparently fantastic (no pressure but the owner wants me to make sure I flog the English team....yeah no pressure at all there - my mental management game is gonna have to be switched on to the max!)

    And of course Game of Thrones has just started back and it's just as damn compelling as the first season and now they have really cool merchandise to go with it like this:

    And this:

    And I must say I think young Rob Stark is doing a marvellous job right now with a very trying mother and a very annoying Jaime Lannister. And I get excited whenever those gigantic Dire Wolves are on the screen. I want me one of those - I'm sure my three wouldn't mind, plus one of Khaleesi's dragons too please. Oh and hanging out for the White Walkers too!

    We are also watching An Idiot Abroad. Into the second season and Karl Pilkington just fascinates me endlessly which I find quite bizarre really. I think it's his complete lack of awareness and there's nothing planned about what's going to come out of his mouth. It's almost as if that unpredictability of what he's going to say is what keeps me listening and watching at times in somewhat aghast reactions. Ricky Gervais is like a slippery eel who refuses to fit into any kind of box that I have for him. I still can't decide if I like him or detest him.

    We are off to watch Battleship tonight - can't wait, it looks like a completely testosterone driven cliche fuelled action packed special effects bonanza and I'm all about the no brainer movies from time to time I must admit. Plus Alexander Skarsgard. I'll watch any kind of tripe for him! LOL! I might have to balance it out with Salmon Fishing in Yemen next week with Ewan McGregor.

    Okay I really have to start being productive now - take dogs swimming, go to the shops, do some housework, make a list of what to pack. Be good to yourselves flisties!!!!

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    YOU GUYS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch - I kid you not - it's Eric the Viking Vampire and John Carter!!! - it's Tim friggin Riggins from FNL and Brad The Iceman Colbert AS BROTHERS people. Hot, sexy and all touchy feely brothers. They say I love yous and there's kisses and everything.

    The movie? BATTTLESHIP. Don't let that deter you. Don't let the fact that Rihanna is in it deter you. In fact just go okay?

    The movie is better than can be expected. It has Liam Neeson in it. I know he's done lemons but he has some cred let's be honest. His scenes in this he does the best he can with and that's a pretty solid effort.

    It's FUNNY too. It doesn't take itself too seriously and that's a good thing. It's also got cute blonde sidekick guy from FNL too (the one who is best buds with the second string quarterback - who quickly becomes starting QB - in the first season) and he is good - delivers his mostly comic relief lines well. Also alien invasion and lots of explosions and enough cliches to make you groan and grin at the same time.  Good music though, I'll give it that. It has some wildly implausible scenes too but I think that's a requirement for these films. You know the ones, where everyone's reaction time seems to be slower than a sloth in a sauna even though they can see quite clearly the bombs that just obliterated another ship are heading at them. Life boats people!! Jump overboad!! The Navy did not spend thousands of dollars training your ass just to have it sit there when it could be saving itself! But I love these scenes just for the opportunity to rip the shit out of it afterwards, part of the fun times discussing said scenes when you get out of the movie of course.

    Anyway consider this a total movie rec post. Here let me show you some pictures to help:

    Alex on the left, Taylor on the right .... did I mention playing brothers?

    I can totally buy that they're related can't you?

    Awwwww.....Taylor totally fanboys Alex you know it.

    See? Even here with hot blonde between them only eyes for each other. Just saying.

    And just to be clear here, it's this guy Stone Hopper:

    Who is brothers with this guy Alex Hopper:

    Just in case you missed it.

    Righto - I'm off to send my wishes out to all the fanfic writers - this needs to be remixed J2 style - you see what I'm saying. That's two recent movies that totally scream J2 to me. This Means War and Battleship. I LOVES it. If I dream it they will write it. That's how it works doesn't it???

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  • 04/23/12--14:33: When in Rome...well.
  • Heyo!

    Just a fly by post to say I have updated my travel blog - I am posting at my wordpress blog since I have non-fandom friends interested as well - didn't want to lead them to the dark side here at my LJ. LOL!!

    Rome is GREAT! Pics and words here: sherunswithdogs.wordpress.com

    Oh and in case you're wondering - I've met [info]netlynn  in person now and she's not a crazy serial killer or anything so that's a win! LOLLOLOLOLLLL!!!! Always good when your internet friends turn out to be just as cool in real life! :)

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  • 04/26/12--06:57: Okay my lovelies...
  • My flist is awesome so I'm hoping one of you wonderful peeps might be able to hook me up here....I don't have fancy schmancy photoshop on here. If I post this picture here:

    Any chance one of you talented lovelies might be able to slap the text JIB2012 across it somehow (diagonally in the corner of the frame maybe?) and resize it down to an icon that I can use here on LJ so I can post here about mine and netlynn's JIB3 Rome Con experience using it? I'd be much obliged! It's all with a view to keeping an update on JIB happenings.

    Thanks in advance to any willing helper!

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    0 0

    AHA! I has an icon! Thanks [info]fotw_sv!!
    So I'm hoping to be coherent enough at the end of each day to do a post on this whole experience.
    It's Friday, early morning right now, and [info]netlynn and I are still lying in our respective beds (which a very comfy by the way in case you ever need to stay in an airport hotel in Rome) getting our online fix for the day whilst planning our movements.

    Yesterday we checked in to our room and then went down to register - I did wonder at the bemused expressions on the hilton hotel staff faces, not sure if they realised the noise level potential of a group of fangirls and guys was going to be quite that high and that's not even close to all of them yet! I was pleased to see the Italian organisers were ready though! There were lines according to your passes - Angel, Demon, Sinner and Hunter being the order of priority seating in the auditorium. Netlynn lined up for her Demon pass and just kind of slid into any line as I didn't see any card for the Prophet pass line (there's only 15 of those ones).

    I spoke to a lovely lady named Francesca and she went through my package with me explaining how it all works after checking my passport ID very carefully!

    This here is the stuff:

    So with the Prophet pass I get to do quite a bit of stuff, due to a mix up I have ended up being able to go to both Meet and Greet sessions with every guest and I've picked up a couple photo ops with each of the Js, one duo photo op and one Misha and one Jim photo op. Plus autographs with all the guests. Looking at the timetable I'll be busy from about ten to 3 today with my first meet and greet being with Sebastian at around ten to three. Meet and Greets go for 20 minutes. Then there will be the Misha photo op and then the guys will be up on stage one by one for about a 40 minute chat session.

    So with us both registered, our passes carefully tucked into our lanyards and a perusal of the schedule we decided to head downstairs to get something to eat. We had been busy in Rome that morning covering Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, The Gates to the Knights of Malta, Santa Sabine Church and then a walk around our hotel district which resulted in us finding netlynn an international adapter so she can start loading her photos. We'd stopped in at a McDonald's for a drink and snack but were kind of hungry by the time 6pm rolled round.

    This is an airport hotel so really there's not much around here. Got told there's a huge shopping mall about a train stop away but we decided to save that one for this morning. So we ended up at the one restaurant here in the hotel (there's not even a gift shop/kiosk to buy snacks, drinks from here they are so determined you pay the price of the mini bar *sigh*) and had a really delicious Italian meal. It was early so we headed back up to our room to mess around online and email and update those back home. Around 8.30 I decided it  was time to check out the hotel's gym. Prior to travelling I had been going to the Gym three times a week with hard cardio session with a trainer with a view to make sure I was fit for the world championships in Belgium. So I took advantage of the hotel gym and did a work out for about an hour and a half before coming back, showering and crashing into bed.

    And now here we are. On the agenda for today:
    1. Get to the shopping mall
    2. Buy stuff of more normal prices (compared to here where everything is ridiculous - $140 for multiday wireless access? yeah that's reasonable! pffffffttttt!!!)
    3. Get back to hotel for around lunchtime.
    4. Suss out merchandise situation - they've obviously commissioned an artist of some sort to do the artwork for this event (which is VERY cool) so we're both hoping there is a commemorative poster we can grab.
    5. Get ready for the START!!! At 3pm. 2.50pm for me.

    Plus keep checking online for S8 renewal news!! That shit is driving me crazy those bastards!

    0 0

    Brief words and a few pics below...

    It started around 2.50pm with a meet and greet with Sebastian - he was effusive as usual and very talkative. He spoke how he only got to bed at 4am after being out the night before with Jensen, Danneel, Jason, Steve, Rob and Richard. He declared that Danneel parties harder than he ever does. We spoke of accents and where people in the room were from, his very lauded penchant for languages which has taken him everywhere - his most recent favourite character being as the guest starring role on Grimm as Waltz. He actually had a choice this time who he wanted to play as he could have the role of Ian who has a possibility of recurring or of Waltz (who like everything Sebastian plays in - is a bad guy who dies). He chose Waltz as he loved the writing for him and how his portrayal was very Hans Landers-ish aka Inglorious Bastards. He mentioned how they very subtly alluded to that by calling the Grimm role Waltz after Christoph Waltz. Sebastian also talked of mountain climbing and how he loves the mental and physical challenge and how it's a puzzle at times figuring out the best way. That's just a few topics we covered.

    Then it was onto the Misha photo op - guy was changing out his SD card as we stood there so the smiles are not that fantastic as they took a little while to snap the photo. It's not too bad but nothing super special. It was a very quick moment.

    After that I joined my row in the Saloon room to wait for Richard to start his Q&A Panel session. Richard is super dynamic and rarely still I noticed. As did my photo taking efforts! I'm going to post some pics here but not all of them by any means....not until I get a chance to sift through and edit as needed. The cocktail party was amazing and the autograph experiences were also fantastic. Richard's and Brock's meet and greets were also very interesting. More write ups on those later.

    Lucifer was lip syncing to Highway to Hell. Sebastian was busy making sure his butt looked good for the camera screen. Richard said how sick he was of Sebastian knowing how to speak every language under the sun and making the rest of the group look bad on last night's outing to Rome. And Misha got nervous around Sebastian when he started making comments that involved the word butt and Misha and tight leotards  and boyfriend at the same time.

    More to come soon! Time for bed now though.

    0 0

    Caught Jim just as he was heading off to the first panel of the morning. He quit the beret and went for a cap that claimed:
    Rock'n The Hat for the rest of the day.

    I only got a few pics of his panel because I had Misha's Meet and Greet first up which was pretty cool. Apparently his son has a strong violent streak so they're taking him to Baby Animal handling school where toddlers learn how to be gentle but he pretty much just wanted to stomp on the baby bunny and when held by his very even tempered father decided to try and rip grandpa's face off which resulted in blood. Misha and Victoria are very proud of him and when they're old enough he looks forward to West beating the shit out of Thomas! LOL!! Misha is completely confounded by the whole con experience I think. He finds it very bizarre and surreal that people would want to pay him to fly to Rome (or anywhere else for that matter) to meet and talk and have photos with him. He likes to maintain also this rather creepy intensity when he stares at fans asking questions. I asked him about running - he took it up around 16 as his father was also a runner. One fan said she wanted a serious answer to her question and he replied with "I wish you all the luck with that." He's not into thinking too much or taking anything too seriously when it comes to cons I must admit.

    Mark showed one of his two tattoos - a lion's head in remembrance of his mother who passed a few years ago as she was a Leo. Mark is a really nice guys who somehow just exudes this calming influence on people such as Sebastian. He seems to have an unintentionally faintly menacing presence but to talk to he is just lovely. That voice was made to pull Lucifer off though. Quite opposite to the guy sitting and talking to me about his Dachshunds - Frankie and Abby.

    So these pics below are the average ones...I've down sized them massively and they're ok quality. I do have them higher res if anyone wants. Take use do what you want with them, happy to share.

    This is my first real attempt at taking photos at the con. I have them all huge versions on my macbook but have downsized here. I'm a long way from being good at this but I'll keep practicing. I have only posted a few as I'm thinking there will be plenty more better quality out there.

    This pic pretty well sums up the Jensen Misha show with Jensen completely playing up to the shit that's coming out of Misha's mouth (ie how you could totally recast Supernatural with Misha as Dean and the fans would never notice the difference as they are so alike Misha and Jensen)

    And this sums up the Jared Misha show pretty much.  These boys are just goofy. My face hurts from grinning so much all day!

    The meet and greets were brilliant and I pretty much remember everything Jared and Jensen said so I'll be posting about that soon. Some good stuff said in there. Both the guys were very forthcoming with views and news.

    0 0

    Just a few things.

    First Jared did announce at his first Meet and Greet that he's not doing Asylum Birmingham or Manchester or Germany. He was a little taken aback when people in the room said that he was on the con websites and listed as attending. He stated quite clearly that he never signed on for any of those cons after committing to Rome and Brazil. He knew they (he and Gen) were pregnant and knew that he'd want to be spending his break from filming with the baby and his wife. He had already signed for Rome and Brazil before the pregnancy was confirmed so he honored his commitments there. Which frankly after hearing his story in the Meet and Greet about how he flew in late to Rome because  (and he swore Thomas planned it just like this), he was driving to the airport and Thomas was with them and he was smiling and watching Jared whenever he talked and he wasn't crying or pooping so Jared turned the car right around and rescheduled his flight for 24 hours later so he could have these moments with his son. Seriously - ADORABLE MUCH JARED? MAKE ME CRY I DARE YOU! So I was a little surprised (and subsequently quite grateful to him) he didn't cancel on Rome and Brazil after that story. But Jared never signed contracts for UK or Germany cons.

    Secondly no one booed Misha - seriously. (If my eyes roll back any further in my head I'll rival Sam's skills). Jensen on his own, on stage today, asked the question about would we want to see Castiel come back - just off hand jokingly and he got a mixed response. That is all. He was a little surprised as he thought the Castiel love was unanimous. He got some nos! thrown in there with the yeahs! I don't know what the mix was (to be honest didn't really care - people are allowed an opinion fandom!) And just because they don't want Castiel back doesn't mean they are haters or hate Misha. It just means they have an opinion. For my part I am entirely neutral and just happy to see what way the show goes. I think Castiel has definitely added to the show but really any well cast guest star who recurs could have just as positive impact. Felicia Day could totally rock that recurring guest star role. Pretty sure, that whilst surprised, Jensen didn't feel that Misha was being disparaged in any way shape or form. Pretty sure Misha was sleeping whenever he wasn't doing anything...which is what Jason mentioned that morning in his Q&A...so I'm quite sure his fragile and delicate ego will survive this unconscionable attack on his self esteem.

    There were a few things Jared said in his Meet and Greet that had my ears tuned quite intently to his words though, as they were not expected. But like I said I'll relate those at a later point when I've had a chance to transcribe my mental notes.

    Oh and I have to say I rather enjoyed the ego check for Sebastian in the Richard/Mark/Sebastian panel when Richard did an impromptu scream-o-meter reading on the popularity status of the three angels, Balthazar, Gabriel and Lucifer. Balti was definitly third out of three much to Sebastian's surprise. Lucifer won by a landslide and Gabriel was second. Sebastion looked a little put out by this, and announced that this was a humbling moment for him and that his dick had just shrunk by about 10cm as a result. Mark Pellegrino just looked appropriately and serenely smug.

    Right I'll start wading through and editing my pictures now. To be honest I was a little disappointed Jensen kept me from missing the start of the Jared/Misha panel damn him and his mesmerising voice and intelligent answers and stupid pretty face. It does mean my Sunday pictures are VERY Jensen heavy. Very few pics of Jared today.

    0 0

    I'm going to post the images in batches. Each image was around 4MB large so I'm not posting them that size, plus to be honest the perfectly clear non blurry ones are as rare as hen's teeth, but I'm posting some of the blurry ones because they are just fun.

    I had the privilege of talking to Mark Pellegrino twice on Sunday. Once in the morning with Rob Benedict ( and honestly he really takes the cake for being the nicest most affable, friendliest, completely humble guy at the con - I think he would be the guy out of all the ones there who would take the longest to get irritated or annoyed or pissed off and I frankly can't even imagine him with a stormy expression ever, just super super sweet ) and then later by himself. Mark totally bemused me. His first Q&A on the stage he was by himself and it's a bit hard to describe what he was like. Picture Sebastian's complete gregariousness and energy and inability to filter anything that comes out and now invert that. Mark was like the antithesis of Sebastian's panel. I can't say he was softly spoken, that wasn't it, everyone definitely paid attention to that very identifying underlying Lucifer tone - but he was quietly and deliberately spoken. He was thinking about what he way saying and he mostly had an inquiring tone as he tried to decipher what people were asking and if he could give a satisfactory answer. He was totally gracious and very pleased to be there but at the same time didn't get overly animated at any point really.

    His Meet and Greets were a different story. I'm not sure if it was too much caffeine or if I just triggered an invested issue for him but I asked about (given that we haven't seen the final three episodes yet) where he would like to see Lucifer go in terms of the storyline of Supernatural so far where we are up to. And after explaining to Rob (who hadn't caught up on the show) where Lucifer was currently residing and how he is manifested so far this season Mark announced that he would really like to see Lucifer rise up or escape his confinement and go back to being more of the epic big bad he's supposed to be. He's Satan for crying out loud and Mark felt that Lucifer feels a little frustrated by his ineffectiveness right now, he's emasculated and not really able to have any kind of realistic impact on the state of things right now. I think the word he wanted to use was that he felt Lucifer was somewhat impotent right now in terms of his usual clout. Then Mark turned around and said Where would you like to see him go and I explained that whilst I was glad the Lucifer issue wasn't solved directly and so easily, in that it has now transferred to Castiel, I thought I didn't really see where it could go from here without having some kind of trite solution or without ending Cas forever. But I mentioned Michael as well - since he technically was in the cage still with Lucifer. And then Mark got all belligerent about that - saying I know right? It totally sucks I'm stuck in the cage with that little cocksucker. LOL! I hate him. Fucking Michael. And Mark said Lucifer has no love for Cas either and he'd like to see Lucifer break out of Cas's body with as much physical torment as possible.

    He remembers very well trying to convince Gabriel and Cas and Michael to join him but his brothers weren't having it so now he wants to rip them apart. It was kinda amusing how strident he got about all this. Of course I managed to set him off again by saying yeah but isn't he just a turfed out angel with daddy issues, throwing a tantrum? Good lord. Mark should be a lawyer - he then spent the next ten minutes arguing totally for Lucifer's point of view saying what kind of father asks their creations to love another completely inferior species over him, Mark then listed all the horrible things that humans do etc etc, and I stated well surely Lucifer's father holds his angels to a higher standard than the humans because humans are so imperfect and full of flaws and then he started arguing that yeah but surely a loving father allows his children to be independent and to have their own opinions and to choose their own path and doesn't punish his children when his children decide not to do something based on their own opinions, choices on the matter.

    And then he said besides what the hell kind of father creates a son named Jesus and then tells him he has to die for the sins of these humans? LOL! Mark pointed out that even Jesus was like why hast thou forsaken me? and that Jesus faltered and wanted to bail a couple of times on this whole loving humanity gig. He came back to me and asked if I still didn't side with Lucifer a little and I grinned and said yeah okay maybe a little bit. Thinking in my head it really wouldn't be a problem if Lucifer just wiped out the complete psychotic nutters in the world and just left the sane ones but I really didn't think Lucifer was going to differentiate and I felt that might instigate another long, probably amusing, debate on why Lucifer should just wipe out the entire human race instead of just the bad apples.

    We then got onto the discussion of acting as someone in there had listened to him speak about the fact that he teaches acting in LA at the Group Theatre school I think. Pacific Valley? Not sure I can remember the details. And they asked him what is the first piece of advice that would give to someone who wanted to try acting. His first piece of advice would be that to make sure that they treat acting as a craft. It's not just a job or a way to get glamour and fame and money etc but that it is a craft and that ninety per cent of those industry are crap because Hollywood is stupid and rewards a pretty face with no application towards craftmanship in the business. He told us that where he teaches they teach the Meisner method which is basically that you work in the moment, you really imagine that this set, these props, these people in front of you are real and that you act from that, you don't worry about memorising lines or where you need to stand, sit, move to you simply just be in the moment and let it happen. I found that fascinating and he did mention later on in his panel that if we ever got the chance he'd love to invite us to sit in on a class that he teaches. Mark stressed that he wanted to make sure that nobody was misunderstanding him, he does feel these big budget popular main stream films definitely have a place in that they can frequently  contain the elements of really good story telling and he loves to escape. He likened the effect of such movies as equivalent to reading a book like The Notebook. He's just tried his hand at reading a very dark book callled Everyman by Phillip Roth and he found that extremely heavy and depressing and just plain horrible it's got two divorces in it, a life crumbling down, terminal cancer etc etc etc and Mark was like - that's not what I want to read to escape to, to be lifted up and then he picked up The Notebook and he knew it was not that great writing and that it was somewhat trashy but it made him feel good anyway because it was a story of love surviving through all adversity and no matter what befell these characters they still had this love and he was all like sighing with contentment and happiness with this book. Mark was just so animated about it all it was just so entertaining listening to him.

    I did manage to get a question into Rob about which business did him better fiscally speaking music or acting and he laughed and said that he never really thinks of it that way. Acting has always been his passion since he was young and that was where always his drive was, and that when he started this band thing 15 or so years ago he had no idea where it was going to do and it was just something he liked doing in his free time and it's kind of taken on a life of it's own now but it is still very much like his happy place in terms of his approach to it. There's no where near the kind of work ethic he applies to acting with it and he thinks that's a good thing, that if he put the kind of pressure on himself that he does with acting that he would probably grow to not like it as much. That the ambition of say must nail down a record label and release and album would become too much and overshadow the enjoyment for him. And Mark added in here that that was a really good point in acting as well, that you can have too much ambition and if that ambition is totally goal oriented on must be a star by such and such a stage etc well then your craft can suffer. But he also pointed out that there are so many crap actors out there because they don't actually treat it with enough work ethic. They're not losing sleep rehearsing, trying to get themselves on stage, trying to hone their craft and then Mark quoted the great Rod Steiger saying he remembers him saying that Steiger always said to be a good actor you should be performing on stage at least twice a week.

    There was also a comment in the other Meet and Greet about how many actors, many good actors often seem to be using the profession as a bit of therapy as well. And Mark totally agreed with this, he did feel that many such greats often didn't have fantastic wonderful childhoods, broken families are common in the backgrounds and that yeah, some of them are definitely filling that void, the basic human need to feel loved and worthwhile and that acting done well can fill that. He said that he came from a broken family and he did think it was a bit like therapy for him to be able to act and to wear this new person and also that it was creating a wall for them, somewhat like protection.

    So that was Mark. He's awesome and menacing without trying and a total softie for his two little Dachshunds - Frankie and Abby (he showed me pics on his phone and yeah for sausage dogs they're pretty damn cute - although he wanted to interrogate me about my opinions on Cesar Milan once he heard I was off to Belgium for the World Dog Agility Champs and I expressed a tone of disapproval over Cesar's name lol! Luckily he never got to!). I have utmost respect for him. He said he really enjoyed the meet and greets because we were getting into some gritty topics and having morality debates and talking shop on a non trivial non superfical way. He hates frivolous superficial talk he says, so maybe (due to some of the questions - one of which was mine I totally admit - I asked what would be on Lucifer's bucket list - bit redundant really) that was why he was somewhat diluted down in the stage Q&A.

    Changeover - Jared and Misha leaving stage whilst Brock and Jim come on.

    This is the end of Jared and Misha's Q&A, they had to give a stuffed toy to a fan...but they didn't wanna go near her as she had
    promised to kick Misha's ass due to the fact that he was being an ass when she was trying to ask Jared a question (he was like making noises every time she'd go to speak cos he was pissed the question wasn't for him and he kept going on and on and on and on and apparently Jared was just laughing his ass off! I missed all this cos of Jensen's M&G but [info]netlynn was there and she told me all about it.) So Jared was acting all like his bodyguard and actually giving a great opportunity for ass shots I must say LOL!! I'm not really this shallow. Usually. ;-)

    Changeover between Sebastian/Richard/Mark panel to Jensen and Misha, if you notice the screen behind Sebastian is making finger puppets on the camera pretending to give Jensen a big kiss. I'm pretty sure there was an open bar back there in the green room.

    When Jensen and Misha came on stage one of the first things mentioned was the fact that things can get a little awkward sometimes between Jen and Misha when they're acting. So they promptly did the whole body language impromptu awkward improv as Jensen talks. Misha is totally the girl.

    Jensen reading Misha's 15 year old resume. Yes Misha did list: "Acting on camera" under special skills. He really did.

    Misha demonstrating one of his special skills: EMT Training

    Jensen speaking of how they manage to work through issues of personal space.

    Misha and Jensen making the world's most alarming wake up call ever on a fan's phone. Jensen: She's only gonna use that one once.

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    Okay so there is this:

    This is Jared's impression of Dean Winchester. The man is a beast! This pic was taken by the awesome chick sitting next to me - who is on twitter: @ontara9 :) She's allowed me to post it here because I begged her. LOL!!

    So that's one reason - here's the other reason.

    This one is by me. How I managed to even keep the camera remotely stable at this point I have no idea. Jensen never does things by halves I've noticed.

    Oh and *WAVES* HI!!! To all my new followers all of a sudden ;-) lol! Just to let you know the meet and greet recounts are friends locked posts (only 1 so far hoping to do Jared's tonight and then the second M&G with them later on. Yes I was in TWO meet and greets with both the Js. Why? It's a long and fiscally painful story so don't ask.) so whilst you may have friended me I don't necessarily friend back unless I get to know you and what your journal is like. Feel free to message me and introduce yourself. Bear in mind I am hopping a plane to London tomorrow so may not be accessing the internet till I suss out a new sim card for my phone and hopefully some wifi.

    Oh and someone asked about my camera? It is a Nikon D5100 with an 18 - 200 lens. And of course chatting away today with hubby who I should have called way earlier who told me how to change my settings to accommodate moving subjects. *sigh* dammit...I'll get it right for VanCon!!

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  • 05/01/12--06:20: Last post from here in Rome
  • About to head off to the airport and away from the brilliantly speedy, horrifically expensive wifi here in the Hilton. May as well make the most of it.

     I'm not really doing this in any kind of organised order if you haven't already guessed. I'm just wading through pics and choosing what I like and resizing and adjusting settings on them. I find this technique matches my personality most acceptably.

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  • 05/03/12--00:59: London calling...
  • Hi all!

    Juat an update to let you know what is happening with my JIB posts. I am currently working on typing up my second Jared Meet and Greet and will be posting that soon. The first ones of Jensen an Jared are already posted flocked. I am on dial up on PC but 3G with my phone which is not really helpful for posting pics. However I will keep wading through my pics off line and choosing, resizing and editing so I can maybe transfer via USB.

    Off to London city for the day - hoping to relive some Sherlock scenes LOL!

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    I know it's everywhere but I don't care I need to repost it so it is always here for me to look at...

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  • 05/07/12--15:23: there are no words
  • just pictures - and I warn you serious heart palpitations may result in the viewing of this cut... JARED PADALECKI YOU HAVE RUINED ME FOR ALL MEN EVERYWHERE FOREVER AND EVER. *shakes tiny fist*

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